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Elizabeth Warren at Clyburn's Fish Fry In South Carolina

"I want a government that works for the rest of us ... the time for small ideas is over... "

Kamala Harris At Clyburn's Fish Fry In South Carolina

She's quite presidential.

"In Our America"

There Will Be No ICE In Illinois.


Gov. J.B. Pritzker has signed a series of laws meant to protect immigrants in Illinois. The Democrat says it’s a direct response to the rhetoric and actions of President Donald Trump.

Pritzker signed three bills. One prohibits state and local police from working with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, to remove people who are undocumented.

Another bans private immigrant detention centers from being built in Illinois — officials in the town of Dwight were moving to allow such a facility earlier this year.

“We will not allow private entities to profit off of the intolerance of this president,” Pritzker said Friday.

The third piece of legislation will allow undocumented and transgender college students to apply for state financial aid. (Federal financial aid still requires proof of citizenship and, for people whose gender at birth was male, registration for the draft.)

Citing the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, the governor’s office says that could open up Illinois college grants to an additional 3,500 people.

The legislation is House Bill 1637 (barring ICE cooperation), House Bill 2040 (banning private detention centers), and House Bill 2691 (financial aid, known as the RISE Act).

Not old. Governs the #1 state while he campaigns

Here's a better chance to know a leader who's
-- made scalable green projects in his state,
-- developed green banking,
-- assured our allies of our future commitment to foreign energy policy, and
-- signaled markets on how to grow trillions of dollars while decreasing national debt.

Learn what this first green president can do; see how our grandchildren and Earth will have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without unnecessary economic or physical suffering.

The Case For Reparations -- Chris Hayes Interviews Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisi Coates Torches Mitch McConnell On Reparations

A a joy to behold. Thanks for Mother Jones for its report on the reparations back and forth in the Senate.


From twitchy Mitch:

I don’t think reparations for something that happened 150 years ago for whom none of us currently living are responsible is a good idea,” McConnell told reporters Tuesday. According to McConnell, the historic racism stemming from slavery had largely ended with the Civil Rights Act and the election of the first African American president.

From MJ:

Rejecting McConnell’s central argument that slavery took place during a historical period with little relevance today, much less the ability for the modern government to address, Coates continued his impassioned testimony by listing the racial injustices McConnell had indeed been alive for.

MJ on Coates:

This rebuttal proffers a strange theory of governance, that American accounts are somehow bound by the lifetime of its generations,” Coates said in his opening remarks at the first congressional hearing in a decade on reparations. “But well into this century, the United States was still paying our pensions to the heirs of Civil War soldiers. We honor treaties that date back some 200 years despite no one being alive who signed those treaties.

Lawrence Vindicates AOC's "Concentration Camp" Claim

Americans must face that the same thing is happening right here, right now, in our name.

The unifying charactieristic of concentration camps around the world is that they are used to lock up men, women and children of all ages who pose no threat to the people who lock them up ... people will always die in concentration camps ...

Ocasio-Cortez is 100% right: It's time for Americans to stand against any vile president who uses concentration camps as tools to batter immigrant civilians with.

What's Clearer Now Is This: What is right is the right that gets done.

Of all the candidates whose issues have been brought up in the Democratic Party Primary, Jay Inslee stands out as the only one who has already enacted in his state

-- Marijuana laws
-- free college tuition laws,
-- clean energy laws,
-- immigration laws,
-- income inequality and minimum wage laws,
-- family leave laws,
-- union laws,
-- sweeping voter registration laws.

He even sued Trump over the Muslim ban and won.

Inslee, like America's Millennials, is a doer, not a talker.

Sure, the primaries are for people to stand up for candidates with the best ideas and records. And being right is what Democrats do best. So far, we Democrats have learned that being right and DOING right are the proof of presidential executive know-how. Right now, Biden, very arguably, fills that slot. But Jay Inslee is way more accomplished than Biden.

Like the rest of the Democratic candidates, Inslee's been on Rachel Maddow, ABC,NBC, CBS, Bill Maher and all kinds of media interviews. Sure, he doesn't travel all over like Elizabeth Warren, because he's governing a state, while she and the other candidates are not.

Jay Inslee has implemented scaleable models for transforming energy;
he's implemented construction models for the country, and
he vows to re-establish America's international work with other countries doing the same things through the Paris Climate Accord.
Jay Inslee's Climate Change Mobilization Project if far reaching beyond our borders, and will be taken seriously by America's allies.

Right now, Jay Inslee the only Democratic leader who knows how to do what it takes to stay below the 2 Centigree threshhold from which there will be no return, and how to get the funding to do it.

What makes Inslee best qualified? He is, right now, a state governor, which is a whole level of executive -- "execution" of decisions, law writing, shepherding bills through both parties of the statehouse, implementing and monitoring laws -- experience that none of the other Democratic candidates have.

