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No Sew DIY mask -- Thanks, ornotna!

It's quick and easy.


MMM -- Saturday


Jeezy, Jay-Z, Nas. “My President Is Black”

Monkey Safari. “Sirens”

GRIZ. “Before I Go”

Jind Mahi. “Lean On” cover

John Rzeznik. “Fearless”

Darlingside. “Go Back”

We were always on our way
Rolling up our sleeves
Ever moving forward

In the tracks where we lived our simple lives
Kept our blinders on
Eyes to the horizon

I know, no doctor but I know
You can't live in the past
But the only way to go
Is to go back

And return to who we were
Before we disappeared
Into the thick of big ideas

Now we can see the sweeping view
But we're waiting out the storm
Stuck under the awning

I know, no doctor but I know
You can't live in the past
But the only way to go
Is to go back

Into everglades,
greener yesterdays,
skip the stones away
Go back to the start,
photos in the darkroom
before they fade

So we hold to who we are
Even into the arc
Beyond our furthest edges

To a world full of strange and towering skies
And a chance to choose in time
To set out on our own way

I know
No doctor, but I know
No doctor, but I know
You can't live in the past
But the only way to go
Is to go back


EDIT: Third New Video -- Again, I hope Big Media got enough money out of us so we can now see it on YouTube!

From 17:31 to the end mark is the excerpted transcript below.

"... If we had had federal disaster leadership that was as forward thinking as the San Francisco area when they put in place their stay at home order we'd be in a place where the president could be saying what the CA gov is saying now ...which is that the rate of infection might have been slowed enough now that CA might not end up having so many sick people in time that the hospitals could get overwhelmed there.... We could have had that... We don't have that ...

Having some stay at home orders in some places in some states and having it still be 'do whatever you want' in other states is insane. It was insane at the beginning of this, it's absolutely insane this far into it.

We have the worst coronavirus outbreak in the world. We've already got over 7,000 dead Americans. We don't have a treatment. We don't have a vaccine. We don't have a cure. It's going to be a long time before we ever have any of those things. We don't even have testing in this country in any widespread basis. The only thing we've got to try to stop this virus is to keep people from giving it to each other ... that's all we've got...

It is insane that there remains no federal policy in this regard. Having a patchwork policy where it's having some states that stay at home and some states where it's not -- It's like having a pool where there's one section in the pool where it's okay to pee. It's like having an airplane with one section where it's okay to smoke and everything else you're gonna call non-smoking despite what all those people are gonna smell like when they get off that plane....

Why is that, alone, not just fixed tonight. It would take ten words at the podium. It could save thousands of lives...

This disaster has already cost triple the deaths of Katrina, it has already cost a hundred times the deaths of Katrina by this summer by the White House's own estimates if they don't learn that belated lesson now...

Mr. President, there are things that only you can do here. But the most important thing that you can do is put somebody in charge.

You'll love it, because whoever you pick, you can blame that person at the end, when there are still 100,000, or 200,000 dead Americans piled up in the nation's funeral homes and crematoria and cemeteries.

Pick somebody you're looking forward to scapegoating and blaming, and saying it was all their fault from the beginning. I think that we could take that as a country.

If putting somebody in charge who is actually in charge might also mean that we'll keep the numbers that low. Because as long as we don't have a federal response that is being run by anyone, there is no guarantee that the numbers will stay within that massive range that you're talking about. The sky's the limit in terms of what it could be.

I mean, just go back and look at what Geo W Bush did belatedly with Army General Russell Honore. Put an overall command and control officer in place who can

#1 -- announce, on your authority, binding national policy, and firm national guidance to governor and mayors

#2 -- who can federalize, on your authority, all needed supplies and resources and facilities needed to test,
treat, and ultimately
bury coronavirus victims.

3 -- pick somebody who can oversee on your authority a massive
distribution and
re-distribution system for those critical resources.

It's going to be a huge effort. You may want to get your son-in-law out of the way here.

You may want to create a disaster response command within the US military to do this, which would be a huge deal.

That said, if you were uncomfortable with being the commander-in-chief of such an effort, because you don't want to be that clearly responsible for it when you ultimately want to blame the person you put in charge, then pick something else to call it and don't make it a combatant command.

