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Hometown: New England, The South, Midwest
Home country: USA
Current location: Chicago
Member since: Sat Mar 5, 2011, 11:32 AM
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Joe Biden On Immigration As America's Secret Ingredient

Per the admins, I'm to stay in this site lane.

Biden Calls Climate Change Deniers Mindless -- Four Years Ago

Joe Biden On Climate Change -- It's a National Security Issue, Economic Issue, Moral Issue

at the 0:22 mark

Joe Biden On Immigration As America's Secret Ingredient

Biden Calls Climate Change Deniers Mindless -- Four Years Ago

Joe Biden On Climate Change -- It's a National Security Issue, Economic Issue, Moral Issue

At the :22 mark

Chill out! Here's what Joe WON'T do:

Joe won't hire Big Corp CEO's to head his cabinet.

He won't do one damn thing in Trump's budget.

Joe WON'T...

Cut funds to EPA programs to clean up water sources.
-- cut LIHEAP, that will cause 5.7 million low-income residents to lose assistance with their heating bills and about 673,000 to lose cooling assistance
-- defund Medicaid by sending letters to your governor
-- slash federal funding for farm subsidies and other safety net programs for agricultural producers
-- decrease in funding to the U.S. Department of Agriculture by 15 percent
-- break up and break down the USDA

-- cut to crop insurance $26 billion in a program used by growers of more than 100 crops
-- raise housing payments for new homebuyers by about $500 in 2017.
-- cut taxes on the wealthy that help fund the Affordable Care Act, or ACA.
-- cut his own taxes by millions of dollars while taking health insurance from tens of millions of Americans.
-- make it harder for veterans to find jobs with a federal hiring freeze.

-- Cut to devastate rural America;
-- eliminate community service jobs for 18,000 senior citizens living in rural areas;
-- eliminate critical support for airline connections serving 175 small and rural communities.
-- Slash job training programs and worker wage and safety enforcement. President Trumpís proposed fiscal year 2018 budget could result in 2.7 million adults and youths losing access to job training and employment services in 2018.
-- Cut transportation spending to reduce roadway congestion that reduces economic productivity;

-- eliminate the New Starts program within the Federal Transit Administration, which funds Rail and bus rapid transit projects that help reduce roadway congestion and air pollution
-- cut housing and community support programs by $6.7 billion
-- Cut investor protection by making it harder for the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, to hold Wall Street accountable.
-- cut programs that help support and encourage small business development.
-- leaving 23,000 calls for help unanswered from disaster-struck Americans by eliminating the Corporation for National and Community Service,

-- eliminate AmeriCorps, a vital service program that mobilizes volunteers to aid with disaster
-- slash the WIC program
-- Eliminate HOME Investment Partnerships Program that has helped more that 1.2 million families gain access to safe and affordable housing.

Don't get me started... !

Biden, The Contender, Punches With the Greatest Ideas To Topple The Silly TV Gamester

Ideas drive the greatness of a nation of laws.

Not zero sum contentions and lawlessness of a nation of men.

The Biden Abides

I don't have to worry about Joe Biden. He's The Dude.

Biden could turn into a progressive through the pick of his running mate. He listens. He evolves. He don't take no shit from Trump.

The Big Thing: Biden will pull out Pennsylvania, which is the state Repubs have depended on to win for Trump. Now they're worried. Good.

I'm a progressive who wants a candidate who wants humans to run this government, not corporations.

But Biden's taking corporate money does not equal corruption, we don't have to tolerate that argument from the doubters.

I'll still vote for Biden if he gets the nomination. Believe that.

Joe ain't no "crazy uncle." He's the dude that abides.

No one has to like Biden to know that he'll be -- on his worst day, week, or month -- a million times better than Trump, the lawless lover of lawless, weapons-toting mobs.

The campaign theme "America Is an Idea" reflects Joe's life.

"America is an idea" that smashes all the politics of personal destruction, false equivalency, spite, "great again" divisiveness -- and above all -- shit hole country lawlessness.

LIVE Coverage Of UN Debate On Sexual Violence in Conflicts

This is today's coverage of this issue in General Discussion.


""The US is threatening to veto a United Nations resolution on combatting the use of rape as a weapon of war because" of this clause:

"...United Nations entities and donors to provide non-discriminatory and comprehensive health services, including sexual and reproductive health, psychosocial, legal and livelihood support and other multi-sectoral services for survivors of sexual violence, taking into account the specific needs of persons with disabilities.Ē

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