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Timeline of Orlando Nightclub Shooting

Eighteen photos give 'feel' to official news.


Orlando terror attack live updates:Omar Mateen had been on terrorist watch list, bought guns recent

Source: L.A. Times

What we know:

The gunman has been identified as 29-year-old Omar Mateen, an American citizen who was born in New York.

Dozens of victims remain hospitalized, many in critical condition .

He was killed by law enforcement after he took hostages during an hours-long siege.

He used a legally purchased assault rifle and handgun , which he had bought in the last 12 days. He also had another "device" but it's not clear what that was.

Mateen lived in the area of Fort Pierce, Fla., about 120 miles south of Orlando, and worked as a private security officer .

Investigators are operating under the theory that the attack was inspired by Islamic State .

Mateen had been interviewed by the FBI twice and had once been on a terrorist watch list .

President Obama called the shooting an act of terror that was an attack on all Americans.

Read more: http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-orlando-nightclub-shooting-live-updates-htmlstory.html

Lifting The Veil Of The Co-optation of Social Movements

I will never be a Republican. I never value anything they value. I'm an atheist. I'm for people's movements and this is why I think this discussion on co-optation is worth watching.

It doesn't mean that frustrations and failures won't always be with humans. It doesn't mean that the Democrats are evil.

This Democratic Underground forum should accept that issues of national concern should justify constructive criticism of the party's leaders, not to mention the unregulated capitalist government they want to run.

Such parties serve the interests of world oligarchs, some of whom even criticize the morality of party priorities they benefit from. Such parties diffuse movements, negatively 'brand' them in their TV media, continue to ignore and resist the economic aspirations of people who want political democracy to be more than an "experiment" for America.

Through their Enemy Industrial Complex they distract The People with fear.


Bill Maher: Let's Not Romanticize Socialism The Way Conservatives Romanticize Capitalism

The new generation and Santaism...

Clinton May Take The Nomination But Sanders Has Won The Debate

He started at single digits in the polls and was widely dismissed as a “fringe” candidate. He has astounded even his supporters, winning more than 20 contests, 10 million votes and 1,500 pledged delegates, the most of any true insurgent in modern history. He has captured the support of young voters by record margins. And he did so less with personal charisma than with the power of his ideas and the force of the integrity demonstrated by spurning traditional deep-pocketed donors in favor of grass-roots fundraising.

Harvard researchers found that Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 have actually become more progressive over the course of the campaign. Sanders hasn’t merely won a seat at the table, he’s started a sea change in Democratic politics that the party will have to adjust to.

Even as Clinton turns her focus to Donald Trump, Sanders will play a major role over the next five months. At the convention, we will witness a powerful demonstration of the passion that Sanders represents. His allies will seek to ensure that the Democratic Party platform incorporates the fundamental reforms that he has championed — from the $15 minimum wage and Medicare-for-all, to tuition-free college and breaking up the banks, to rebuilding our infrastructure and getting serious about climate change. He will use his prime-time address to lay out the next stage in the political revolution, while showing that stopping Trump is vital to its progress.

While Sanders has already indicated he will endorse Clinton if she captures the nomination, neither he nor any leader can deliver the votes of his supporters. That challenge is Clinton’s. Sanders has already nudged Clinton to the left on key issues during the campaign, including trade policy and the minimum wage. The Democratic National Committee made one important concession last month by allowing Sanders to name five strong progressive allies to the platform committee (though the DNC also vetoed one Sanders pick, National Nurses United executive director RoseAnn DeMoro, on the strange grounds that it did not want labor leaders on the candidate’s lists).

Clinton’s challenge now is not only to gain Sanders’s support, but also to earn the enthusiasm of his voters. Sanders won young voters and Democratic-leaning independents by staggering margins. Clinton should not assume that the threat posed by Trump will suffice to get them to turn out for her in large numbers. She has to move from being the candidate of “No We Can’t” to one who offers real change to those in desperate need of it.


Unity Is Not Uniformity. We can do this.

I'm not usually a binary thinker, but in the partisan arena, either Hillers and Berners join together to get more of this

Or we'll get this

Hillary Clinton in Brooklyn: We Are All Standing Under A Glass Ceiling

(With a few glitchy seconds.)

I like the reference to the women and men of Seneca Falls.

"...We owe so much to those who came before, and tonight belongs to all of you..."

Hillary: How Will You, As Commander-In-Chief, Deal With Military Rape

Victims must first tell their units' commanders, who are also often the commanders of the alleged perpetrators. Further complicating the matter is that for these commanders to prove an assault has occurred, they must also admit a failure of their own leadership.

As Bee points out, "Commanders can't indict a rapist without indicting themselves." That might explain why servicemen and women who do report an assault are 12 times more likely to suffer some form of retaliation than to see their offender convicted of sexual offense...

So why has the bill stalled? Not just because Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) suggested that military commanders would be replaced with lawyers, but because President Barack Obama has not endorsed it.

"If the president came out and supported this bill, it would be done," Gillibrand told Bee. "It would be over. He promised, I think now close to three years ago, that he was going to give the military one year to fix things. Well, I can show him this year's report...They have not fixed things...what happened to 'No Fucks Obama?'"

One of the most important points here is that this is not a women's issue.


There is no better time, I'm talking here and now, I'm talking here and now
Let's go!

Right now is where you shine, I'm talking here and now, I'm talking here and now
It's not about what you've done, it's about what you doing
It's all about where you going, no matter where you've been,


Bill Maher: Clinton Is A Woman, Trump is a Whiney Little Bitch

"...Since 80 countries of the world have elected a woman leader, but not the United States of US -- yet. We must admit that when it comes to being progressive, we are often late to the party...

... But by the time (my mother) had me in 1956, things had really changed, but how much...

...That was how women were viewed in the 1950's: irrational, pouty, vain, thin skinned, hysterical and just not that bright. Does that sound like anyone we know today? Who...

...Does anyone fit the stereotypical 50's description of a woman more than Donald Trump?...and yet he's the one with the penis! ... has there ever been anyone more thin skinned?...

Who gets more hysterical than Lady Donald Trump...

...And like the daffy typical housewife of the 50's, Lady Trump is the one that can't balance a check book: Trump Airlines, Trump casinos, Trump University, Trump steaks. He's got the Midas touch, if every time Midas touched something it exploded...

...So never forget, Lady Trump, that Hillary was born a woman, but you chose to live your life as a -- say it with me -- whiney little bitch.

Which is why if Hilary is the Democratic nominee, I'll be voting for the only one who has balls."

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