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Capitol riot task force led by Lt. Gen. Russel Honore recommending 24/7 'quick reaction force'

or QRF.


Though it's a Fox News Exclusive, it's still worth an early look and discussion.

The government should create an around-the-clock "quick reaction force" of federal law enforcement officers or members of the National Guard at the U.S. Capitol, a six-week security review of the Jan. 6 riot led by retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honorť has recommended.

A draft copy of the task forceís recommendations, exclusively obtained by Fox News, also calls for U.S. Capitol police reforms, an increased National Guard presence and stocking up on mobile fencing that could be deployed in response to a crisis in the future, then quickly packed up when itís over.

The QRF, as proposed, would be manned 24/7, 365 days a year, and cost taxpayers between $40 and $130 million annually.

"[W]e recommend establishment of a robust, dedicated QRF, not only for the USCP, but to serve the nationís capital writ large," the report from Task Force 1-6 says.

At the link is the draft copy of Honore's Task Force 1-6 Capitol Security Review.
The draft includes sections called "Operational Review," "Physical Infrastructure," and "Member Security While Traveling and In Their Districts."
It's a good read and will likely be published tomorrow in The New York Times.

Lawrence O'Donnell On Protest, With Norm Ornstein, Sasha Baron Cohen & Aaron Sorkin on Patriotism

For the Record, The Christopher C. Miller (Acting) Memo

Front and center, so that the nation can know who gave him these orders to not materially help all
DC law enforcement.

Additional information
-- Jeffrey A. Rosen was Trump's acting AG after Barr at the time of this memo;
-- Executive Order 11485 that is referred to, defines the District of Columbia National Guard; it's found in the
Federal Register. National Archives. ( It was retrieved to justify Miller's stand down order 4 January 2021) Under this likely original memo, the command hierarchy is laid out, which proves that it all started with Trump two days before the seditious insurrection and attempted assassinations of the Vice President and House Speaker.

The president of the United States is the commander-in-chief for the District of Columbia National Guard.
Command is exercised through the Secretary of Defense and the commanding general, Joint Force Headquarters (JFHQ), District of Columbia National Guard.
The Secretary of Defense has delegated his command authority to the Secretary of the Army for the District of Columbia Army National Guard and the Secretary of the Air Force for the District of Columbia Air National Guard.[2]
The District of Columbia National Guard is commanded by a major general with a brigadier general as his or her adjutant general.
The mayor of the District of Columbia, the United States marshal for the District of Columbia, or the National Capital Service director may request the commander-in-chief to aid them in suppressing insurrection and enforcement of the law; however, there is no chain of authority from the District of Columbia to the D.C. National Guard.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/District_of_Columbia_National_Guard (redirected from EO 11485)

March 4 -- THIS time

Stop them at the DC city limits for probable cause,
obtain ID's,
disarm them,
cuff them,
haul them to the waiting paddy wagons,
have waiting tow trucks haul their vehicles away to pay for later.
Haul their asses to police stations,
check them against Jan 6 databases of names and facial recog, and if they're detected as back,
process their arrests,
detain them until a lawyer shows up,
arraign them,
offer deals that get cooperation, and
make them post bail unless
they are Rittenhouse flight risks.

Write reports to leadership.

Hold a joint Homeland, FBI, Capitol police press conference.

Get ready for the next round. And the next round.

We will find the funders, accomplices after the fact, and win their war of attrition.

Senator Whitehouse Questions FBI Dir. Christopher Wray About Congress's Unanswered Questions

Wray: "Let me be clear with you... there's no question in my mind... I will commit to you that I will do what I can... obviously we need to get better... "

Whitehouse: "That is your executive branch rigamarole. That is not a legitimate answer to a legislator's question... the courts have said we should hold up appropriations for the FBI ... when there's a political interest in getting info out to the committee, suddenly none of that rigamarole pertains, suddenly everybody gets their hands on all the information they need just as soon as they need it, and by the way I believe on a partisan basis, not shared with both sides of the committee.

We've got to get through the problem of why you're not answering our questions.

You run an organization that seems to have operated by very different rules, and it was you running that organization...

Chris The Man Hayes On Covid Goodness, CPAC Trumpgrift, Cuomo Badness, and Badass Biden

Ari Melber's Rigorous Special Report On The Racial Flaw Behind 'Blue Lives Matter'

Neal Katyal admires Melber's 19-minute analysis.
Their subsequent discussion underscores how massive the problem the US has with its racists in blue.

Start 10:00

White House Press Briefing March 1 2021

Start 13:14

Stupid questions: Shouldn't Schumer call a floor vote on the House covid package during CPAC?

For that matter, and while the supporters of overturning confirmation on 81 million votes are gone,
isn't this the weekend he should come up with new Senate rules?
Rescind the Byrd rule?
Nuke the filibuster?

If all this got done as FMF45 takes some podium tomorrow, what's the worst they could do?

Just throwin' this in: Is Liz Cheney carrying what I think she's carrying?

Biden Signs Executive Order On the Economy

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