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President Obama's Final National Security Speech

Every single day I will miss him.


The effective, productive, fresh, confident, powerful New Normal.

You are what you do.
Equality of opportunity begins with time.
Early in the day. Early in life.
First, three questions, then the five keys.

1. Value it.
2. Commit to it.
3. Sleep well by living well.
4. No snoozing.
5. Move it.

" Like and subscribe. Don't just do it cuz we said to."

Bonus backstory -- helping kids with work ethic, goals, reading for money, suicide.

"The KEY = Keep Educating Yourself"

"The person hungriest to learn will get the most results."

Earning. Learning. Returning.

I wonder if this kid is the future.

The Democratic Party Decides To Be Relevant Or Not

Games. There's always a way to win. And the other party won't even talk about it. They won't tell us what we need to do as we have them. They got no fucks to give.

They don't mind at all if we feel robbed of all agency, freeze in sadness, self-pity, hopeless helplessness for the next four years. We might even shuffle up to the game table while they be like, “come on in, y’all, make yourselves comfortable…care for a cocktail? Wanna watch the game ?”

Bless our hearts, our sponsors still profit as we study our helplessness, feed it to each other, amplify and diddle ourselves with how awful it is. Moan, groan, whine, hand wring, blast out the noise of nasty joke journalism, he-said/she-said journalism, comedy shows. Cheap drinks and drugs.

Game noise is not the game. The vigilant watch, listen for signals. We’re still or we move. "We're still here" can also mean just that -- "We here are still." We watch or we move with purpose which then creates new rules.

Politics is power war without guns and any war is a racket. Politics is the game that's not a game. It’s no longer relevant to "play it right," "show good form," or have some moral stance to advance.

“First to market” is now not just a ‘new rule’ of politics but the fuel that drives new rules of any team competition be it economics or government. Training rules, work rules, following all new rules doesn't guarantee anything but comfort. Still. Stealing a base often flips momentum.

After the loss, hearts and minds politics has to go sit down. Noisy ideas like “nuh uh not fair!” and a bus token will get one across town. In signal-to-noise politics, the win is a signal.

The signal is “first to market.” Win first. Think later. Pretty much how our badass ancestors got us here. Adapt or get left.

Know why they hated Hillary so much? Hillary adapted. Thousands of lawyers in Washington couldn't catch her at anything for 30 years. Didn't care to conclude that she is essentially honest. A real player. No. They had to win. So they made sure the label "crooked" stuck.

But they also made sure they had 30+ governors running their policy show. They made sure they set up secretaries of states who ran elections and vote counts for the win. They put money into downticket people for legislatures. They made sure they had national network influence, access and malleable interns. The unknown Reince Preibus and well known Hillary. One little piggy got first to market and one got left.

There was a method behind at least some of that madness all along. To win. Now they act, fling interpretive shit at the wall to see what sticks (see Flynn’s or Trump’s latest moves). As we were told by “Bush’s Brain,” we find ourselves again left to watch and react while the crazy becomes the 'new normal' in American politics.

So, Democratic Party. Now what.


Taking Trolls To Court -- Carrie Goldberg And Internet Misogyny

Senator Kemala Harris, along with Carrie Goldberg, has actively engaged Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing and Yahoo to adopt policies against revenge porn.

Companies have started providing online forms that allow victims to request that content be deleted without having to assert copyright first.

Other info useful to me are quick summaries of copyright, de-indexing and how revenge-porn sites are also used for identity theft, extortion and hacking.

Over the next four years we can't let an Internet culture like this expand.

In the movement to combat online harassment, Goldberg is more of a pragmatist than a theorist. But Mary Anne Franks, of the University of Miami, and Danielle Citron, of the University of Maryland, have been publishing articles in law reviews arguing that extreme forms of cyber harassment undermine equal opportunity. Citron’s 2014 book, “Hate Crimes in Cyberspace,” contends that, because such behavior disproportionately affects women and minorities—damaging their ability to express themselves in public, their employment prospects, and their sense of personal safety—the legal system must treat it as a violation of their civil rights.

