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Happy Holidays To My Wonderful Democratic Underground, With Love

Nerdwriter presents some of the most thoughtful, relevant commentary on film art that I've ever watched. I hope you enjoy this small token of my holiday best wishes.

Nobel Peace Prize Is Awarded to National Dialogue Quartet in Tunisia

Source: New York Times, October 9, 2015

A coalition of labor union leaders, businesspeople, lawyers and human rights activists won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday “for its decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution of 2011.”

The quartet comprises four organizations: the Tunisian General Labor Union; the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts; the Tunisian Human Rights League; and the Tunisian Order of Lawyers. But the Norwegian Nobel Committee emphasized that the prize “is awarded to this quartet, not to the four individual organizations as such.

“The Arab Spring originated in Tunisia in 2010 and 2011, but it quickly spread to other countries in North African and the Middle East,” said Kaci Kullmann Five, the chairwoman of the committee, who announced the prize in Oslo. “In many of these countries, the struggle for democracy and human rights has come to a standstill or suffered setbacks. Tunisia, however, has seen a democratic transition based on a vibrant civil society, with demands for respect for basic human rights.

The president of the Human Rights League, Abdessattar Ben Moussa, told the radio station, “It proves that dialogue is the only way to solve a crisis and not weapons.

Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/10/world/europe/national-dialogue-quartet-tunisia-nobel-peace-prize.html

We may be seeing a model for our own pursuit of "revolution."

Congratulations to the The National Dialogue Quartet.

Bernie Sanders' Floor Speech Against The TPP

This speech was made five months ago. Until we know more of the actual TPP text, it's so far THE best pro-American worker argument about our failed trade agreements in general, along with this newest, biggest one. It certainly should stand beside the TPP Trade ministers' press conference in factual openness and framing of OUR issues, not business issues.

edit: Thanks for the clarification reminder, April.

Jim Jeffries -- Guns Are Not For Protection

"Gun culture" begins with parents. Any law that doesn't restrict parents won't change gun culture.

Just because humans have the reproductive equipment, doesn't mean they're entitled to reproduce, especially when they create gun culture. Yes. PARENTS -- who are not adults -- create gun culture.

Parents all around the world create the image of guns as both toy and protection for kids.



These photos are not overkill. They barely scratch the surface of how we have to change "gun culture." All parents with guns must go to education training on how to teach their children the proper attitude toward, and use of guns, who they are unsafe around, how guns might be used to hunt, and what they must never use guns for. They must earn certificates and own gun insurance in case of theft or accidental shooting.

Every single family in Switzerland must have a gun by law, yet one doesn't see there photos of guns paraded around with children in tow. They don't treat their guns like toys in front of children. If you can come up with a training course that changes gun culture I'll happily support it. Until then, this fucking, stupid country...

Wikileaks: TPP To Be Signed This Week

On September 26, a meeting between negotiators from all 12 nations involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will commence in Atlanta, Georgia. The meeting will run through September 30, followed by two days of meetings with trade ministers.

The TPP is not only facing resistance from electronic privacy groups, but from grassroots activists and concerned professionals around the world. On October 1, the group #StopTheTPP Atlanta is planning on hosting protests and rallies outside the building where the negotiations are being held.

More here:

I fear that the goal of Wikileaks to get complete transcript of the trade bill has failed.

In this video, at least Bernie Sanders stands against the entire TPP agreement on behalf of the American people.

I feel sick at heart at our massive helplessness in the face of the global oligarchy. We all should.

Ta-Nehisi Coates on Joe Biden: "Biden cast Democrats as the true party without mercy."

Coates' essay in the latest issue of The Atlantic Monthly quotes Joe Biden in 1994:

Let me define the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is now for 60 new death penalties...the liberal wing of the Democratic Party has 70 enhanced penalties...The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is for 100,000 cops. The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is for 125,000 new state prison cells.

Coates has influence over whether African Americans and other minorities trust this party, and it looks as if he's not particularly trusting either party. His research must be recognized as a valid source of questioning any and all party candidates. Joe Biden is no exception.

Here is where we can find his voting record on crime.


If "today’s Democratic party is female, professional, black and Hispanic," as others in these threads have described, then Joe Biden has some 'splainin' to do about his own words, or eat them. And soon.

Joe Biden will have to answer to Democrats now for his "tough on crime" stance THEN.

Hidden Realities of The War On Drugs: "Kill The Messenger"

Because of our traditional historical narratives, Americans have a hard time handling the truth.

The first to call out governmental crimes and corruptions are usually marginalized in American history. They are side barred "messengers," the first to call out official wrongdoing. Gary Webb, reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, deserves a place among the "firsts" who provide balance to American history.

Webb's story -- of this country's CIA's and military's complicity in cocaine shipping, the mass arrests and encarceration of South Central LA civilians; the CIA's stalking and intimidation of him, the American media's impugning of his ethics -- should be in a chapter devoted to our history of whistleblowers.

We must learn to tell modern American history differently. No more "great man/strong man" framing. No more "enemy" framing or "aren't we wonderful" stories that lull us into "sheltering in place."

An American history of positive "firsts" -- Paine's visions, founders' documents, presidents and innovators -- must be balanced by firsts that reveal ugly truths, as well. Such has been the goal of objective investigative reporting.

This movie -- as the story of one of our first whistle blowers -- reveals one whistleblower's history as a reality check on old American narratives.


Feel The Bern! Produced by Corbet

The Pied piper Bernie Sanders for the middle class,
while the GOP wants to put our interest last,
he’s gon give it to you raw, no hesitation,
with the right ideas to lead this great nation,
no hand outs no special interests groups,
he don’t lie to get votes he’s telling you the truth,
and while the media wants to down play him,
He’s still gonna fight tell em all he ain’t playing,
pushing for higher wages so we all can feed our families,
The only one I know who can conquer this Insanity,
of this wall street bickering, belittling
the poor, dollar bills only thing they’re considering,
when people need health care, kids need school,
when it comes to politics Bernie’s breaking,
no attack ads on the competition needed,
he’s running on the facts and its something that we needed...

Feel the Bern, make em Feel the Bern, all the way to the White House Feel The Bern,
Feel the Bern, make em Feel the Bern, tell the haters on the Right, They can feel the Bern,
Feel the Bern, make em Feel the Bern, all the way to the White House Feel The Bern,
Feel the Bern, make em Feel the Bern, tell the haters on the Right, They can feel the Bern...

You hear them scared shook, “he’s a democratic socialist”,
but they don’t even know what it means they just roll with it,
get over it, check the resume, fighting for civil rights ever since the first day,
while other candidates, still with their handouts,
we do it old school grassroots standout,
cuz this is our time to have our voices heard,
you fat cats had your chance now it’s our turn,
they say he can’t win cuz he’s just too liberal,
way too extreme, too honest, too cynical,
they want another robot politician
the same old rhetoric,
now they’re gonna listen...

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