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Hometown: New England, The South, Midwest
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To SCOTUS And The ACLU, Regarding The 2020 Census Citizenship Question

The first Census began in 1790.

Immigration "law" began in 1882.

That means that for almost 100 years, people who were just HERE were counted, whether they were made citizens in 1790 or not.

The first Census and every Census after that counted everyone.
Everybody in. Nobody out.

One more thing about "citizens vs. everybody else," or the "legal" vs. "illegal" immigrants conversation:

1. The U.S. Constitution was written and ratified by undocumented aliens. Founders. Undocumented. Alien.

Long before the Founders got here, from 1507 to 1790, immigrants came as part of *corporate* projects by Europe to rid itself of "waste" people. Jamestown. Plymouth.

Waste people. Understand? As in "Not sending their best."

2. For 283 years, America was literally a sanctuary for debtors, criminals, poor people and theocratic groups. Early Americans "excepted" themselves as "illegals" and made themselves "American."

America, for those 283 years, promoted itself, built its culture, told and wrote some "founding stories" about itself around this exceptionalism.

Yes, for 283 years, undocumented immigrants excepted themselves as a founding people.

3. America's first EXCEPTIONALISM was that AMERICA ACCEPTED EVERYBODY. Unlike most other countries.

The world knew it.
That's why France gave us the Statue of Liberty.

That's why we always recognized that we can't and don't expect other, older countries to run themselves the way we do. They just didn't found themselves and their country that way.

President Reagan knew it, too. Know why Saint Ronnie gave total amnesty to 3 million undocumented immigrants in 1986?

Because Reagan knew -- unlike many non-readers, Twitter of Facebook ranters -- that "Legal" is a construct.

Our "Legal" immigration system is a cockblock setup by illegal immigrants who got here first. That cockblock CONSTRUCT is based on money, racism, xenophobia and fear.

We absolutely do not have to give up on being that country with that First Exceptionalism.
It's what makes our America America.

And "great again," if it ever was.

4. By our "Exceptionalism," this country got built and grew.

During all arguments for the pro-citizenship census question, SCOTUS, remember this:

Unless your ancestors were here before 1492, your ancestors were immigrants, documented or not, immigration laws or not...

It may be your "legal" business to have the Census distinguish citizens. But you would be wrong.

Why? Because American law was FOUNDED by undocumented Founders on that second American Exceptionalism -- the freedom to BE HERE.

So the Census counts whoever is HERE.



Jay Inslee's Washington Passes A Groundbreaking 100% Clean Electricity Bill

Washington's SB 5116 aligns the interests of utilities, energy developers, and unions behind the project of equitable decarbonization. They all benefit from it. That makes them allies in the fight, rather than at loggerheads, as they have so often been in the past.

This reform ought to be a key piece of climate progress in every state.

First, it eliminates the old school fossil energy lobbyists; second it makes clean energy the space for preventing cascading climate change disasters, which are more costly for our taxpayers than any upfront reform to prevent climate change in the first place.

Inslee can now truthfully say that his state is a model of cutting-edge climate policy.

Americans should know the work of a candidate who's already implemented on his #1 presidential campaign issue.

Our grandchildren will thank him and the rest of us for voting for him.


Washington's law has gone viral.



Ari Melber's Special Report On the Mueller Report, Sunday, 9 PM -- Same Time as GOT!

I'll watch both TV's for the whole hour.

That is all.

A BIG DEAL: Washington To Pass a Groundbreaking 100% Clean Electricity Bill

Controlling the dynamics of climate change means controlling the source of climate change -- the human carbon footprint.

Governor Jay Inslee's administration is about to pass a bill -- SB 5116 -- that can restructure and shift utilities across this country and the entire planet. Key points of the plan are here, but the link provides the more detailed look at how this gets done.

SB 5116 is a clean energy bill, not a renewable energy bill.

The bill sets three targets for the state’s utilities, ramping up in stringency over time.

1. By 2025, they must completely get rid of coal power (it currently supplies about 14 percent of state electricity, most of it imported).


By 2030, they must be 100 percent carbon-neutral. Eighty percent of their power must come from “nonemitting electric generation and electricity from renewable resources.”

This language is important because it leaves room for nuclear, natural gas with CCS, or other nonrenewable, non-carbon-emitting sources.

2. The other 20 percent of the obligation can be satisfied in one of three ways:

-- Renewable energy credits (RECs), i.e., vouchers certifying that someone else generated clean energy
-- An administrative penalty based on tons remaining uncovered (which effectively amounts to a $100 per ton carbon tax)
-- Energy Transformation Projects (ETPs)

3. Energy Transformation Projects are “projects that provide energy-related goods and services other than electricity generation. ETP's result in a reduction of fossil fuel consumption and a reduction of GHG emissions, while providing benefits utility customers.

They include such things as
-- electric car infrastructure,
-- weatherization,
-- renewable natural gas drawn from, for example, landfill or agricultural waste projects.

ETP's are what utilities can do to reduce their customers’ consumption of fossil fuels, but they haven’t traditionally had any way to get paid for them, so they lacked incentive. Now, if they partially decarbonize and are finding the last 20 percent difficult or expensive, they can meet their obligations with ETPs. It’s a clever way to incentivize such projects.

Energy experts agree that this plan's required level of self-generated clean electricity will rise steadily, until 2045, when all utilities must be self-generating 100 percent clean energy.

Washington’s energy bill includes some of the sexiest utility business model reforms of 2019.

