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Steve Bannon Runs Maher's Interview -- One Panelist Told Him That One Can Do Nothing But Listen

Maher's bottom line response: "I wish we had someone on our side as evil as you."

The Reality of Living In A Regime Is the Question: Now What?

Truth begins as heresy. So it’s been said.

These days “heresy” is used to mean "unthinkable, unspeakable” politics, undeniable ideological insurgencies, undeniable realities. “Woke” is now Facing Reality. We're woke to slow paced rule of law. We like to think we KNOW all that.

Last night I watched Steve Bannon run roughshod over a usually unflappable Bill Maher.

Bannon, back from his escape tour in the EU, popped up to let Maher know that the days of rule of law are over.

Bannon told Maher to relax and accept what's now going to happen. When they were done, I saw Maher reach a next level of “woke," a kind of quiet passivity about new realities he was told that take on the power of Truth.

Bannon said, in effect, that Maher's gang never really saw a new world of global men coming who would tell constitutional rights fighters that, without their ability to enforce ANY law, there is now no rule of law.

Once a therapist helped a much younger me realize that "Understanding is the booby prize.” Which means: Now what.

Bannon told Maher, now that you all understand what has happened, what do you do. Make comedy about it? Chest beat about being in the Right? Campaign? Charge around and rev up crowds? Vote?

We can reject for the next nine months that we are run by a scofflaw regime. Yet that’s all we’ll see in media. Most "news" will drum regime power into our heads, likely getting millions used to it. Now that the Senate trial is over, Americans who are still actually doing something about scofflaws and loyalists will take second billing in media.

Bannon said that, for Maher’s people to now have legitimacy, they should have dragged out the impeachment. I say: Now what.

Those who actually tried for the last three years to enforce law against them have either resigned or pushed out of this scofflaw regime. I ask: Now what.

We could easily sit around and crow that we KNOW who we're up against, or say what we'll do once back in office (and all our candidates have plans for that). But first we have to face and understand an inconvenient truth -- our Constitution has been beaten.

We don't have to accept that. But we have to acknowledge that is where we are.

Where we are is in a corporate regime. Call it dictatorship because we're finally comfortable with that word.

This situation is the result of men who breached the electoral college flaw of the Constitution, then dismantled all other mechanisms in government to enforce that Constitution.

Here we sit. Beside an unenforceable Constitution.

We can say We The People are "down but not out," or that "the pendulum always swings back" but we really don’t know for sure. History shows that just as often as swinging back, the pendulum does not swing back because certain events won't allow any return.

The Reality of Living In A Regime Is the Question: Now What?

Rule of law is now suspended. For nine months, maybe longer, we will see no enforcement of the Constitution. That is a long time without rule of law.

I just wrote this on Adam Schiff's Facebook post, where he calls out, names names, and interprets the latest moves of the Forever Impeached president. I told him that his “understanding what’s happened and happening is the booby prize.”

Bannon told Maher — and indirectly, Mr. Schiff — that even if we opponents think "it's not over-over," the constitutional crisis our House fought for is resolved.

Sure, some of us are woke to the fact that there is no one coming to oust this scofflaw regime until November.
Sure, some of us are woke to the fact that even the military will not step up.
It’s not sure that some of us are woke to the probably that our rule of law vote in November will be enforceable.

Denialism can be just as strong in one party as in another. We say we’ll act. But how will that work if voting doesn’t.
Knowing and passion without action is the death of the soul of the America we once lived in.

These men have now forced any enforcement of the Constitution beyond party politics.

And so they bring a whole new challenge upon We The People Americans.

No matter how you impugn their character, their power is unrestrained. Political party and media words do not change the reality that government is as government does.

Until we find and use a mechanism to enforce Constitutional law before November, there really is none.

Not today, maybe not ever. An unenforced Constitution is no constitution at all.

For all the campaign rallies, media coverage, in the halls of this regime, We The People will be seen for the next nine months as irrelevant to this regime's goals. These men see their domain as run by a global fossil, cyber and finance mafia. Not law. Their enforcement will be a pacification campaign against We The People.

Putin's Eurasian Project is winning. Rule of law is losing.

UNLESS… We The People can enforce justice under this government AFTER November. AFTER NOVEMBER 3, 2020, We The People will be dared by the question: “Now what?”

The heretical question We The People have to ask ourselves: “Will we get used to it?”

The answer will come AFTER November 2020.

5G -- It Ain't All That -- 5G Could Actually Make The 'Digital Divide' Worse

FCC boss Ajit Pai has repeatedly proclaimed that one of his top priorities is closing the "digital divide...most of his policies have had the exact opposite effect. From rubber stamping competition-eroding mergers, to eliminating consumer protections governing broadband, the lion's share of Pai's agenda has focused on what telecom giants want...

