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Hometown: New England, The South, Midwest
Home country: USA
Current location: Chicago
Member since: Sat Mar 5, 2011, 12:32 PM
Number of posts: 22,679

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Human. Being.

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Senator Whitehouse Questions FBI Dir. Christopher Wray About Congress's Unanswered Questions

Wray: "Let me be clear with you... there's no question in my mind... I will commit to you that I will do what I can... obviously we need to get better... "

Whitehouse: "That is your executive branch rigamarole. That is not a legitimate answer to a legislator's question... the courts have said we should hold up appropriations for the FBI ... when there's a political interest in getting info out to the committee, suddenly none of that rigamarole pertains, suddenly everybody gets their hands on all the information they need just as soon as they need it, and by the way I believe on a partisan basis, not shared with both sides of the committee.

We've got to get through the problem of why you're not answering our questions.

You run an organization that seems to have operated by very different rules, and it was you running that organization...

Chris The Man Hayes On Covid Goodness, CPAC Trumpgrift, Cuomo Badness, and Badass Biden

Ari Melber's Rigorous Special Report On The Racial Flaw Behind 'Blue Lives Matter'

Neal Katyal admires Melber's 19-minute analysis.
Their subsequent discussion underscores how massive the problem the US has with its racists in blue.

Start 10:00

White House Press Briefing March 1 2021

Start 13:14

Stupid questions: Shouldn't Schumer call a floor vote on the House covid package during CPAC?

For that matter, and while the supporters of overturning confirmation on 81 million votes are gone,
isn't this the weekend he should come up with new Senate rules?
Rescind the Byrd rule?
Nuke the filibuster?

If all this got done as FMF45 takes some podium tomorrow, what's the worst they could do?

Just throwin' this in: Is Liz Cheney carrying what I think she's carrying?

Biden Signs Executive Order On the Economy

Florida finally gets vaccines from the Biden administration -- hope this helps.

If you're like me and have signed up but not gotten contacted for a shot, there is hope in the FEMA Vaccine Centers that open in Florida on March 3.

From the Tallahassee Democrat: https://www.tallahassee.com/story/news/local/state/2021/02/19/florida-one-two-states-receive-first-federal-covid-vaccination-centers-vaccine-fema-cdc/4505280001/

They are opening through a partnership with FEMA, the U.S. Department of Defense, the Florida Department of Health, Division of Emergency Management and the Florida National Guard, the governorís office said.

Each site will open March 3 and operates 7 days a week, 7 a.m.-7 p.m....

The new federal sites will be at:

Miami-Dade Community College,
TGT Poker & Racebook in Tampa,
Valencia Community College in Orlando and
Gateway Town Center in Jacksonville.

Federal teams will immediately be sent to those locations to coordinate with state and local jurisdictions, and will be staffed primarily with federal employees ...

To pre-register with the statewide system, people can call their county designated phone number or visit myvaccine.fl.gov.

Feeling Manic Depressive Schizoid Politics

We're dancing free but we're stuck here underground
And everybody trying to figure they way out
Hey hey hey, all we ever wanted to say
Was chased, erased and then thrown away
And day to day we live in a daze
We march all around til' the sun goes down night children
Broken dreams, no sunshine, endless crimes, we long for freedom (for freedom)
You're free but in your mind, your freedom's in a bind

Oh make it rain, ain't a thing in the sky to fall
(The silver bullet's in your hand and the war's heating up)
And when the truth goes bang the shouts splatter out
(Revolutionize your lives and find a way out)
And when you're growing down instead of growing up
(You gotta ooo ah ah like a panther)
Tell me are you bold enough to reach for love?
(Na na na)
He lived in sector ten
He had a friend named Benjamin
Sail away, sail away Susan

So strong for so long
All I wanna do is sing my simple song
Square or round, rich or poor
At the end of day and night all we want is more
I keep my feet on solid ground and use my wings when storms come around
I keep my feet on solid ground for freedom
You're free but in your mind, your freedom's in a bind
Oh make it rain, ain't a thing in the sky to fall
(The silver bullet's in your hand and the war's heating up)
And when the truth goes bang the shouts splatter out
(Revolutionize your lives and find a way out)
And when you're growing down instead of growing up
(You gotta ooo ah ah like a panther)
Tell me are you bold enough to reach for love?
(Na na na)

Civil rights, civil war
Hood rat, crack whore
Carefree, nightclub
Closet drunk, bathtub
Outcast, weirdo
Stepchild, freak show
Black girl, bad hair
Broad nose, cold stare

Tap shoes, Broadway
Tuxedo, holiday
Creative black, Love song
Stupid words, erased song
Gun shots, orange house
Dead man walking with a dirty mouth
Spoiled milk, stale bread
Welfare, bubonic plague

Record deal, light bulb
Keep back kid now corporate thug
Breast cancer, common cold
HIV, lost hope
Overweight, self esteem
Misfit, broken dream
Fish tank, small bowl
Closed mind, dark hold

Cybergirl, droid control
Get away now they trying to steal your soul
Microphone, one stage
Tomboy, outrage
Street fight, bloody war
Instigators, third floor
Promiscuous child, broken heart
STD, quarantine

Heroin user, coke head
Final chapter, death bed
Plastic sweat, metal skin
Metallic tears, mannequin
Carefree, night club
Closet drunk, bathtub
White house, Jim Crow
Dirty lies, my regards

When the world just treats you wrong
Just come with me and I'll take you home
No need to pack a bag
Who put your life in the danger zone?
You running dropping like a rolling stone
No time to pack a bag
You just can't stop your hurt from hanging on
The old man dies and then a baby's born
Chan, chan, chan, change your life
And when the world just treats you wrong
Just come with us and you'll take you home
Shan, shan shan shan-gri la
Na na na na na na na na na na na

Lawrence O'Donnell & THE Most Important Message by Lauren Groh-Wargo: Democrats! Get In Formation!

Groh-Wargo at 33:43

"Part of what I wanted to come on the show tonight, to say, Lawrence, is:

Democrats, we have got to get in formation.

Republicans are in a tailspin because of Donald Trump.

However. They are IN FORMATION on voter suppression. This is very, very dangerous.

Over the next decade, and since this just happened, multiple states -- Georgia, Arizona -- whites go to the minority of the population. The demographic change of this country where whites are on track to go into the minority population by 2045 -- not that far off -- is accelerated in the Sun Belt.

And so we have the Senate dynamics going into redistricting and the Census undercount, and these Senate races where if we don't push back hard on voter suppression --

and that means Federal action this year
-- on pre-clearance, on getting the states like GA that have a racist history, and not just a history, a racist NOW-- need to have to pre-clear their voting changes with the Department of Justice.
-- We have automatic voting universally and
-- all the changes of the For The People Act.

Democrats in Congress need to get in formation and give Biden the cabinet that he needs so we can get moving

This is an existential threat to the future our democracy, which was just attacked at the Capitol last month. So we feel incredible urgency here. Because the voter suppression here is just a whole new level of egregious.

Without federal action ... it's time to act. It's time for Demcorats nationally to understand how pressing this crisis is -- with 253 bills... and we're going to see even more in the next month."

Chris The Man Hayes Slams Republican Deceit & Complicity In Sedition, Guns, Cancel Culture

Hayes tackles the hardest truths about who and how deceits of "freedom" take freedom from America.

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