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Member since: Tue Mar 8, 2011, 10:08 PM
Number of posts: 6,257

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Im just a liberal dude that tries to make the world a little better, and play guitar.

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Even if we win the House and/or Senate we will not be in a better country.

Drump will be way worse than he is now and there will be more terrorism. Sure the House and/or the Senate will try to do a lot, but you have to remember the Supreme Court is against us now. The small vocal far right will protest and their message of fear along with Dumps and the republican party will reach enough politically stupid people that it will make it hard to win the Presidency for us. Even if we pass something that will help everyone they will be against it until it sinks in that it helped them, and by then they will be again in control of the message of fear. Look at the ACA for proof. The ACA was enacted in 2010!!! 8 years ago and now they like it but the credit they give us for it will be short lived. The repubs even now are trying to campaign off it!! The simple fact is that fascism/fear politics are on the rise in the world and it will take something large to change enough peoples minds. Should we be all doom and gloom? Should we give up? Naw,,,,,, I like this site for a lot of reasons, one is the second word in the site. I joined after it was really important, now I think its just as important as the first. Be the best you can be, do all you can, don't give up. Just realize the road in front of us is harder than you probably think and that is if we win the next two elections. If we loose? There will always be us in the Democratic Underground fighting the good fight every day, and that will be enough. Rock on.

Added the bold so people can stop posting that I am trying to depress the vote and being all doom and gloom. Just trying to be realistic, Dump and the repubs arent going to double down when/godihope we win, they are going to make doubling down look like nothing. Once again, be the best you can be, do all you can, dont give up. Do I need to bold that also?

Kate Wolf - Carolina Pines.

Miss ya Wilmington, Boone, Ocracoke, G-ville, Asheville.

to cemaphonic for introuding me to this great artist!
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