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Governor Cuomo Briefing January 29 2021

Day 335

Facts change, and covid facts change dramatically, notably "variants of interest."

The Democratic administration should consider in its covid relief allocations, the historical givers and takers state and local taxes (SALT):

Top 5 Donor States
1. New York
2. New Jersey
3. Massachusetts
4. California
5. Connecticut

Top 5 Receiver States
1. Virginia
2. Kentucky
3. Florida
4. Maryland
5. Ohio

More ideas on Political Extremism and times of extreme pressure 35:00

Re nursing homes covid issues -- across the country, state reporting on nursing homes is spotty at best, with 9 states having no data. Which is due to for-profit nursing homes not cooperating with state public health entities. https://www.leadingageny.org/linkservid/28BC5086-F1AD-8EB8-EA3B26AE93ECEFC0/showMeta/0/

Last Climate Crisis Discussion -- THE GOAL -- TO STAY UNDER 350 PARTS PER MILLION GLOBALLY



Easier to hope and wish for than think about.
Easier to think than speak.
Easier said than done.
Easier to kick down the road than start.
Easier to be overwhelmed by than keep working at.
Easier to die than live.

Our goal is descendants, adaptation, a good Anthropocene Age.

As Speaker Pelosi says, we do it for our children’s children’s children.

previous posts

Do Not Repeat 2010 OR 2020 -- We've Got Two Years Of Campaigning Ahead, Or Lose Forever

We're about Build Back Better -- that goes for our party work.

Jaime Harrison's got his work cut out. Along with him and the DNC, we do, too.
This is no time for sitting around in righteous but trifling arguments and truth point scoring.

Romney's daughter, the RNC's Ronna Romney McDaniel, not so much.
Her corporate owned wing, with its corporate media, lets her just chat up the alt-right's racist culture war, blame Democrats for everything Republicans obstruct, then twist and lie about.
Her givens are cult worship of 'dear leader,' and total denial of fomenting their constituents' violence. Her ground game is run by Republican legislatures. That's 26, the majority of states.

Ezra Klein correctly recalls:
The House passed “cramdown” legislation to allow bankruptcy judges to alter the terms of mortgages so banks took losses and homeowners could keep their homes, but the bill failed in the Senate, and the impression took hold — correctly — that Congress was bailing out the banks, but not desperate homeowners.

Ezra Klein has got our challenge right:

The American system of governance is leaving too many Americans to despair and misery, too many problems unsolved, too many people disillusioned. It [the American system of government] is captured by corporations and paralyzed by archaic rules. It is failing, and too many Democrats treat its failures as regrettable inevitabilities rather than a true crisis.

I'd add that when Repubs say "both sides are corporate," that might arguably be their one correct bothsider point. Even as Dems major contributors are unions, they are not the major lobbyists in Congress. That's what Klein describes as "system of governance," imo.

First, they
-- need to help people fast and visibly. (In my view, waaay faster than in the past.) Second, they
-- need to take politics seriously, knowing that defeat in 2022 will be catastrophe. The Trumpist Republican Party needs to be politically discredited through repeated losses; it cannot simply be allowed to ride back to primacy on the coattails of Democratic failure. And, finally, they
-- need to do more than talk about the importance of democracy. They need to deepen American democracy...

the real question Democrats face.
They have plenty of ideas that could improve people’s lives and strengthen democracy.
But they have, repeatedly, proved themselves more committed to preserving the status quo of the political system than fulfilling their promises to voters.
They have preferred the false peace of decorum to the true progress of democracy.
If they choose that path again, they will lose their majority in 2022, and they will deserve it.

The old path:
... too little of Democrats' work was evident in 2010, when Democrats ran for re-election. The result was, as President Barack Obama put it, “a shellacking.”
Democrats lost
-- six Senate seats and
-- 63 House seats,
-- 20 state legislatures

That is how we lost 2010.

Trumpcult themes from that shellacking continue:
The new "tit-for-tat-expel-you-back," "radical left agenda" "divisiveness," and the old "political correctness" and "ineffective government" -- used over ANY minor slip-ups they overhear from us or detect. Yep, all blown up in 24/7 Murdoch and Herring alt-right media networks since Inauguration Day 2021.

They project murder and conspiracy onto all Democrats.
We need to save our new outrages, and just keep up with their media themes and reports, because half our problem has been lack of awareness about their Limbaugh-style onslaught of public airwaves, now gone visual.

We hate the ugliness and poison, true. So do doctors. They don't react. They treat and cure.
We don't have to post any alt-right sources here, but we do have to acknowledge and demolish their messaging.
Let's keep all our old best arguments & meme posts handy. Be ready with new ones.
Even develop a Trumpcult incumbent attack summary board.
Keep up with Jaime and statehouse Democrats and governors.
But stay in productive battle mode, take breaks, walks, hit the lounge more often.

Remember this lesson:
Whenever the Senate fails to pass what the House does for Americans, ALL Democrats in BOTH houses are painted as failures.
On social media congressional Dems get lied about; Dem voters are name-called, mocked, dissed and dismissed. We've gone through this since Obama. We need to Stop.

