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That is all.

Robert Mueller, American Patriot -- Thank You For Your Service To Our Country!

Today, March 22, 2019 is Mueller Time!

I've learned so much about the FBI, American civics, law, history, prosecutorial practices, Congress, good government, foreign cyberwar, intelligence services, campaign finance, the Southern District of New York, great lawyers in our government, that I can't even begin to feel disappointed in what this country will still learn from Mueller in the months ahead!

How can I not be amazed at all the impeccable work this man has done?!

192 = overall criminal counts brought through the Mueller team;
37 = people and entities charged;
6 = people who pleaded guilty to crimes;
5 = people sentenced to jail;

Mueller's full report probably contains new information, classified information, material evidence, grand jury information, investigation conclusions. The classified and unclassified versions of the two-year criminal inquiry report by the Special Counsel will come out in congressional hearings, and the classified one will likely be, according to Malcolm Nance, the impeachment document.

As Seth Abrams has explained, Mueller's work intersects with the counterintelligence investigation.

SDNY, FBI and Congress -- all three of these investigative bodies continue from Robert Mueller's report.

Here's another cool as hell thing I look forward to:

-- FBI attorneys prosecute Roger Stone in November, eight months from now.
-- The FBI's cooperating witness Rick Gates will participate in "multiple" ongoing federal criminal investigations.
-- Mike Flynn, Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi, Rick Gates, Maria Buttina, Bijan Kian courts will produce the evidence that adds up to evidence of Chump's knowledge and intent.
-- The House Judiciary, other House and Senate committees will probably call on Robert Mueller, if needed, to understand his declinations which, along with so much else, will help them uphold their oversight duties to inform the nation.

Everything points to indictments of Chump and family as conspirators in what can still be concluded as anti-American abuses of power, counts of laundering, tax fraud, aiding and abetting a foreign hostile power.

Even Malcolm Nance says, "The report itself is likely THE CRIMINAL INDICTMENT YOURE WAITING FOR."

There is still redacted classified evidence!

There are still sealed indictments!

Heading toward 2020, I'm not just feeling relief over our revived democracy, but because of Robert Mueller, I'm having a more hopeful, back to normal life.

Thank you, Robert Mueller, for your invaluable service to our country.

My deal or no deal, May says in Brexit speech

Transcript excerpts:

Do they want to leave the EU with a deal which delivers on the result of the referendum that takes back control of our money, borders and laws while protecting jobs and our national security?

Do they want to leave without a deal?

Or do they not want to leave at all, causing potentially irreparable damage to public trust not just in this generation of politicians, but to our entire democratic process?

It is high time we made a decision.

So far, Parliament has done everything possible to avoid making a choice.

Some argue that I am making the wrong choice, and I should ask for a longer extension to the end of the year or beyond, to give more time for politicians to argue over the way forward.

That would mean asking you to vote in European Elections, nearly three years after our country decided to leave.

What kind of message would that send?

Some have suggested holding a second referendum.

I dont believe that is what you want and it is not what I want.

We asked you the question already and you gave us your answer.

Now you want us to get on with it.

And that is what I am determined to do.

What Governor Jay Inslee faces.

If You're Against The Green New Deal, I Don't Know What The Point of You Is

You believe in science
Think climate change is real
But oh no we cant afford
A Green New Deal
The reports are dire
The scientists are clear
But you say its unrealistic
To change things in 10 years

But youll already be dead
On judgment day
Your time has come and gone
Now get out of our way
If youre not gonna fight
For a future for my kids
Then Im not sure
What the point of you is

Aliens are invading
Were fighting for our lives
And we have 12 years
To somehow turn the tide
You say we cant afford it
You want incrementalism
Tell me can you hear
How stupid that sounds

Politics is broken
It happened on your watch
You gave big money
All the keys to all the locks
So the time has come
To try something else
Wed love to have you with us
But if you dont want to help

We DU Climate Change Supporters Have Our Nobel Prize Nominee!


Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old whose protests outside the Swedish parliament spurred a massive global movement of young people striking from school to demand bold action on the climate crisis, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

"We have nominated Greta because the climate threat may be one of the most important causes of war and conflict," Freddy Andre Oevstegaard, a parliamentary representative in Norway, told Norwegian newspaper VG.

Oevstegaard is one of the three Socialist Left Party members who nominated Thunberg. As he put it, "The massive movement Greta has set in motion is a very important peace contribution."

The Norwegian Nobel Committee will announce its latest laureates in October, and those selected will receive their prizes in December. While nominations must be submitted before February 1, news that Thunberg is being considered broke Wednesday.

Thunberg responded on social media by saying she is "honored and very grateful for this nomination."

Her nomination was welcomed by peace and environmental advocates around the world



Political will forces institutional, corporate and market will.

Planetary student strikes demand to know: are we adults smarter than a 5th grader?

Live updates from The Guardian:


It started 29 weeks ago when 16-year-old Swede Greta Thunberg began skipping school on Fridays to protest climate change by standing outside of her nation's parliament building. Today, kids from more than 110 countries, including the United States, are following Thunberg's lead and will play hooky from classes for something they think is ultimately more important: preventing the warming of their planet.


Why Elites Won't Change The World And Why Democracy Will

The Zapple Doctrine and The Fairness Doctrine in New Media?

I don't agree with some liberal arguments that if we just reason -- through discourse, media, and common knowledge of US history -- with conservatives, that we can change their minds.

I DO agree with the liberal argument that we Democrats, at least, must work on reasoning with each other to broaden and deepen our understandings of what's at stake for our democracy.

We just shouldn't have to bear that burden of fairness as a party, but as a nation.

But I do think most people believe in fair play and fairness.

Sure, these "doctrines" below are important, relevant in the 2020 election. They're worth review, 24/7/365, so we can keep our wits in the year ahead.

I see the Zapple and Fairness Doctrines improving political media.

But also in equipping personal exchange. Fairness in media helps us balance more than one interpretation in seeking commonality in our experience -- "win-win" -- over "win-lose."

These doctrines makes sure each side "hears" the other side accurately. Listening can be the essence of our body politic's fairness in decision making. They give more light and less heat in our discourse.

When media rules favor one player, or one kind of "speech" over another, the political rules of who speaks and who listens are rigged, inevitably.

Then there's Humor, talking emoji, talk by pictures, memes that illustrate/relieve the tensions we've lived by. They vie for our attentions as ways of understanding, over broadened and deepened, informative discourse.

Or do they offer net gain in fairness to our discourse?

From the video/media threads here:

From Wikipedia:



Natural Resource Defense Council -- Climate Change Fighters

Since 1970.

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