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Hometown: New England, The South, Midwest
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Member since: Sat Mar 5, 2011, 12:32 PM
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Christiane Amanpour: Media's Existential Crisis In Its 'Post-Truth' World

Hell yes.

Greg Palast, Investigative Reporter Of Ballot Bandits

The full documentary is free to watch on YouTube.

The Democratic Party Must Be About The Win

Winning is about control of politics, which is control of whole economies and militaries. Our party politics has to be about future generations controlling their landbase resources or our future inhabitants' landbase being controlled by global forces.

Publicly, that may be what we talk about. But we can never get caught up in our hearts-and-minds culture wars again.

The mechanics of winning must come first. When we win at the Republican game, the emo cripples will come around later. That's really all they want. To back a winner.

The Republicans won by running a distraction media game while setting up the control of voter numbers. Democrats didn't see it. But we have to see it now. We have to learn. As Obama says, we really, really have to focus.

There's too much media distraction getting attention around here. As LaydeeBug has said here: Stop. Letting. Them. Frame. The. Fucking. Narrative.

We have to avoid all he said/she said media distraction and stick to the numbers controlled by state governors. Stay focused on the 50-state strategy that Republicans have also played because they learned from Howard Dean.

Drop media distraction like a bad habit. Obama says that's what he does. We need to listen to him. As a struggling former smoker like him, I know just how hard that habit is to break.

Remember: Media will continue to be conflict-driven and shit stirring to promote the threats of the Right, threats of the foreign, threats of danger, and it will amplify the questioning, the doubting, the infighting and cowing of the Left.

Fear mongering is their frame.

Getting Democrats like us distracted is their game.

Don't bite media hype.

In the meantime we still have Electors who, on December 19, 2016, need to do their job.

From Federalist Paper 68:

"...the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications. Talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity, may alone suffice to elevate a man to the first honors in a single State; but it will require other talents, and a different kind of merit, to establish him in the esteem and confidence of the whole Union ... as would be necessary to make him a successful candidate for the distinguished office of President of the United States ...

... by those who are able to estimate the share which the executive in every government must necessarily have in its good or ill administration ...

... we may safely pronounce, that the true test of a good government is its aptitude and tendency to produce a good administration..."

Who wrote Federalist Paper 68?

Alexander Hamilton


Laila Lalami on whiteness as groupthink. I think.


If whiteness is no longer the default and is to be treated as an identity — even, soon, a “minority” — then perhaps it is time white people considered the disadvantages of being a race. The next time a white man bombs an abortion clinic or goes on a shooting rampage on a college campus, white people might have to be lectured on religious tolerance and called upon to denounce the violent extremists in their midst. The opioid epidemic in today’s white communities could be treated the way we once treated the crack epidemic in black ones — not as a failure of the government to take care of its people but as a failure of the race. The fact that this has not happened, nor is it likely to, only serves as evidence that white Americans can still escape race.

Much has been made about privilege in this election. I will readily admit to many privileges. I have employer-provided health care. I live in a nice suburb. I am not dependent on government benefits. But I am also an immigrant and a person of color and a Muslim. On the night of the election, I was away from my family. Speaking to them on the phone, I could hear the terror in my daughter’s voice as the returns came in. The next morning, her friends at school, most of them Asian or Jewish or Hispanic, were in tears. My daughter called on the phone. “He can’t make us leave, right?” she asked. “We’re citizens.”

My husband and I did our best to quiet her fears. No, we said. He cannot make us leave. But every time I have thought about this conversation — and I have thought about it dozens of times, in my sleepless nights since the election — I have felt less certain. For all the privileges I can pass on to my daughter, there is one I cannot: whiteness.


Obama Reckons With A Trump Presidency -- The New Yorker

As our side looks for political guidance in a turbulent time, everything President Obama says here shows how inspiring he is.

My favorite parts are the President's take on American voters, and his enlightened approach to social media and fake news issues.

President Obama is one great human to emulate.


Flo & Joan's Bit Of Anti-Thanksgiving

'Hail Trump!': Richard Spencer Speech Excerpts

At The American Policy Institute, white supremacists claim they are the REAL humans -- "...THEY need us, and not the other way around...THAT is natural and normal for US...they are really opening up the door for US..."

Here they are, our emerging feckless intelligentsia. With maybe a few women. I don't see America in this demographic.

Donald Trump's Threat To Dismantle NATO, Explained -- What The Hell Is Going ON?

Any timeline speculation about when Trump will back down from our good faith commitment to our European NATO allies? Putin has allegedly threatened Finland with consequences if they join NATO. There seems to be growing fear in both Russia's and the US's people as certain interests claim the other side wants war. Maybe there is no New World Order. Just the old world order. Consider...

Trump's position on NATO.

Putin's position on NATO.

There are more than a few videos out there that warn of a WWIII, claiming that Western media are in a blackout about such an event. As far as I know, the Pentagon hasn't ever seen a potential war it didn't like.

As long as we're going to be paying close attention to the language and shapeshifting positions of our new president, it might behoove us to examine how Trump's past ties to Russian oligarchs connects to this news, if it's true. Before it's time to worry.

Are we worried yet. And who can actually tell us what the hell is going on.

Adam Curtis: Putin, Trump, Syria, Brexit

More on hypernormalization.

There are other things to learn if we're ever going to return to majority party status:

We need to address the 49% of those who didn't vote. To that end, we have to tell non-voters that Americans disengaged by this country's political process have to remember a couple of things:

1. There is no giving up. Millennials and everyone else will have to learn that control of politics is control of whole economies and militaries.

2. If we give up we will never have majority political control again of anything that matters for the betterment of people. Nor will our politics control any other economic sectors. California has known that. This is now about whether future generations control their landbase resources, or whether the future inhabitants' landbase is controlled by global forces.

3. We now face what many developing countries face, only on a larger scale and with varied political/historical context. We didn't see how voting mechanisms and money beat out hearts and minds politics. But now we have to because we can't go back to what didn't work.

4. We're down but we're not out. Every single Democratic 'interest group' -- women, Millennials, LGBTQ, minorities, the elderly, kids, ALL the disenfranchised -- can join with the other groups to focus our party, our money and expertise at state levels enough to beat them at their own game. We can do this!
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