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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: New England, The South, Midwest
Home country: USA
Current location: Chicago
Member since: Sat Mar 5, 2011, 12:32 PM
Number of posts: 22,669

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Human. Being.

Journal Archives

New Adam Curtis Documentary: HyperNormalisation

This latest documentary is a more refined look at major historical economic and ideological points that brought us to today's politics -- how major players decided that reality, facts didn't matter, that reality and fiction could be blurred by "perception management," that dramatic stories could be told to manipulate and distract the American people while leaders tried to deal with the complexities of "growing globalism."

Adam Curtis had me back in 2011 with All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace.

Most of his documentaries are old footage of how our economics/politics really are, how they got that way. This particular documentary is about how the current system has gotten out of the control of the visible players on the planet.

For background about Curtis and each of his documentaries: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Curtis

We Are The Lions

Transcript excerpt:

... if there's a
connection between the things I don't have
a problem with and the things that I do
then perhaps I need to rethink my views
and the way we view women and how many
views sexually exploited images get on

My best friends have beautiful
children and if what I have to do to keep
their daughters from getting raped or
harassed or abused is choose to accept
domestic violence is a man's issue too,
then I'll do that. And if their sons grow
to be like the men that they see, so it's
on me to live like the men I want them to
be, then I will do that too.

And when they're of a certain age, I will tell them
the story I heard when I was young, about
this village being terrorized by lions. So
every so often in this village, the
villagers would wake to find beds
ransacked, bodies torn. And for some odd
reason, the bodies were always female.
Panicked, the men of the village started
sleeping in shifts to make sure at least
one man was always watching.

Despite that,
the lions came. Too worried to sleep now, the
mothers crept to the beds of their babies
and there watching over them they learned
why the victims were never men. Because on
random nights for unknown reasons, as the
fog crept in and the moon caught in the
branches, the boys and men of the village
became the very thing the women they love
feared most. When I was young, I thought that
story was about lions. It's not....

From Matt Taibbi: The Fury and Failure of Donald Trump

It's important for us to see how Taibbi understands Trump supporters' desperate drive to have Trump.

Yet the rest of us have no small problem to face when Trump voters too willingly overlook how bad a business man Trump has really been.

If voters buy into Trump's idea that the third largest country can be run like a business -- his "I'll get you a better deal" promise -- they need to see how Trump's record shows he'd would run it like a bad business.

Good business is yet another sector that Trump would ruin.


The first symptom of a degraded aristocracy is a lack of capable candidates for the throne. After years of indulgence, ruling families become frail, inbred and isolated, with no one but mystics, impotents and children to put forward as kings. Think of Nikolai Romanov reading fortunes as his troops starved at the front. Weak princes lead to popular uprisings. Which brings us to this year's Republican field.

In recent years it all went stale. They started to run out of lines to sell the public. Things got so desperate that during the Tea Party phase, some GOP candidates began dabbling in the truth. They told voters that all Washington politicians, including their own leaders, had abandoned them and become whores for special interests. It was a slapstick routine: Throw us bums out!

If you thought lesser-evilism was bad before, wait until the answer to every question you might have about your political leaders becomes, "Would you rather have Trump in office?"

Trump can't win. Our national experiment can't end because one aging narcissist got bored of sex and food. Not even America deserves that. But that doesn't mean we come out ahead. We're more divided than ever, sicker than ever, dumber than ever. And there's no reason to think it won't be worse the next time.

The one thing I agree with Trump about:

"She doesn't quit, she doesn't give up. I respect that. I tell it like it is. She is a fighter."

When You Piss Off Robert DeNiro, You Are A Bum And A Loser

Bill Maher's "Real Time" October 7, 2016 (Complete)

Did I mention Maher is killin' it?

Nate Silver: What The Electoral College Would Look Like If Women Refused To Vote Trump

Historic on so many levels.

Bill Maher Opening Monologue -- "Is This Really Happening, Part 2"

category 5 shitstorm....

Bill Maher, Mark Cuban, James Carville, Johann Hari On Trump's Billion Dollar Loss

Maher's killin' it for the second week!

Bill Maher's "Killin' It Time" With Senator Al Franken

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