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Hometown: New England, The South, Midwest
Home country: USA
Current location: Chicago
Member since: Sat Mar 5, 2011, 12:32 PM
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The Future, Telling Us To Listen and Act Now

"... I'm sure that the moment we start behaving as if we were in an emergency, we can avoid climate and ecological catastrophe. Humans are very adaptable; we can fix this. But the opportunity to do so will not last for long. We must start today. We have no more excuses.

We children are not sacrificing our education and our childhood for you to tell us what you consider is politically possible in the society that you have created. We have not taken to the streets for you to take selfies with us and tell us that you really admire what we do.

We children are doing this to wake the adults up. We children are doing this for you to put your differences aside and start acting as you would in a crisis. We children are doing this because we want our hopes and dreams back."

Never Normal Again.

The truth is much scarier. That is, the end of normal; normal never again. We have already exited the state of environmental conditions that allowed the human animal to evolve in the first place, in an unsure and unplanned bet on just what that animal can endure. The climate system that raised us, and raised everything we now know as human culture and civilization, is now, like a parent, dead. And the climate system we have been observing for the last several years, the one that has battered the planet again and again, is not our bleak future in preview. It would be more precise to say that it is a product of our recent climate past, already passing behind us into the dustbin of environmental nostalgia. There is no longer any such thing as a "natural disaster," but not only will things get worse; technically speaking, they have already gotten worse.

Even if, miraculously, humans immediately ceased emitting carbon, we'd still be due for some additional warming from us the stuff we've put into the air already. And of course with global emissions still increasing, we're very far from zeroing out on carbon and therefore very far from stalling climate change. The devastation we are now seeing all around us is a beyond-best-case scenario for the future of warming and all the climate disasters it will bring.

What that means is that we have not at all arrived at a new equilibrium. It is more like we've taken one step out on the plank off a pirate ship. Perhaps because of the exhausting false debate about whether climate change is "real," too many of us have developed a misleading impression that its effects are binary. But global warming not "yers" or "not," nor is it "today's weather forever" or "doomsday tomorrow." It is a function that gets worse over time as long as we continue to produce greenhouse gas. And so the experience of life in a climate transformed by human activity is not just a matter of stepping from one stable ecosystem into another somewhat worse one, no matter how degraded or destructive the transformed climate is.

The effects will grow and build as the planet continues to warm: from 1 degree to 1.5 degrees to almost certainly 2 degrees and beyond. The last few years of climate disasters may look like about as much as the planet can take. In fact, we are only just entering our brave new world, one that collapses below us as soon as we set foot for it.

From The Uninhabitable Earth. Wallace-Wells, a columnist and deputy editor of New York Magazine, wrote this best seller in response to what he saw as abstract coverage of climate change.

"I started seeing a lot of really alarming papers in 2016, the severity of which weren't being reflected in conventional writing and storytelling about climate." He predicts that alarming change could be coming as soon as the end of this century including an estimated $551 trillion in global damages ...

Worldwide Climate Strikes -- Focus On India

We Are In An Enforcement Crisis -- Do Something

This government is all about loyalties to the rule of men over oaths to the rule of law. The Second Branch is working around and outside norms and law.

Law will not enforce itself. Secrecy at the highest levels through classification, data sweeps, stalling, legal parsings, actionless rumors and simple inaction, keep everyone in the dark. A lot of promises can be kept in the dark. Secrecy invalidates rule of law.

The current "acting" cabinet is led by one man daily enforcing his rule through presidential "privilege." This "privilege" privileges the autocracy of secrets over the democracy of information.

Congress's only power is through the courts; yet, what powers do courts have.

Who do Congress and the courts send out to enforce their rulings on subpoenas, or just their rulings. Who forcibly collects the fines, enters secured buildings to make the arrests, and where are the scofflaws detained.

The People's House and SCOTUS are stymied by law enforcement controlled by only one branch. The president's. The chief "security" officer of the land. The FBI won't act independently. The DNI won't act independently.

That's the current state of impotence in two branches of this government. Two and a half.

There is no power of the Law without real world physical enforcement of it.

My position: it's the enforcement, stupid. Do something.

Vibrate Higher -- Outkast -- Legacy of Marvin Gaye

...Sometimes when it's late at night
And you have no one to talk to
Here's what you do, you go through that
Raggedy cell phone 'bout two or three times
Tracy ain't home, Tina ain't home
The Love Below starts talkin' to ya...

