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Member since: Tue Mar 8, 2011, 10:08 PM
Number of posts: 6,046

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Im just a liberal dude that tries to make the world a little better, and play guitar.

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The model of the Democratic party is not failing, American Democracy is.

Russians interfering in our elections, the public FBI investigation into Clinton while having a serious private Trump investigation, gerrymandering, voter suppression, the media and the simple fact that more people voted for Clinton and for Democrats in most elections. Clinton loosing is not a referendum on the Democratic party. Loosing the House and Senate and Governors isn't a referendum on the party. We lost because the Republicans used fear and populism and a whole lot of people fell for it. The Democratic party is not republican lite, we are not corporate shills, we are not war mongers. We are the party that does the most for most Americans to make a better life and country, period. We lost the House and Senate because people believed the fear that the Republicans spread about the ACA and the not white guy in the white house. More people like the ACA now that they see what it brings to help them. Major change is hard, and it cost us, a cost that many bore knowing what would happen. Don't you dare tell me that bringing healthcare to millions is failing, that giving people the right to marry is failing, letting children that came here from other countries go to school or join the military without fear of being deported is failing, that the people who opposed these things with their gadsen flags and their "keep government out of medicare" are the people we need to reach out to. Just don't. You can use your lost election numbers to justify your point, in the end elections aren't change they are just elections, points on a arbitrary scorecard. The things our party did are real change, and they resonate even after we loose the popularity contest and continue to make real positive change with minds and hearts. Keep those words to yourself, stick them in a damp dark place because I dont respect anyone that utters them at all.
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