She recommends criminalizing revenge porn, including online threats, in existing statutes against stalking and harassment, and making it easier for victims to sue under pseudonyms. Citron, who has been making such arguments for years, told me that tech companies and state legislators are increasingly embracing her perspective:

“What seemed crazy to them back in 2007, when I was arguing that this should be criminalized and was a civil-rights violation, all of a sudden became non-crazy. It went from ‘Oh, no, she’s breaking the Internet’ to ‘Danielle, she’s fine, she’s middle of the road.’ ” Citron thinks the companies have realized that consumers “have a taste for sexual privacy.”


Christiane Amanpour: Media's Existential Crisis In Its 'Post-Truth' World

Hell yes.

Greg Palast, Investigative Reporter Of Ballot Bandits

The full documentary is free to watch on YouTube.

The Democratic Party Must Be About The Win

Winning is about control of politics, which is control of whole economies and militaries. Our party politics has to be about future generations controlling their landbase resources or our future inhabitants' landbase being controlled by global forces.

Publicly, that may be what we talk about. But we can never get caught up in our hearts-and-minds culture wars again.

The mechanics of winning must come first. When we win at the Republican game, the emo cripples will come around later. That's really all they want. To back a winner.

The Republicans won by running a distraction media game while setting up the control of voter numbers. Democrats didn't see it. But we have to see it now. We have to learn. As Obama says, we really, really have to focus.

There's too much media distraction getting attention around here. As LaydeeBug has said here: Stop. Letting. Them. Frame. The. Fucking. Narrative.

We have to avoid all he said/she said media distraction and stick to the numbers controlled by state governors. Stay focused on the 50-state strategy that Republicans have also played because they learned from Howard Dean.

Drop media distraction like a bad habit. Obama says that's what he does. We need to listen to him. As a struggling former smoker like him, I know just how hard that habit is to break.

Remember: Media will continue to be conflict-driven and shit stirring to promote the threats of the Right, threats of the foreign, threats of danger, and it will amplify the questioning, the doubting, the infighting and cowing of the Left.

Fear mongering is their frame.

Getting Democrats like us distracted is their game.

Don't bite media hype.

In the meantime we still have Electors who, on December 19, 2016, need to do their job.

From Federalist Paper 68:

"...the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications. Talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity, may alone suffice to elevate a man to the first honors in a single State; but it will require other talents, and a different kind of merit, to establish him in the esteem and confidence of the whole Union ... as would be necessary to make him a successful candidate for the distinguished office of President of the United States ...

... by those who are able to estimate the share which the executive in every government must necessarily have in its good or ill administration ...

... we may safely pronounce, that the true test of a good government is its aptitude and tendency to produce a good administration..."

Who wrote Federalist Paper 68?

Alexander Hamilton


Laila Lalami on whiteness as groupthink. I think.


If whiteness is no longer the default and is to be treated as an identity — even, soon, a “minority” — then perhaps it is time white people considered the disadvantages of being a race. The next time a white man bombs an abortion clinic or goes on a shooting rampage on a college campus, white people might have to be lectured on religious tolerance and called upon to denounce the violent extremists in their midst. The opioid epidemic in today’s white communities could be treated the way we once treated the crack epidemic in black ones — not as a failure of the government to take care of its people but as a failure of the race. The fact that this has not happened, nor is it likely to, only serves as evidence that white Americans can still escape race.

Much has been made about privilege in this election. I will readily admit to many privileges. I have employer-provided health care. I live in a nice suburb. I am not dependent on government benefits. But I am also an immigrant and a person of color and a Muslim. On the night of the election, I was away from my family. Speaking to them on the phone, I could hear the terror in my daughter’s voice as the returns came in. The next morning, her friends at school, most of them Asian or Jewish or Hispanic, were in tears. My daughter called on the phone. “He can’t make us leave, right?” she asked. “We’re citizens.”

My husband and I did our best to quiet her fears. No, we said. He cannot make us leave. But every time I have thought about this conversation — and I have thought about it dozens of times, in my sleepless nights since the election — I have felt less certain. For all the privileges I can pass on to my daughter, there is one I cannot: whiteness.


Obama Reckons With A Trump Presidency -- The New Yorker

As our side looks for political guidance in a turbulent time, everything President Obama says here shows how inspiring he is.

My favorite parts are the President's take on American voters, and his enlightened approach to social media and fake news issues.

President Obama is one great human to emulate.


Flo & Joan's Bit Of Anti-Thanksgiving

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