Every boy and girl, woman to man
When you feel you've done about the best you can
Motherfuck the wagon, come join the band
Vibrate, vibrate higher

...The circumcision has already begun
Desensitizing the very thing or thang that
Brought you into this motherfucker in the first place
And when I say "motherfucker" I do mean "motherfucker"

Because Mother Earth is dying
And we continue to fuck her death
Play with your own score sheet
Become the master of your own

And Yes, God is watching you
But no need to be embarrassed
For the future is in your hands
No the future is in your hand

Play with your own score sheet
Every boy and girl, woman to man
When you feel you've done about the best you can
Motherfuck the wagon, come join the band
Vibrate, vibrate higher

Justin Herdman's Warning To Neo-Nazis -- Full Press Conference

Glad to know that "see something, say something" works re white supremacists.

These kinds of white nationalists might live around us. The things one knows about them should be told to law enforcement beforehand, not when it's too late.

Jeff Tiedrich

On The Green New Deal Resolution

Some Democrats believe that with the New Deal Resolution, you have to "present what you have."

While it's true that resolutions can "bring more people on board" -- even those who've believed the climate crisis to be a hoax -- Democratic leaders and Justice Democrats of the GND will need to prep, if they haven't already, for legislative and budget challenges that ignore the GND.

While Jay Inslee is out of the campaign, he supports the Green New Deal, and many here feel sure that he'll be part of a Democratic cabinet that implements it.

That a future Democratic president would use Inslee's lifetime of executive/legislating experience to pull this country out of the morass of fossil's grip, is not a guarantee. It's not a given. No national climate "debate" (for lack of a better word) will be part of the 2020 election, despite polls, though there may be random campaign speeches on climate numbers, science and workable projects.

Considering these possibilities, Inslee's package of four projects remain as a long term public good to learn about. When it comes to the current climate events we see, one can't know too much.

Timing is everything when it comes to workable solutions for the climate crisis.

Washington DC should have acted yesterday on the climate crisis. And I get that just to win the presidency and win the Senate is the Democrats' immediate goal. Inslee's plans will have to wait.

In the meantime, Jay Inslee isn't. His paid for projects on clean energy transformation are already underway in WA state. He's transitioning his state out of all fossil/coal sources to clean (as in "not renewable)

Most who acknowledge the climate crisis see the worth of the Green New Deal. The sooner it's implemented, the better. Yet it's only a start. To solve the climate crisis will take more and longer action, and not just from other countries.

Inslee's 4-level climate crisis package extends the Green New Deal from the nation's economic sectors to regions to global. In scope they are bottom to top.

Primary candidates need not endorse them. We don't have to "know" them. But rather than walk away from these plans, we Democrats can be more familiar with them, then file them away for future reference.

-- “100 percent Clean Energy for America” — a plan to get to 100 percent clean energy in electricity, new cars, and new buildings. https://www.jayinslee.com/issues/100clean

-- “Global Climate Mobilization” — a plan for reshaping foreign policy around climate change https://www.jayinslee.com/issues/global-climate

-- “Freedom From Fossil Fuels” — a plan to phase out US fossil fuel production. https://www.jayinslee.com/issues/freedom-from-fossil-fuels

-- “Community Climate Justice” — a plan for a just transition to a clean economy.https://www.jayinslee.com/issues/climate-justice

Good luck winning your third term in Washington, Governor Inslee.

The Fight Before Today's Amazon Fire -- "We Are Not Animals"

Unregulated capitalism has always killed nature and all those at one with it.

Unregulated "free" markets drive this.

If we enjoy Brazilian trade, we are not innocent of this destruction.

Alissandra Munduruku is the face of the fight against mindless plunderers' racism, and western capitalism's history.

"You all tell us the Indian is inferior, incapable; the Indian is an animal.

We are not animals. An animal is one who lives [without rights].

They are taking away our rights, our guaranteed rights.

They are taking away our land, delivering it wolves.

And I tell you, who are right here: We will not deliver over our lands. We are going to fight.

The illegal mining is invading our lands.

The loggers are invading our lands.

Our leaders are becoming sick (or sickening) themselves.

Because now, no one can even plant.

Evangelicals are entering our lands to divide our people, steal our culture, and now they want to steal our soul!

And to Bolsonaro, I want to tell you and all you arguers here:

Respect our life!

Respect our territory!

Respect our rights!

Respect our ancestors!

We've resisted since 519 years ago.

Although you've cut at our root, she is still buried there.

Woke 2020 Does Not Put Jay Inslee & the Pentagon On The Shelf

This is every bit about the primary and general election that we're moving on to.

Inslee's left, but everything he's said and done is not gone.

UNLESS we backburner climate change. Then everything is gone.

UNLESS you see the disasters, you can't understand how climate does not care about your political issues. Climate change does not care about your justice. Climate will only respond to your attention to Earth.

Remember that when not talking about climate change, Inslee had also been ignored -- yes, ignored, in the rush to clay pigeon shoot him down as a one-issue candidate -- about his other accomplishments on

family leave,
gun control,
women's issues,
utility reconfiguration to clean energy,
permaculture development in agriculture, etc.