That is why we lost seats in 2020.

And so we are absolutely right to demand the nuclear option.
Let's call Chuck Schumer (202) 224-6542, demand that he invoke the nuclear option (can't take the chance that he's already decided to),
then don't ignore but demolish the the corporate alt-right's scream machine that we are "oppressors!"

Let's keep better track of and yell about our accomplishments, louder in digital and print, over and over for the next two years.
Let's call more.
Let's donate more.

Let's work more for the DNC in as many red states as possible.
(And because the ugly might continue, let's keep local police, FBI & news offices on speed dial, and video cam phones ready.)

RIP Cicely Tyson. I loved her.

We're DU and We Need To Make Some Calls

We've got two weeks and we can do this.

Citizen calls can now be all the more persuasive, using these Republicans' words -- BIG thanks to Celerity for providing them -- to show that Americans are watching, do listen to them, and that if they vote to convict, their own openness, objectivity, integrity proves that the Senate remains a deliberative body.

Use 202 prefix for all numbers.

From Celerity:

Richard M. Burr N.C. 224-3154
“The President bears responsibility for today’s events by promoting the unfounded conspiracy theories that have led to this point.”

Susan Collins Maine 224-2523
“If you announce ahead of time how you’re going to vote, I don’t see how you can render impartial justice before you’ve heard the evidence.”

Mitch McConnell Ky. 224-2541
“I have not made a final decision on how I will vote and I intend to listen to the legal arguments when they are presented to the Senate.”

Shelley Moore Capito W.Va. 224-6472
“I did support the president, and I did support the policies and I think the policies were good for West Virginia. But this is inexcusable.”

Lisa Murkowski Alaska 224-6665
“I will listen carefully and consider the arguments of both sides, and will then announce how I will vote.”

Rob Portman Ohio 224-3353
“If the Senate proceeds with an impeachment trial, I will do my duty as a juror and listen to the cases presented by both sides.”

Mitt Romney Utah 224-5251
“During the course of an impeachment trial, Senator Romney will again be bound by his oath to ‘do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws: So help me God.’ He will consider all of the facts and evidence presented,” a spokesperson said.

Ben Sasse Neb. 224-4224
“As a juror, I’m not announcing anything now and I’m going to be limited on what I say in advance.”

Thom Tillis N.C. 224-6342
“I’m prepared to go back up to Washington and listen to the arguments.”

Patrick J. Toomey PA. 224-4254
“Should the Senate conduct a trial, I will again fulfil my responsibility to consider arguments from both the House managers and President Trump’s lawyers.”

We need 7 of these IF the 10 above vote to convict

Marco Rubio Florida 224-3041 (IF he is running for POTUS, but he is a worm)

Tom Cotton Ark. 224-2353 (IF he is running for POTUS, but he is a dangerous thug, albeit extremely intelligent)

Tim Scott S.C. 224-5274(surely he must at some point tire of supporting white nationalism, but maybe not, grrr)

John Thune S.D. 224-2321

Deb Fischer Neb. 224-6551

John Kennedy La. 224-4623 (listed because he can do bizarre things, and is actually one of the most intelligent Senators, he totally plays a fake dumb slack-jaw hick persona to gaslight the rubes in the bayou)

Chuck Grassley IA 224-3744
“That’s a major thing you’ve got to think about, should Congress, under the Constitution, even do it? We shall see.”

Michael D. Crapo Idaho 224-6142
A spokesperson said that Mr. Crapo is undecided.

Richard C. Shelby Ala. 224-5744
“I believe we need to wait and hear the evidence. If there is a trial, which would be my third as a sitting Senator, I would sit as a juror. And as a juror, I would carefully consider the evidence presented.”

Dan Sullivan Alaska 224-3004
“When a trial is conducted, I will be a juror, and I will thoroughly examine the arguments and evidence presented, including any defence mounted by the President’s legal team.”

John Cornyn Texas 224-2934
“If they decide to proceed with the impeachment trial, I will certainly listen to the case presented.”

James M. Inhofe Okla. 224-4721
“Accordingly, I will withhold further comments given my role as a prospective juror.”

James Lankford Okla. 224-5754
“We’re going to go through the facts and the issues on this.”


I would pitch two upsides and four downsides in the call;
of course, there's no reason not to add others.
Or say whatever you think best, right?

To wipe Trump from the future of the party
1. allows non-violent Americans to trust that their party is a real party, not a cult;
2. allows the party to invite back those who've unregistered by the tens of thousands, and gain more of the 32 mil unregistered adults in the US.

To keep trump is to
1. support an already violent cult (your platform is a person) and
2. hold to the Russian disinformation crowd that feeds all cultists from afar, and
3. above all, create an unsafe government, country and world, and finally,
4. make you and your family unsafe.

Democracy is this kind of call effort. DU might well be up for this.

I'm going to start calling them, identify my name, state location and that I'm a registered voter.