But you are going to need to mobilize the defense transportation system to move critical resources around this country.

You're going to actually have to aggressively use and not just cite the Defense Production Act.

And you're going have to have someone very good, moving very quickly, to address the death trap condition that exists right now in senior and congregate living facilities of all kinds, including nursing homes, and
long term care facilities and
veterans' homes, and yes,
jails and prisons.

You're going to have to let a well and truly experienced operations manager take the lead and fix this now.

It is too late already.
But now is better than never.
Now is better than next week.
Yesterday would've been better than today.
But we'll take what we can get.

We can't call it too late. We have to believe that we can still course correct to save some lives.

Just do it already.

Whatever you need to tell yourself to do it.

Just do it...."

First 500 Beds Completed at McCormick Place 'Alternate Care Facility'

Source: NBC Chicago

The full site is expected to house an estimated 3,000 patient rooms by the end of Apri

The first delivery of beds took place over the weekend, according to Pritzker, and the Army Corps of Engineers said that the first 500 of those beds were ready as of Friday. The buildout will continue, officials say, with a goal of finishing the set-up by the end of April.

The facility is being divided into three units, including one that will consist of negative-pressure isolation pods for up to 750 patients exhibiting high transmission symptoms.

Also on Friday, Chicago city officials announced agreements with hotels to house health care workers interacting with coronavirus patients.

Starting next Wednesday, the London House and the Godfrey Hotel capacity will be reserved for healthcare workers including doctors, nurses, orderlies, lab technicians and custodial staff.

Read more: https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/pritzker-lightfoot-to-deliver-coronavirus-update-from-mccormick-place-now-ready-to-treat-patients/2249807/

Very proud of my governor, mayor and all the long, hard work of all those who built it, along with hotels that have provided space for McCormick's hospital and medical staff.

Now if every Chicagoan would just stay home.

Andrew Cuomo Update April 3 2020 -- Javits Will Be A Coronavirus Center

Midday Music for Millennials -- FFriday

mo betta

Fatboy Slim. “Weapon Of Choice”

Ed Sheeran. “What Do I Know”

The Dandy Warhols. “Scientist”

Cheyenne. “Tone Ranger”

Chris Brown. “Beautiful People”

Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder. “Ain’t No Sunshine”

FYI, the National Governors Association site offers complete, up-to-date lists of what's going on

across the 50 states.

Just posting the link here as a resource.


Watch How Politics Slowed Red States' Response to the Coronavirus

There is already evidence that state-level decisions on when to require social distancing were driven by politics, not public health. By March 16, the governors of all 50 states had declared a state of emergency. Yet as the animation at the top of this article shows, Democratic governors generally declared emergencies before Republican governors. Four of the last five states to declare an emergency (West Virginia, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Georgia) have Republican governors.

That data comes from a study released last week by political scientists at the University of Washington, who found that states with Republican governors and a higher number of Trump voters were slow to roll out policies to control the spread of the virus—potentially undermining efforts to “flatten the curve” of transmission.

The University of Washington researchers note the recent contrast between Kentucky and Tennessee’s official responses to the coronavirus: “On 6 March 2020, after Kentucky had its first confirmed case of COVID-19, Governor Andy Beshear (D) immediately called a state of emergency, encouraged social distancing, and closed bars and restaurants ten days later.

But when neighboring Tennessee uncovered its first confirmed case of COVID-19 on March 5th, Governor Bill Lee (R) waited until 12 March to declare a state of emergency and finally closed restaurants and bars on 22 March.”

As of March 31, Kentucky had 480 reported cases, according to the New York Times; Tennessee had 1,642.


MMM -- MovieMusicThursday

one love

John Williams. “ Dry Your Tears Afrika” (Amistad)

Jeff Beal. “House of Cards” main title

Cymande. “Bra” (25th Hour)

James Newton Howard. “ Grand Canyon” main title

Common and John Legend. “Glory” (Selma)

Bloody Donnie

Today's public confession from the feckless, fakeass, fatass fuck, Bloody Donnie:

"I don't think I would have done any better had I not been impeached," Trump said at his daily coronavirus news conference from the White House ...

I don't think I would've acted any differently, or I don't think I would've acted any faster."

There you have it.

Act II in the NeoNazi Theater of Suffering.

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