To summarize, the business model reforms
-- the social costs of carbon,
-- makes sure that benefits are equitably distributed to all communities,
-- makes state funds, rather than federal funds, available for “energy assistance” to low-income households, which include not only bill reductions but weatherization, energy efficiency, and “direct customer ownership in distributed energy resources.”

And utilities don’t just have to establish these programs; they have to track data and performance, reporting to the Utilities and Transportation Commission every two years. The goal is to reach 60 percent of eligible customers by 2030 and 90 percent by 2050.

Washington plans to get the unions on board with project incentives with tax exemptions for projects that

-- procure contracts with women, minority, or veteran-owned businesses; with entities that have a history of complying with federal and state wage and hour laws and regulations; apprenticeship utilization; and preferred entry for workers living in the area where the project is being constructed.
-- compensate workers at prevailing wage rates determined by local collective bargaining
-- develop under a community workforce agreement or project labor agreement, as certified by the Department of Labor and industries.

Washington's SB 5116 aligns the interests of utilities, energy developers, and unions behind the project of equitable decarbonization. They all benefit from it. That makes them allies in the fight, rather than at loggerheads, as they have so often been in the past.

This reform ought to be a key piece of climate progress in every state.

And it’s a hell of a feather in the cap of Gov. Jay Inslee, who’s running for president on climate change.

Because, as Jay Inslee says, we eliminate the old school fossil energy lobbyists by making clean energy the space for preventing cascading climate change disasters which cost our taxpayers so much more than the upfront reform that prevents climate change in the first place.

Inslee can now truthfully say that his state is a model of cutting-edge climate policy.

Governor Inslee is a doer, not a talker.

Our grandchildren will thank him and the rest of us for voting for him.


U.S. Dept of Justice Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In 2016 Election Vol. I

Source: justice.gov

Complete title above:

US.Dept of Justice Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In 2016 Presidential Election Vol. I of II

The redacted report now sits on the justice.gov site for people to read.

It's PDF, so I don't think I can copy-paste any excerpts.


Read more: Link to source

MSNBC, The New York Times and PBS Should Air A One-Hour Special On the Unredacted Mueller Report

It doesn't have to be immediately, but it should be as soon as possible.

The investigation of Russian influence, intelligence operations and corruption within American borders is a major historical event that deserves national attention.

TV could air the panels and written visuals.

Newspapers could reprint salient sections of the Report in parts, as with the Pentagon Papers.

PBS can do radio shows and reports of the above.


Lawyers should interpret what's evidence of impeachable offenses and what are misdemeanors.

They should present the Special Counsel teams' summaries of each section.

They should review different meanings derived between redacted material and unredacted material.

From the report they should tally the counts of obstruction

Americans paid for this full report.

The Mueller Report should never be shelved as a time wasting witch hunt.
The Mueller Report is not a dossier.
It is not a story.
It is American history.
The Mueller Report should be part of the Congressional Record.

Americans should get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from the Mueller Report, media and history books.

If I've left anything out, feel free...

Soon it's gonna get ugly. Now it's just exhausting

Deripaska sets up shop in Kentucky,
Lizard releases the Omar, AOC, Cuba, border troops rabbits,
hundreds of WH staff panic,
Barr and Rettig stall Congress,
Stone gets the full Mueller report,
"boys will be boys,"
Dershowitz gets served,
Congress serves subpoenas, slogs through bank records,
17 candidates warm up for Lizard.
Soon it's gonna get ugly. Now it's just exhausting.

Inslee On Meet The Press -- How Immigration and Climate Change Relate

Inslee calls out Trump's "bombastic chaos," saying " you can't threaten somebody with something they're not afraid of."

Which is why Inslee sued Trump and won eighteen times in a row.

Rachel and Mayor Pete Make Television History

The idea that knowing a candidate helps swing votes toward him/her is one great outcome of Rachel's television journalism.


Trumpers Scared Of Mad Daddy When He Finds Out What They Told Robert Mueller

the whole entire White House is losing its shit, and also large hordes of people who used to work at the White House, because a lot of them cooperated (the pre-Giuliani lawyers told them to!), and they just know they are going to get in big trouble if their names show up in that report, because of how they talked a lot of shit about President Crime Boss to Mueller's team!

NBC News:

Some of the officials and their lawyers have sought clarity from the Justice Department on whether the names of those who cooperated with Mueller's team will be redacted or if the public report will be written in a way that makes it obvious who shared certain details of Trump's actions that were part of the obstruction of justice probe, people familiar with the discussions said. But, they said, the Justice Department has refused to elaborate.
Poor babies! And here we were pretty sure Bill Barr had sent copies over to the White House for folks to cross out stuff as they wished.

"They got asked questions and told the truth and now they're worried the wrath will follow," one former White House official said.
Because they know what a shithole person they work/ed for and they were up close and personal with Trump while he was committing all the obstruction of justice crimes, and they spilled the beans? Because they've seen how he treats human beings who aren't currently in Dear Leader's good graces? Yeah, we guess that would make a bad American human being who has freely chosen to work for the most criminal White House in history nervous.

How bad is it?

One person close to the White House said there is "breakdown-level anxiety" among some current and former staffers who cooperated with the investigation at the direction of Trump's legal team at the time.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha, oh man, we are trying to feel sorry for these people right now, but we aren't trying very hard.

Today, when you say your thoughts 'n' prayers, try to take a moment to remember these poor souls. Or, you know, fuck that, and just rejoice in their misery.



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