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Robert Mueller's Big Thirteen Inquiry Demands -- Thanks To America's Great Free Press

Thank you, American press corps. Since last July, at least, we have known with increasing specificity ... we know now that investigators are all over him... the only reason we know any of this at all though is because America has great reporters and a great free press ... today, of all days, if you do not subscribe to your local paper, you should fix that ... get behind that paywall ... America needs you.

Here is the NBC Universal approved video of Rachel's show. The 13 points come after her lengthy history of how the American press doggedly kept up with connecting the dots of the Trump gang's continued contact with Russian Kremlin reps.

My apologies for the copyright pull.


From INDECLINE of Richmond, VA, former capital of the confederacy.

A fine piece of mockmedia from INDECLINE.

The Work of Antifa: "No Platform for White Supremacy."

Until racist fascists slink back into their dark places of dank delirium dreams, antifa will do this...

It's not about defensive violence for antifa. It's about winning hearts and minds.

GIF of Irma compared to Andrew

Does Dolt45 have hurricane insurance? Because two are headed for his properties.

Hell no, I'm not warning him!


Trump owns an 11-bedroom multi-million dollar gated mansion on a Carribean island named St. Martin. It is on a five-acre estate named le Château des Palmiers (Castle of the Palms). The mansion has a tennis court, marble floors, and gold curtains.

Irma is a category 5 hurricane, with 185mph sustained winds, and is headed straight for his mansion.

A hurricane warning is currently in effect for the island. St Martin is about 230 miles east of Puerto Rico and the winds from the hurricane should hit the island within the next 24 to 36 hours.

So real estate is his specialty. Hm...

Hurricane Irma, Live Tracking

TO FLORIDA DU'ERS AND FRIENDS: Friday is too late. TOO LATE. Head by THURSDAY to high ground.

Head by tomorrow to high ground. Gainesville, at least, if not the state line.

Some older people just can't handle shelters. The electricity will be out, no fresh water and sewerage services will compound the wait until weeks of water draining are over. I suggest that if anyone can get into a car to drive to shelters, they should pack for a week, even a MONTH, vacation -- that means all your valuables, documents, etc., and head toward the Georgia line for a hotel.

I've been through Category 2, 3, and 4 hurricanes. Irma, being the fastest in recorded history, makes it much more dangerous to stay in Bradenton or anywhere West of I-75. I can't stress enough that if you have the resources, you'll be better off as far away from the West Coast as possible.

Don't wait until everyone else goes. Be ready by Wednesday to hit the road. Evacuees from South Florida will make I-75 a parking lot by Thursday. You can always turn back if it dies down to a tropical storm. But it will only dip to Category 2 after it makes landfall in Florida. The islands will slow it down, but since we don't know what these double wide homes can handle, it's best to leave, not stay in them.

I'm wishing you all the graces of the creator. But please. Trust me. I can't stress enough that your lives are more important than your homes. The flooding will be biblical all around the Florida West Coast.

There is no point in crowding in a shelter when you can get better telecommunications, water and sewer service toward the state line. When it comes to a Category 5 hurricane ANYWHERE, it's far, far better to err on the side of too much caution than not enough.

This hurricane is nothing, nothing, to trifle with. Again, plan for crowds from the south on the highways and leave EARLY. Better to endure the hardship of packing and unpacking and leave EARLY than to sit in heavy traffic from coastal evacuees. All alternative routes will be washed out but the major highways. Wherever you live in Florida, this will be a flooding disaster.

Look carefully at the hurricane route for West Florida in this National Weather Service report. This is going to be worse for you than Harvey was for Houston. When it comes to Irma, it's MUCH better to be a wrong pessimist than a wrong optimist. Pack your important documents, valuables, pets and get OUT. Get moving. Be safe.



Monitoring NeoNazis On the "Discord" Online Chat Forum

I won't access this "Discord" chat forum, but I encourage anyone here to do so if they can.

Unicorn Riot, a video journalist who covered NO-DAPL, got an anonymous tip on Discord's neoNazi activities. Apologies if this seems late, but it's his most recent posting.

Over the group gaming chat platform Discord, representatives from various fascist organizations were working together on a daily basis to plan for Charlottesville while also using the platform to conduct outreach and recruit on a national scale.

Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups in the chat logs include Vanguard America, Identity Europa, the Traditionalist Worker Party, League of the South and Anticom, as well as many local “book clubs” formed by followers of the hate site Daily Stormer...

many neo-Nazi groups still rely on the platform for daily planning and recruiting activities...

I'd like to think that the FBI and Southern Poverty Law Center, the source of FBI data on hate groups, are also monitoring this and other neoNazi online sites.

I post this today because Americans are still calling anti-fascists terrorists, when their preventive obstructions and direct actions are defensive only. The fascists are trying to work their way into mainstream politics, and the only way to stop them is to confront them, doxx them, take them to court and jail (thank you, ACLU and SPLC) as the traitors they are.

I hope, as Rachel Maddow continues to examine fascism in U.S. history, that she includes anti-fascist successes.


UNICORN RIOT PRESENTS Data Release Logs That Expose Regional Networks Planning for #UniteTheRight

Unicorn Riot production crews are important on-the-ground friends of antifa.

Here is their latest video/photo/twitter journal work.

Today, we publish our fifth and final batch of over one thousand screenshots from the “Charlottesville 2.0” Discord server, used by organizers such as Jason Kessler and Eli Mosley to assemble resources and prepare participants for the event.

This release documents white supremacists trying to develop clusters of connections and support work among different states. The overall aim of the organizers was to create a larger basket of affinity-group-like crews that could advance racist agendas closer to home, and build infrastructure for similar swarm activity to be used for future events.

(This is the end of our series of large screenshot releases from the Charlottesville 2.0 Discord server but we will be publishing additional data from related sources in coming days and weeks.)


Unicorn Riot Minneapolis crew...

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