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From DEF CON 2018 -- 12 Actions To Secure National Elections before 2020. Yes, We Can.

12 actions to secure national elections. This can be done before 2020. This info seems relevant to the primaries threads, too, but they're probably only focused on candidates and party issues.

This is structural. Still.

-- Safeguard Voting Equipment--

1. Implement universal use of paper ballots, marked by hand and read by optical scanner, ensuring a voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT).

2. Phase out touch-screen voting machines – especially the most vulnerable direct-recording electronic (DRE) devices

3. Update pollbooks used to check in voters.

4. Verify voting results by requiring election officials to
conduct “Risk-Limiting Audits” (RLAs), a statistical post- election audit before certification of final results.

-- Protect Voting Networks and Databases --

5. Secure voting infrastructure, especially voter registration databases, using time-tested cyber hygiene tools such as the CIS “20 Critical Security Controls” or
NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework.

6. Call upon outside experts to conduct cyber assessments – DHS,
white-hat hackers,
cybersecurity vendors and
security researchers – where needed.

7. Provide resources and training to state and local election leaders for cyber maintenance and on-going monitoring.

8. Promote information-sharing on cyber threats and incidents in and across the entire voting industry.

-- Coordinate With All Stakeholders --

9. Appropriate federal funding to states to
implement infrastructure upgrades,
audits, and
cyber hygiene measures.

10. Establish clear channels for coordination between
state, and
federal agencies, including
real-time sharing of threat and intelligence information.

11. Maintain DHS’s designation of elections as a Critical Infrastructure Subsector.

12. Require DHS to institute a pre-election threat assessment plan to bolster its technical support capacity to state and locals requesting assistance.

Congress shouldn't just suggest any of this for DHS, they should mandate it and monitor it.


I'm not even suggesting that no one in government is doing anything. It only appeared that way as of 2018.

Since then, I'd like to believe that high quality journalism sites are keeping an eye on actions this government is taking to insure free and fair elections.

If you doubt it is, consider our current context:

Do you actually think that those who are firewalling, or
buying all new voting machine equipment, or
using security industry tech
are going to tell this to the American public so that hackers of the world know it?

It's often our military's and government's strategy to appear stupider, slower, more vulnerable than we are. Even if our govt really IS vulnerable, at times.

Even if we see state level cheaters from recent elections in GA;
even if we see that the Senate won't pass "fixes" for the election system,
we citizens can still keep our radar out for changes being made at state levels, stay calm, watch and see who's doing what out there. And not believe the hype.

IMO, we must pay attention to any structural progress made to improve our election system.

Re the Senate's rejection of election security bills -- we're down, but not out

We know the Senate knows how deep their action cuts into U.S. national security.

That pisses off hacking supergroups like the old and young white hats at DEF CON.


The latest 2018 DEF CON Report from its Voting Village is the DEF CON community's continuing response to the Russian hacking of our elections. The Voting Village originated in 2017 to invite all states' election and tech officials to share information and findings to pass on to the American public.

The last chapters of this year's report are recommended (est. 16 pages).

-- Election Security is National Security;
-- Technical Findings,
-- Recommendation: Make A Crisis Communications Plan Before Your Website is Hacked
-- Conclusion
-- Next Steps
-- APPENDIX #4: Firewall Democracy: Best Practices for Securing America’s Vulnerable Voting Infrastructure


Rachel Maddow Interviews Stephen Miller's Uncle, David Glosser

Then: "It's the economy, stupid." Now: "It's America v Trump, stupid."

America is worse off than ever. Trump is beyond failure.

Trump's endless failures:

-- economics -- a govt shutdown, bad trade deals, tariffs, layoffs, giving tax money to the rich, student debt --
-- leadership of ALL Americans -- attacking elected officials, 598 tweets attacking American persons, institutions, minorities and women,
-- foreign relations -- trafficking with dictators, nullifying NATO, attacking our allies, leaving the Paris Climate Accords,
-- sexism,
-- racism,
-- government functionality -- gutting the cabinet, turning the DOJ into his personal law firm, failing to help Americans in at least four disasters, firing govt persons by tweet -- of the 3rd largest country on the planet,
-- religion,
-- white supremacist hate group support,
-- losing, caging, hiding, trafficking immigrant children,
-- separating immigrant families,
-- labeling dissent "domestic terrorism,"
-- attacking journalism as the "enemy of the people,"
-- obstructing justice,
-- adhering to our most hostile enemy's word over his own intelligence agencies,
-- militarizing the 4th of July,
-- selling public park lands for mining, fracking,
-- using military force against native American tribes,
-- driving out hundreds from his administration,
-- scofflaw refusal of oversight by the First Branch,
-- enriching himself through his properties
-- being the target of three criminal investigations
-- lying or misleading Americans 10,796 times.
-- doing nothing to improve election integrity
-- using Sputnik as his new media source.

Back in the day, the Democratic message was "It's the economy, stupid.

Today, the Democratic message is "It's America vs Trump, stupid."

How To Draw a Pig

598 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List

Since, May... so not counting The Squad.

I can't even begin to highlight all the insults this scofflaw fakeass feckless fuck "will not get away with."

So whatever you find worth quoting will be welcome.

We could spread these around social media. And Breitbart's page, and Twitter.

Like sheshe2 says: Buckle up, buttercup, we're coming for you and your family too.

(Note: The link is interactive, so it might be slow to load)

Thomas Friedman On How Trump Is A Chump

Start viewing at 15:35.

I've detested Friedman since forever, but he's got ideas about how to literally intrigue Independent, small business and even Republican voters to vote Democratic. He should know them, after years of doing all the PR sell for the U of C school of economics. He's worth a look, since he really wants Democrats to win.


Source: VICE News

The documents must be posted by 11:00 am eastern on Thursday, July 18,

Judge William H. Pauley of the Southern District of New York wrote in a decision released Wednesday.

“The campaign finance violations discussed in the Materials are a matter of national importance. Now that the Government's investigation into those violations has concluded, it is time that every American has an opportunity to scrutinize the Materials,” Judge Pauley wrote.

Read more: https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/j5w7jb/the-details-of-trump-orgs-hush-money-payments-are-about-to-go-public

These unredacted documents could change everything.

Thank you, Judge Pauley.

John Lewis: I Know Racism When I See It

FRONTLINE Interviews Alex Stamos On Social Media Ethics, Security In The U.S., World

Alex Stamos is an old friend of Beto O'Rourke, and later member of the original hacking supergroup, The Cult of the Dead Cow, of which Beto was a founding member. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_Stamos

Members of the cDc, the first hackers, communicated together from all over the country, organized the first hacker conferences; became the major advisers and consultants to the Pentagon, Intel agencies, and the Congressional Intelligence committees, and are now among the heads of the security industry, founders of great software corporations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cult_of_the_Dead_Cow

Twenty of them are now known, and I recommend reading Joseph Menn's Cult of the Dead Cow -- How the Original Hacking Supergroup Might Just Save the World (2019), to learn how they've kept net industries from being the Wild West. There's a lot to learn about our Internet communications issues and history, and this cDc group is a good start. Not all of them are in Wikipedia, but Googling them works.

*Kevin Wheeler/Swamp Rat
Bill Brown/Franken Gibe
Beto O'Rourke/Psychedelic Warlord
Carrie Campbell/Lady Carolin
Jessy Dryden/Drunkfux
Paul Leonard/Obscure Images
Chris Tucker/Nightstalker
Dan MacMillan/White Knight
Misha Kubecka/Omega
John Lester/Count Zero
Luke Benfey/Deth Vegetble
Sam Anthony/Tweety Fish
*Peiter Zatka/Mudge
Laird Brown/Oxblood ruffin
Josh Buchbinder/Sir Dystic
Christien Rioux/Dildog
Adam O'Donnell/Javaman
Jacob Appelbaum/IOerror
Kemal Adman/Mixter
Patrick Kroupa/Lord Digital

The rest want to remain anonymous. I'm not sure if cDc officially exists anymore.

Stamos is now recognized as the greatest expert on Internet security threats, and helped Facebook and Robert Mueller trace the biggest data steal from Cambridge Analytica and Russia's GRU.

Stamos wants our technology sector to build institutional memory.
The best reason is that the social good of our technology systems will become the a large part of the ethical underpinning of our democracy.

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