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Submarine Cable Map -- 99% of Daily International Telecommunications Go Through Here

In Sea Power (2017), a book on admiralty law and the maritime history, Admiral James Stavridis claims that satellites, cell microwave towers and copper phone wire all carry but a fraction of the Earth's Internet traffic compared with deep-see fiber-optic cable.

It's called SLTE -- Submarine Line Terminal Equipment, and all advanced industrial nations -- the US, Russia Federation, China -- reportedly have the ability to monitor, exploit, damage and destroy the cables.

One writer in the National Observer (which one isn't specified) observed tht to practice hybrid warfare -- which Putin has cyber divisions in place to do 00 the ability to cut cables at will and at depth gives one a powerful weapon ... the ultimate denial-of-service cyber weapon."


Guntown -- Futile, White Gunsplaining About The Price Of Freedom

To say 45 is not linked to the FBI's Russian investigation, does NOT clear the obstruction issue.

First, I'm no lawyer, so I'll say that while 45's personal lawyer comes out in front to claim "no obstruction,"

that doesn't mean the FBI does not have evidence at this point that 45 actually did at least hinder, therefore, obstruct.

Mr. Comey said he took the dinner "hope" comments to be an order. In the context of 45's public comments to Russia, there were, indeed, other actions by the president, as facts, to show that the president did "obstruct."

One man's testimony is not a preponderance of evidence.


Comey's memos are not classified leaks, AND he was a private citizen at that point, so no media should even start the BS false equivalencies.

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