[TV ads tell us] ... America will soon be awash in a new layer of inexpensive broadband connectivity and innovation.

The problem: 5G isn't magic, and the technology won't fix the rot that plagues the U.S. broadband sector. It won't fix
-- the fact we approve mergers that directly contribute to higher prices and weaker markets. It won't fix
-- the lack of competition in the fiber lines that feed cellular towers, which also contributes to higher rates. It also won't fix
-- the fact that FCC policy and telecom lobby positions are virtually indistinguishable.

...contrary to carrier claims, you're still going to have patchy availability as carriers focus on the most profitable areas, despite countless billions in taxpayer subsidies.

5G's technical accomplishments don't mean all that much if the underlying structure is rotten, and US telecom is, if you haven't spent time on the phone talking to telecom customer service lately, very rotten indeed.

And in some instances, 5G may actually make the digital divide worse. The National Digital Inclusion Alliance, for example, is correct to note that
-- the low-income families we profess to love can't afford new, far more expensive handsets, or the even higher rates companies like Verizon intend to charge users to access these networks.
-- Telecom giants (and the current FCC) do yeoman's work focusing on unhelpful and silly "race" rhetoric, hoping to steer the conversation away from the subject that matters most to low-income families stuck on the wrong side of the digital divide -- price.

you'll notice [Ajit Pai] will go out of his way to avoid acknowledging high US telecom prices ... because that conversation leads to another conversation these folks really don't want to have: the regulatory capture and lack of competition in U.S. broadband that's causing the problem in the first place.


Pricing. Monopolization. Corporate Socialism. That's 5G's platform.

We subsidize global network dominance. So yeah, let's add another reason for the world to distrust, if not hate, us. Our govt (bad cop) be like "resistance is futile." Tech (good cop) be like "look how much better we make life!"

Both on our dime.


Timothy Snyder: "We can't say it will sort itself out."

Personalized Dictatorships Are The Most Kleptocratic

History's Tools


The Trump reset. Media have no idea. Pelosi does.


FWIW -- EFF Training in Malware, Phishing, What They Are, How To Protect Against Them

Just putting this Electronic Frontier Foundation (home page https://www.eff.org) training material out here in case it's useable.

Right now it might be for any of us who actively work on campaigns through computers, or communicate through emails or apps across campaign sites, party sites; or collect data, and actively input information during campaigns.

I'll be working through the GE and plan to check how computers security work and/or is used if/when I get near any.

It's better to be aware and not need it, than to need it and not be aware when we do.



Any and all original material on the EFF website may be freely distributed at will under the Creative Commons Attribution License, unless otherwise noted. All material that is not original to EFF may require permission from the copyright holder to redistribute.

You do NOT have to ask permission to post original EFF material on a mailing list or newsgroup, to use an EFF logo as a pointer to us on your web site, or to reprint an EFF statement in a newspaper article. Permission to do such things is explicitly granted. Please do not write to us asking for permission, as this wastes our time and yours.

From page 1

Examples of malware include:
● computer viruses
● programs that steal passwords
● programs that secretly record you
● programs that secretly delete your data

PHISHINGis when an attacker sends a message, email, or link that looks innocent, but is actually malicious. Phishing often involves impersonating someone you know or impersonating a platform that you trust.

Note: Not all phishing includes malware.
Sometimes an attacker wants to steal passwords to a service and might do so by impersonating a website, without installing malware on the user’s device.


A malicious attachment is often shared in phishing messages

A malicious link is often shared in phishing messages.

Software that cannot receive security updates increases risk (e.g. not from the Apple App store or Google Play store.)

Sometimes websites are taken over and are used to host malicious content.

Attackers may gain access to a network and can use this network to spread malware.

A charging station or port can be used to download malware.


ads everywhere
This malicious software usually attempts to display advertising to the user via overloading pop-ups or other methods. Some adware tracks information on the user or extracts personal information. Adware, like other malware, can be bundled with other software, often downloaded from non-reputable sources, such as outside of official app stores or from the software developer.

when your device helps your stalker
Stalkerware runs silently and gives the attacker full control over a device. Stalkerware can be installed when somebody has physical access to your device (such as a family member or partner, “let me use your phone for a moment”) and installs a stalkerware app or when a user gets tricked into downloading the app.

like a gift but an attack in disguise
When downloaded, Trojan software may perform like the intended legitimate application, but is in fact doing malicious things in the background. This is often found in pirated or “cracked” software or fake antivirus software.

software holding you hostage
When downloaded, this malicious software holds a company, organization, or individual’s data for ransom. Ransomware gained popularity in the last decade and is now a multi-million dollar business for hackers around the world.