He's spent several terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, therefore has a federal knowledge of its processes in serving both national interests and his state's interests -- experience they don't have. He's been president of the National Governors Association, which puts him in good relations with a lot of red state governors -- experience the other candidates haven't got.

There is no oppo on Jay Inslee; he's clean.

His donor list is clean -- unions, SIX First Nations Tribes, university and tech money.

Inslee's also got tough chops for a national debate.

Finally, and not for nothing, his youth puts him into the same age advantage category as the younger candidates.

Jay Inslee, more than any other presidential candidate in the Democratic Party,
has shown the widest range of can-do legislative leadership on the issues youth care about.

Count your "right" or "electable" candidate by consensus building. That's fine politics. But to me,

what is right is the right that gets done.

Governor Jay Inslee is chief executive of the state rated #1 in the country by U.S. News and World Report, and is the most qualified to be the chief executive of the United States.

Remember Clint Watts' Counterintelligence Advice On Russia When Reacting To Internal Polls

Right now we are in the troll poll zone.

In this zone, troll polls divide within party lines and unite across ideologies. They do it early so that their candidate can play on those divisions during the General Election debates.

Watts, head of FBI counterintel, has told us:

The Kremlin wants Americans on both sides of the political spectrum -- far right, far left -- to use the same talking points even if they have drastically different ideologies:
-- America should withdraw from foreign battlefields and global markets, and
-- democracy is a corrupt sham that can’t be trusted.

How will they do it? The Kremlin will simply amplify the readily available American-made content to further divide the U.S. electorate.

Putin’s propagandists will employ the “Five R’s” on American conservatives:

-- remind Americans of their missteps,
-- repost (reshare & retweet) organic American content supporting Russia’s agenda,
-- repurpose vitriolic American narratives to manipulate unwitting audiences,
-- repeat White House attacks on other Americans (women, blacks, Latinos) and
-- route conspiracies and alternative content through fringe populist information sources (even self-defined 'liberal' sources)

To sow doubt within political parties is what divisive troll polls do. Look at the sampling, data, interpretations in their reports, and decide who gains.

It's not Democrats. It's never Democrats who gain.

Unity is not uniformity. Support is unity in spite of disagreements. Dissent is not anti-party, anti-American or unpatriotic when grounded in the realities of now and history.

We must be careful how we promote any polls before the Democratic National Convention.

Exclusive Polls Gonna Exclude -- The Safe Spaces For Sexist and Racist Doubt Churning

Here comes the Daily Beast's "exclusive" poll.


Daily Beast's shiny new factoid: a problem weighs women down in politics! Some men said women aren't "effective"!

Let us progressives -- 80% of Democratic men, 100% of Democratic women and 100% of the DB's non-voting readers -- wring hands, shake heads, look away, walk away from the second class 'helpmate' fate that is women's lot in politics.

Across continents, four years ago, men together actually weighed Hillary down. While other men of this continent locked into the hypnotic "lock her up" chants of zombification. Dominionists, evangelicals, neonazis, FBI investigations, joined in the banality of fear and hate.

Today they whip out their their right wing shade mantle. Cool-ass media grab it, swing it around as a buzzy, breezy "exclusive" poll sample with shiny new data!

See what 20% of Democratic Party men think of Democratic Party women in politics? These men and their out-sized opinions -- Doubt women! And they think their neighbors doubt women!

But look here:

The right wing talking points -- have they flipped?? -- are the continental dividers flipping on women again??

Even Nicole Wallace reports on Fox News just now -- FOX NEWS reports that each and every Democratic woman candidate beats Trump in their latest NON-exclusive head-to-head match-up poll!

If you buy into "exclusive" samples, or even "representative" samples that are chronically problematic in "representing" a huge country like ours, you're likely to buy into whatever "new" data it tries to churn the rest of us with -- however invalid and unreliable that data really is. However early in the 2020 cycle they are. However wrong the "woman problem" question is just by being asked as an "agree/disagree statement":
"they agreed with the sentiment that women are “less effective in politics than men.”

Back to the Daily Beast "exclusive" poll:

The 20% who say women are "less effective" are wrong. It's men in govt who are "less responsive" to women leaders -- they are the problem. Not women's so-called effectiveness.

Any men's failure to see women leaders' ideas because they can't see past women having the ideas is what weighs women down.

Women not only have to

-- fight for their ideas and actions, first as theirs, second as worth hearing, they have to
-- fight against their equals who refuse to live with women's equality, who thus find any pretext for undermining women's effectiveness.

Fuck these traffickers in doubt data, and the right wing, Russia-driven troll poll horse they ride in on.

Now, about Governor Jay Inslee ...

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