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Gallup On Guns


Looking through Gallup's links is good data knowledge. Gallup is the oldest and largest poller in the U.S. It also has the largest sampling numbers, which make it the most valid and reliable polling we have.

Gallup's key data on gun violence and gun policy.

-- Americans support stricter gun laws in Gallup's most recent updates on gun trends, but the majority don't embrace bans on handguns and assault rifles.

Six in 10 Favored Stricter Gun Laws in October 2018

U.S. Majority in 2018 Opposed Ban on Assault Rifles

-- Gallup finds widespread support for background checks and other restrictions on gun purchases.

Americans Widely Support Tighter Regulations on Gun Sales

-- The importance of gun control as a voting issue has increased in the past two decades.

One in Four Will Only Vote for Candidate Who Shares Their Views on Guns

-- Americans supported six of seven ways to deter mass school shootings a month after the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, with Republicans and Democrats agreeing on five.

Public Opinion on Solutions to School Shootings

For Mass Murders, Trump Isn't White Extremists' Only Connection

Though we'd like to blame only Trump, here's one possible influence of our other 55 mass murders since Sandy Hook.

before his attack, the gunman who killed 50 last month in a rampage at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, said he drew inspiration from white extremist terrorism attacks in Norway, the United States, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

His references to those attacks placed him in an informal global network of white extremists whose violent attacks are occurring with greater frequency in the West.

An analysis by The New York Times of recent terrorism attacks found that at least a third of white extremist killers since 2011 were inspired by others who perpetrated similar attacks, professed a reverence for them or showed an interest in their tactics.

The connections between the killers span continents and highlight how the internet and social media have facilitated the spread of white extremist ideology and violence.

They don't see themselves as Americans or Canadians, very much like the Christchurch killer didn’t see himself as an Australian; he saw himself as part of a white collective,” Dr. Beirich said.

“It has never been the case that these people didn’t think in a global way. They may have acted in ways that looked domestic but the thinking was always about building an international white movement.

Scrolling over the article's images moves new info into view; keep scrolling to new images, which move more new info, etc.


Vox Maps All The Mass Shootings Since "Never Again" Sandy Hook

Scrolling down will move the map around.


A Great Example of what reading can do, even for a human who cannot yet read.


On the worst night, when our 1-pound daughter was fading in the darkness of her incubator, my husband opened a book and began to read aloud.

"Chapter One: The Boy Who Lived."

He needed to say those words. I thought it was strange that he’d chosen the first book in a seven-volume series, a series that totals more than 4,000 pages, for a little girl who might not survive the night.

as Tom held that faded book, the dust jacket long lost, he was reaching out to our daughter with a protective incantation of love and belonging.

America Is About Falling Forward -- Every Failed Experiment Is One Step Closer To Success

(the music is sappy, but the message is the thing)

You will suck.

You will lose.

Embrace it.

If you don't fail, you're not even trying. To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.

America Is The Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout -- I Won't Have A Problem If You Aim High And Miss

You are what you repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence ought to be a habit, not an act.

Ego is the anesthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity. Pride is the burden of a foolish person.

You wanna make an impact, find your broom.

When you hit rock bottom remember this -- while you're struggling, rock bottom can be a great foundation on which to build and on which to grow.

How ya livin'?

Know what's wrong with this country? Mass shootings, sure. BUT. It's that people don't fucking READ.

With the exception of Ted Kaczynski and his manifesto...

These fucking "American" shooters -- and everyone who thinks like they do -- are such NON-FUCKING-READERS that they don't know that Texas -- TEJAS -- was ALWAYS fucking Hispanic. Always.

Tejas. El norte del estado de Mexico antes de los blanco europeos, or sus esclavos, se movieran hacia el oeste, antes de la guerra civil estadounidense. No leen. No quieren leer.
(Texas. The North of the State of Mexico before white europeans, or slaves, moved to the west, before the United States' civil war. They don't read. They don't want to read.)

They are so fearful because they're so fucking white-stupid and whiteilliterate that they kill people.

North America has always, always, been El Norte.

Carrie Gibson's El Norte(2019) is beautiful truth about America. Hers is as important to American history as is Howard Zinn's A People's History...

It's this piece by NYT that has set me off.

Nineteen minutes before the first 911 call alerted authorities to a mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Tex., a hate-filled, anti-immigrant manifesto appeared online.

It spoke of a “Hispanic invasion of Texas.” It detailed a plan to separate America into territories by race. It warned that white people were being replaced by foreigners.

The authorities were scrutinizing the 2,300-word screed on Saturday and attempting to determine whether it was written by the same man who killed 20 people and injured more than two dozen others near the Mexican border.

Police were interviewing the suspected killer, Patrick Crusius, a 21-year-old white man from Allen, Tex., a roughly 10-hour drive to the Walmart. What brought him to a crowded shopping center in El Paso is one of the many questions on the minds of investigators.


FYI, Election Tech At DEF CON 27's Voting Village -- More Govt Leaders Will Be There

Las Vegas, Nevada
Thu, Aug 8, 2019 – Sun, Aug 11, 2019


Carbon Capture -- The Good News (and the Bad) -- Informative

Inslee, Harris & Booker vs. Biden, Yang & Gillibrand in Detroit On Climate Change

Gabbard -- she has the "Off fossil fuels" plan.

It's good to review how well our party articulates the issue that the Pentagon ranks as our #1 national security issue.

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