Regardless, I still hold that climate change should never, ever be second to the so-called issues of the 2020 campaign.

Because Inslee has had a state to run, he didn't daily hit the campaign trail to remind oblivious Americans, or Americans habitually distracted by their identity issues, or Americans who don't want to think long term, about how climate change work will solve a lot of other "issues" they want other candidates to solve.

At this moment or the short "grace period" climate change gives us, we Americans do not get to benignly shelve Inslee's climate and campaign work without paying dearly.

Before Americans "move on," they need to give Inslee one last review.

Of all the candidates whose issues are PLANS, Jay Inslee STILL stands out as the only one who has already DONE the following in his state:

-- Marijuana laws
-- free college tuition laws,
-- clean energy laws,
-- immigration laws,
-- income inequality and minimum wage laws,
-- family leave laws,
-- union laws,
-- sweeping voter registration laws.

He sued Trump over the Muslim ban and won -- multiple times.

Inslee, like America's Millennials, is still a doer, not a talker.

Sure, the primaries are for people to stand up for candidates with the best ideas and records. And being right is what Democrats do best.

But not just Democrats -- we ALL -- have to learn that being right and DOING right are the real proof of presidential executive know-how.
Right now, Biden, very arguably, fills that slot.

BUT Jay Inslee stands right now as more accomplished than Biden or Sanders or Harris or Warren.
Like the rest of the Democratic candidates, Inslee's been on Rachel Maddow, ABC,NBC, CBS, Bill Maher and all kinds of media interviews. All while governing a state, while the other candidates are not.

Jay Inslee has implemented scaleable models for transforming energy;
he's implemented construction models for the country, and
he vows to re-establish America's international work with other countries doing the same things through the Paris Climate Accord.

As for realistic PLANS, Jay Inslee's Climate Change Mobilization Project is far reaching beyond our borders, and will be taken seriously by America's allies.

Jay Inslee still stands as the only Democratic leader who knows how to do what it takes to stay below the 2 degree Celsius threshhold from which THERE WILL BE NO RETURN, and how to get the funding to do it.

What STILL makes Governor Jay Inslee the best qualified?

As a state governor, he'll run for a third term. The only CURRENT governor who has run for president for 2020.

Inslee is still governor of the #1 ranked state in America. His two terms as governor have been a whole level of executive experience -- "execution" of decisions, law writing, shepherding bills through both parties of the statehouse, implementing and monitoring laws -- experience that none of the other Democratic candidates have. None of them.

Inslee has spent NINE terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, therefore has had a federal knowledge of its processes in serving both national interests and his state's interests -- a breadth of governing experience the other candidates don't have. He lost his House seat because he cared more about DOING his job than KEEPING his job, and voted to KEEP THE ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN.

As past president of the National Governors Association, Inslee still has good relations with a lot of red state governors -- experience the other candidates haven't got.

There is no oppo research on Jay Inslee -- he's clean.

His donor list was clean -- unions, SIX FIRST NATIONS TRIBES, university and tech money.

Inslee's also had the chops for a national debate. AND he's got zingers like "Trump couldn't run a two-car funeral..." "Trump is the #1 threat to our national security," and others. If all it takes is for any of our Democratic candidates not to lose in front of Trump, he'd have handily won the Democratic Party's cause.

Finally, and not for nothing, his YOUTH put him into the same age advantage category as the younger candidates.

Inslee will continue to be a green new deal torch bearer. Inslee has already ...

-- made scalable green projects in his state,
-- developed green banking,
-- assured our allies of our future commitment to foreign energy policy, and
-- signaled markets on how to grow trillions of dollars while decreasing national debt.


Jay Inslee has put forward Two Big Plans, solid in science and funding sources, one of which he's already implementing in his state as you read this.

He has open sourced both his (domestic) Evergreen Economy Program, and his (international) Global Climate Mobilization Program at his departure from the 2020 presidential race.

In my view, Jay Inslee's departure from the 2020 presidential race is America's loss.

It is my deepest conviction that because of Jay Inslee, there's still time to learn what a first green president can do.

There may be time left to ensure a way for our grandchildren and Earth -- by putting climate change projects first in executive and legislative action -- to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without unnecessary economic or physical suffering. But not too much time.

In my view, to shelve Inslee's programs with the best of intentions, or to kick like a can down the road the climate change manhattan project we must start, is to invite passive acceptance of global catastrophe. Climate change doesn't postpone itself for all the "issues" your candidates have, and no amount of blame gaming this WH occupant will stop it, either.

Or, because climate change absolutely does not care about Americans' political or other concerns, there will come the time to learn how our grandchildren will never forgive our excuses, our bad spending, our crisis management, as we turned away from a global problem we had a short time to solve for them.

They will not forget how we could have taken the time up front to save our economy, our Constitution and the Earth at the same time, justice from bottom to top.

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