Richard Burr 224-3154
Susan Collins 224-2523
Mitch McConnell 224-2541 (mailbox is full, so I'm leaving him an online message)
Shelley Moore Capito 224-6472
Lisa Murkowski 224-6665

Rob Portman 224-3353
Mitt Romney 224-5251
Ben Sasse 224-4224 (actually got to talk to one of his aides)
Thom Tillis 224-6342 (would only take calls from constituents, said to call Scott/Rubio then politely hung up)
Patrick J. Toomey 224-4254

Marco Rubio 224-3041
Tom Cotton 224-2353
Rick Scott 224-5274
John Thune 224-2321
Deb Fischer 224-6551 (not in service!)

John Kennedy La. 224-4623
Chuck Grassley 224-3744
Michael D. Crapo 224-6142
Richard C. Shelby 224-5744
Dan Sullivan 224-3004

John Cornyn 224-2934
James M. Inhofe 224-4721
James Lankford 224-5754


Jen Psaki Presser January 27 2021

Live. Full recording will be posted when it's over.

Governor Cuomo Briefing January 27 2021

Day 333

Start 13:05


96% of all our vaccine is in arms.
We await the federal government's next vaccine allocation, likely next week.
We'll get 16% more vaccine allocation for the next 3 weeks.

There are 42 new cases of the UK variant in NY.

The covid beast has changed four times, and so we can’t predict the future.

The worst case scenario is a new variant with vaccine resistance.

If it becomes the dominant strain, the national situation and plan will have to change because this is a biological war in which the microbe is not consistent, so facts are not consistent and so plans cannot be consistent.

Vaccine administration timeline is 6-9 months for the current vaccine to kick in and bring the positivity rate down. The timeline is
— based on the Pfizer/Moderna production rate,
— not based on any governmental action;
because the federal govt cannot order by the millions of doses except as determined by Pfizer and Moderna.

The economy will not return to its old structures.

Adjustments to covid will become permanent in the post-covid economy

In all scenarios, our survival comes down to What. We. Do.

Lawrence O'Donnell & Charles Blow On The Proof of Concept of Georgia -- Holy Crap!

A whole new BFD realization that should motivate our GOTV for 2022:

Georgia's vote proved that...

Returning to the South, establishing Black power in states where you're already a large percentage of the population, changes the political dynamic of America completely.

If the Great Migration had not happened, Black people could control up to 14 Senate seats today.
If it never happened, Black people could control or be the controlling interest of more EC votes than CA and NY combined.

Over all those years, we would not have had a Republican president for the last 50 years!
The entire Supreme Court would look different!

Using Blockchain to Limit Big Tech's Power -- The Alt-Right Moves To Alt-Tech

from today's print version of New York Times "They Found a Way to Limit Big Tech’s Power: Using the Design of Bitcoin" by Nathaniel Popper:

When YouTube and Facebook barred tens of thousands of Mr. Trump’s supporters and white supremacists this month, many flocked to alternative apps such as LBRY [alt-YouTube], Minds [alt-Facebook] and Sessions[alt-Google]. What those sites had in common was that they were also inspired by the design of Bitcoin.

That underlying technology is called the blockchain, a reference to the shared ledger on which all of Bitcoin’s records are kept.

Companies are now finding ways to use blockchains, and similar technology inspired by it, to create social media networks, store online content and host websites without any central authority in charge. Doing so makes it much harder for any government or company to ban accounts or delete content.

Dozens of start-ups now offer alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Amazon’s web hosting services, all on top of decentralized networks and shared ledgers. Many have gained millions of new users over the past few weeks, according to the data company SimilarWeb.

Minds, a blockchain-based replacement for Facebook founded in 2015, also became an online home to some of the right-wing personalities and neo-Nazis who were booted from mainstream social networks, along with fringe groups, in other countries, that have been targeted by their governments. Minds and other similar start-ups are funded by prominent venture capital firms like Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures.

Blockchains are not the only solution for those in search of alternatives to Big Tech’s power. Many people have recently migrated to the encrypted messaging apps Signal and Telegram, which have no need for a blockchain. Moxie Marlinspike, the creator of Signal, has said decentralization made it hard to build good software.

The experimentation with decentralized systems has nonetheless ramped up over the last month. Brave, a new browser, announced last week that it would begin integrating a blockchain-based system, known as IPFS, into its software to make web content more reliable in case big service providers went down or tried to ban sites.

“The IPFS network gives access to content even if it has been censored by corporations and nation-states,” Brian Bondy, a co-founder of Brave, said.

At LBRY, the blockchain-based alternative to YouTube, the number of people signing up daily has surged 250 percent from December, the company said. The newcomers appear to have largely been a motley crew of Trump fans, white supremacists and gun rights advocates who violated YouTube’s rules.


It's obvious that alt-right assemblages and mobilizations through blockchain sites open up and guarantee the grifting of the likes of Trump, Bannon, Proud Boys. And they are just the mobilizers, not the funders. Though they might have found refuge on democratic nets, their stay might not last if blockchain hackers make them unprofitable.


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