Advanced Persistent Threat

An A.P.T. attack is malware from an adversary with sophisticated capabilities and substantially more resources dedicated to achieving their goals: compromising your system. A.P.T. attacks are often used simultaneously with nation-state actors who will attempt to maintain “persistence,” or long -term access, to the system they are targeting.

from page 2


2020, Every Day -- Rip It Up, Nancy!

Matt Gaetz and Trumpers don't get it.

Americans heard at least three lies in 45's presidenting show before Congress.

1. The economy? Job growth was higher under Carter, Clinton and Obama than under Trump.
Unless one is the 'F you, got mine' voter, pro-45 voters can't use THAT lie.

2. Education? US Homeless Student Population Reaches 1.5M, 8.6% of them WITHOUT families, 91.4% WITH families.
Unless one is a spite voter, pro-45 voters can't use THAT lie.

3. 40 million Americans still live in poverty caused by the above problems, added to corporate gentrification of rent districts, and unnatural climate crisis disasters.
Unless one is the non-reading voter, pro-45 voters can't use THAT lie, either.

So, Trump voters, just the 2020 SOTU alone gave the lie to your voting.

What else has your impeached leader got that's not an outright lie? Nothing.

80% of America, being good Christians and Americans, see Trump voters' other denials about ...

— 200+ contacts with a self-declared enemy, Russia

— clandestine server communications

— hush money for extramarital sex;

— pedophilic rich friends;

— debts and payments to influence the 2016 election;

— hidden taxes and financial records;

— breaking campaign finance laws;

— breaking tax laws;

— scoffing at any law;

-- breaking constitutional law;

— money laundering;

— thousands of lawsuits;

— illegal business practices, NDA’s;

— emoluments (e.g., profits made from military and govt personnel staying at Trump International Hotel, Washington, D.C., and other properties);

— 15,000+ lies (or misleading statements; e.g.,” what you’re hearing and seeing isn’t what’s happening …”)

— mocking, unethical insults to millions of Americans;

— foundation fraud;

— controlling an alt-right henchmen, bagmen syndicate

— witness intimidations, public and private;

— golfing that sucks 287.2 years of president salary from Americans ;

— cages of thousands of cold, lonely, sickened, permanently damaged children, guarded but uncared for.

These atrocities are just what normal Americans CAN see.

One unethical mockery of The People's House doesn't fool Americans who see a Mordor darkness descend on their capitol building that keeps a nation of laws.

The sauron-esque president and his congressional orcs rip up Truth and Law.

Speaker Pelosi ripped up their lies.

45's neonazi boyz like Gaetz file their hyprocrisies, strut their foolishness.

Democrats and Americans 'bout to rip that up.

U.S. Constitution 2020.

How We Can Commemmorate Our Fight For A Nation of Laws

We must make the country SEE the state we're in, the fight we're going through.

We need artists to remember this fight and these fighters in portraiture -- Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Democratic House attorneys, staff, and the entire House Democratic majority who won over Mitt Romney.

Even more, we can promote any and all art, music, education and media that sustain a rule of law culture against fascist or financial powers or alt right culture that promote only a nation of men.

As Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Democratic House attorneys and staff constantly stand inspired by our Founders, quote them, live up to them in word and deed, so we must try to promote them however we can.

We can uphold their "“Undaunted resolution." We must, for our children and grandchildren, pledge "our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor." Yes, we can. We must try.

Because our Founders did not come out of their situation unscathed.

The men who signed the Declaration of Independence had very few illusions about what they were risking. How much of what they pledged did they actually lose?

for reasons of security, the Declaration with the signatures was not published until January, 1777—six months after the signing—for it was fully understood that if the Revolution failed, the signers would be rounded up, their property confiscated, and their lives forfeited...

Nearly all the signers, in either a civil or a military role, became involved in the prosecution of the war. Over a fourth of them—seventeen—saw military service, and twelve of these were actively in the field during the Revolution. Four of them were taken prisoner. A civilian signer, Richard Stockton of New Jersey, father-in-law of Dr. Rush, who served as Surgeon General, was, however, the first to be captured...

Stockton was one of those who gave both his life and his fortune to back the instrument that he had signed: his health permanently broken by the ordeal of imprisonment and his fortune virtually wiped out, he died, at fifty, before the war was over.

Several of the signers lost their fortunes not to enemy action but in acts of private generosity for the public good.


Post-Prayer Breakfast, Speaker Pelosi Tears Up Both Trump's Speeches

and Trump lies About H.R. 3, and how anything Trump brags about now is due to OBAMA MOMENTUM, NOT OBAMA MESS.

EDIT: NEW -- NOT FOX -- VIDEO, Longer b/c of live stream. Speech starts at 23:50.

Feb 4 Coronavirus Global Map

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