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Straight Outta The ICU: Michael Moore's "They Don't Really Care About Us"

From Michael:

While I've been in the ICU this week, it's been hard feeling like I've let my hometown down with all that's going on -- and me not being there. So with nothing to do but recover (and I am ), one of my great editors, Pablo Proenza, & I decided to make a music video for Flint (thanks to Carl & Tia for all the clips). Here it is (with special thanks to Michael Jackson, whom I'm sure would approve)


Media Try to Make Hillary's Telling A Secret Service Agent To "Fuck Off" A Campaign Issue

First, as a Bernie supporter, I will say this: when it comes to the Secret Service, Hillary's got nothing to prove.

Second, since when is the Secret Service's two cents about any presidential candidate relevant at all.

Third, if Secret Service personnel's opinions are so important, then they should have to comment on all the presidential candidates whom they allegedly protect.

Fourth, in case you don't think sexism's no-win double standards have begun, they have.

Let's get this straight.

It is a rule of service that Secret Service are not free to speak to any -- ANY -- member of the president's family -- not male OR FEMALE -- until spoken to. I know because I know someone who was in the Secret Service.

It's perfect common sense. If the president always all day had to speak back when spoken to in passing he couldn't hear himself think. Same for the First Lady. Or the kids. Or the grandma. Or West Wing work teams.

This Secret Service agent was not stupid or forgetful of rules. This was knee-jerk male harassment to breach her space and thoughts. It was like telling any woman nearby to "Smile!" under cover of some polite remark. It was bullshit. I don't blame her for telling the presumptuous asshole to fuck off.

Let's wake the fuck up and decide what trifling means.

Hillary is "difficult"?? A "nightmare"?? The New York Post and social media can fuck off for setting off this trifling to sell papers. If it gets campaign traction it will be a rallying cry to women.

I've never heard criticism of male candidates' past language from twenty years ago, have you? No. Because we don't have to be told that it should never enter into voters' considerations in any presidential race. Until a woman runs.

I'll say it again: anyone hired to protect any world leader should be told to fuck off if they speak out of turn.

Hillary's got nothing to prove. Is she "part of the Establishment" or isn't she?! If so, then the "proof" of "manners," "language style" or "bearing" is as irrelevant for her as it is for any male leader.

I can see now that if the Secret Service has revealed this to some newspaper, Hillary will need an all-woman Secret Service detail if she is to be respected and protected.

Secret Service are hired to be "invisible." They should stay that way.



The Bern is in play.

The ground game fight is to be applauded.

Thank you, Bernie supporters, for all your efforts!

You guys were awesome! And you all deserve this great speech!

Onward to the Democratic Convention!

Geezer Humor: Hitler Reacts to Bernie Sanders (Feel the Bern)

Got this idea from the Old Farts for Bernie Thread. Can't help it, it's funny as hell.

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