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Member since: Tue Mar 8, 2011, 10:08 PM
Number of posts: 6,046

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Im just a liberal dude that tries to make the world a little better, and play guitar.

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'Like Mad Max, but with Amazon Prime vans':Transplant has hilarious take on Seattle snow

SEATTLE - It doesn't usually snow that often or that much in Seattle, so when it does, you have to excuse us for being a little bit inexperienced in how to handle an actual winter storm.

Daniel Silvermint, a proclaimed transplant to Seattle, went to Twitter to "document" his observations as Seattleites tried to prepare for the winter blast.

"I’ve never witnessed anything quite like Seattle grocery stores when locals are preparing to brave 4-5 inches of snow," he first tweeted, setting off a barrage of humorous observations about life in the Emerald City ahead of impending snow chaos. "Like, people are stocking up on emergency tomatoes and leaving water jugs on the shelves."

Some of his funniest tweets.
"People are burning first drafts of their novels for warmth."
"Society is breaking down. Rival Pokémon Go teams are establishing enclaves and fighting over territory."
"People are bartering monogrammed yoga mats for just a single slice of cauliflower pizza."
"Paper money is worthless. Cans of hard cider brewed from obscure fruits you’ve never heard of are the new currency of the land."
"Venturing back out to stores to survey the desolation. Gloves are still in stock. I don’t think #Seattle knows about those yet."
"Gluten-free breadlines."
lots more at link. https://komonews.com/weather/scotts-weather-blog/transplant-gives-hilarious-take-on-seattleites-panic-during-snowpocalypse
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