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We Won't Be Alone -- At This Moment, We Are The Sole Reason Our Ancestors Existed

When I worry about this country, when I only hold a rock before the lion who might tear it all apart, I watch this for the courage story it tells me.

From Speilberg's Amistad.

The Two-Level Wrecking Of America And The Global Threat -- Chomsky

The wrecking crew are the GOP. Their job is to ystematically dismantle government that benefits Americans so that global corporatists can take over this landbase area of the North American continent.

This generation has to decide whether organized human existence is going to continue.

What threatens Humanity is climate change and nuclear war.

Nationalism vs. Globalism -- The New Political Divide -- Controlled Disruptions Help Humanity

Yes, we know Trump is the bane of this constitutional republic's existence. We're caught up in ridding our government of the dragnet of corruption that's captured it and much of our imagination.

That doesn't mean we can ignore movements going on around us.

We can also think ahead. Millennials and millions of our fellow humans pay attention to the things Harari tells them, right now, and so should we older voters and partisan politicos.

I've read Yuval Harari's Sapiens and Homo Deus, and believe that he gives us all perspectives on past regional and national systems -- like nationalism, patriotism and other isms -- that we can feel are being disrupted by humans' attempts to solve what are really global problems.

Nothing Trump does is helping humanity.

If our own partisan politics guide us well in adopting global policies, our politics should help us all to adopt policies that promote our good and welfare at home.

We can't just react. We need to have a proactive outlook, build a political outlook that enables our party to support new projects to solve global problems that come with global disruptions like climate change, AI, ecology, and human health.

Any arguments against this presentation, I hope, will be accompanied by sources and good reads.

The presentation starts at the 2:50 mark.

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