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Mattis on Trump's Tweets: 'Beneath the Dignity of the Presidency'

In his first interview since resigning from office, former Defense Secretary Mattis appeared reluctant to directly criticize the president, but when he was asked about Trump’s tweets about North Korea he said: “Any Marine general or any other senior servant of the people of the United States would find that, to use a mild euphemism, counterproductive and beneath the dignity of the presidency.” Mattis appeared to explain his decision not to speak out more directly by saying: “I may not like a commander in chief one fricking bit, but our system puts the commander in chief there, and to further weaken him when we’re up against real threats—I mean, we could be at war on the Korean peninsula, every time they start launching something.” His aides reportedly told The Atlantic that Mattis believes Trump has “limited cognitive ability,” and a “generally dubious character.”

Statue of Liberty poet Emma Lazarus descended from BRAZILIAN Jewish refugees.

As pointed out on AM Joy this morning, it was wrong, on so many levels, for Trump's immigration chief Ken Cuccinelli to claim that Emma Lazarus was referring to European immigrants in her poem etched on the Statue of Liberty to "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..."

Surely Emma Lazarus had countries below our southern border in her mind when she wrote those famous words, being herself descended from Brazilian refugees. She descended from Jews who arrived in New Amsterdam (New York) fleeing the Inquisition from their settlement of Recife, Brazil. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emma_Lazarus

The poultry industry recruited them. Now ICE raids are devastating their communities.

The prominence of Latinos in Mississippi’s chicken plants and communities today was not accidental. It was calculated, strategic and intimately related to deeply rooted structures of labor exploitation in the region. Beginning in the 1990s, Latin American immigrants were recruited to the state by the poultry industry, where they arrived to work in some of the lowest-paid and most dangerous jobs in the country. This week’s raids target deeply rooted workers and families and leave behind a devastated community, while also terrorizing many others across the country.

The roots of the heavily Latino workforces in Southern poultry plants lie in the growing American appetite for chicken during the 1990s, and the stirrings of a labor movement by African American plant workers. As poultry production expanded, workers’ pay and opportunities remained stagnant. As a result, labor organizing among the plants’ predominantly African American workforce began to gain traction.

Advertising in Cuban stores and local papers, it took the poultry processor just one week to fill a Greyhound bus of immigrants eager for work. This experiment marked the beginning of the plant’s formal Hispanic Project, which included not just recruitment and transportation from Florida but also the provision of housing — mostly in dilapidated and overcrowded trailers — as well as local transportation and leisure activities, all for fees deducted from workers’ paychecks that often reduced their meager earnings to below minimum wage.

In its roughly four years of operation, the Hispanic Project recruited nearly 5,000 workers to two Mississippi towns with a combined population of less than 10,000. Not everyone stayed, but this scheme caught on, and other plants began recruiting Latinx immigrant workers from Florida, Texas and even farther afield.


22 people have been hospitalized with vaping-linked breathing problems.

Because the Food and Drug Administration does not require e-cigarette manufacturers to list all of their ingredients on product labels, scientists have resorted to taking the devices into the lab to figure out the ingredients.

One recent study from Yale University identified chemicals called acetals in some Juul e-cigarette liquids. Those chemicals, the researchers said, may be especially irritating to the lungs and cause damage when inhaled.

Teen lungs are not fully developed, which could potentially make them more vulnerable to the chemicals found in e-cigarettes.

"The aerosol has heavy metals and ultrafine toxic particles that penetrate deep into the lungs," Sadreameli said.


This is really frightening. So many kids in my son's high school vape. It's advertised as the "safe" way to "smoke" without the smelly smoke. These ads are a fraud and should be illegal.

U.K. Economy Shrinks for First Time in 7 Years as Brexit Worries Mount

Source: US News & World Report

The U.K. economy is shrinking for the first time in seven years, sparking fears of a recession as anxiety mounts over the impending deadline for the country's departure from the European Union.

Gross domestic product shrank by 0.2% in the three months ending in June, the Office for National Statistics said Friday. Experts expected growth to be flat.

The U.K. is set to leave the EU on Oct. 31 with or without a departure deal in place, Boris Johnson, the new prime minister, has promised.
The decline in GDP was driven by uncertainty over Brexit, as well as shutdowns in the car industryStockpiles of manufactured goods built up earlier this year in anticipation of the first Brexit deadline in March also caused production to decrease in the second quarter.

Read more: https://www.usnews.com/news/national-news/articles/2019-08-09/uk-economy-shrinks-for-first-time-in-7-years-as-brexit-worries-mount

The UK recession could start a worldwide domino effect. We're all connected. We can't escape their idiocy. And I'm sure the rest of the world feels the same way about the US right now.

The two kids the Nazi killed in Gilroy both had Hispanic surnames.

This sure looks like a hate crime to me.



Instagram account connected to Gilroy shooter pushed staple of white supremacist internet forums https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/instagram-account-connected-gilroy-shooter-pushed-staple-white-supremacist-internet-n1035926

ICE Raids Yield 35 Arests, Despite Thousands Being Targeted

An immigration enforcement operation that President Donald Trump said was part of an effort to deport “millions” of people from the United States resulted in 35 arrests, officials said Tuesday.

Trump billed the operation targeting families as a major show of force as the number of Central American families crossing the southern border has skyrocketed. There are about 1 million people in the U.S. with final deportation orders; the operation targeted 2,100.

Of those arrested, 18 were members of families and 17 were collateral apprehensions of people in the country illegally who were encountered by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. None of those arrested resulted in the separation of family, officials said.

Part of the reason other, similar operations, were more successful is because they were “done without a lot of fanfare and media attention,” Albence said. “That certainly, from an operational perspective, is beneficial.”


Almost 300 migrant children removed from Texas facility described as 'appalling'

Source: NBC News

The children who were removed were being held at a border station in Clint, Texas. Some were wearing dirty clothes covered in mucus or even urine, said Elora Mukherjee, the director of the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic at Columbia Law School. Teenage mothers wore clothing stained with breast milk. None of the children had access to soap or toothpaste, she said.

“Almost every child I spoke with had not showered or bathed since they crossed the border — some of them more than three weeks ago,” she said. “There is a stench that emanates from some of the children because they haven’t had an opportunity to put on clean clothes and to take a shower.”

The children have been taken to a tent detention camp also in El Paso, Texas, where they will remain under the custody of Border Patrol until they can be placed with the Department of Health and Human Services, the DHS officials said. The Associated Press first reported on the conditions at the facility.

Frye also said of the children they spoke to, “almost every kid had some sort of illness” or had been sick. She said the team sent a doctor back to the facility after the visit, and six children were ultimately sent to the hospital.

Read more: https://www.nbcnews.com/

No soap and no showers is a sure fire way to spread colds and flu. More horrific details at the link, like a 17 year old wheelchair bound mom recovering from an emergency c-section, her baby sick and listless and both of them covered in dirt with no way to bathe.

Not sure moving these kids from a filthy concrete ice box cage to a sweltering tent city in Texas in late June is an improvement...

K & R for exposure.

Democratic Voters Want Impeachment

“There’s been a shift,” said Madeleine Dean, a freshman Democrat from Pennsylvania who also sits on the Judiciary Committee, and also wants to begin an impeachment inquiry. At a town hall last week, one of the first questions she was asked was about impeachment. When she visited local stores and barbershops, she told me, constituents approached her and said, of Trump, “You cannot let the behavior stand.”

On Friday, Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat who is the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that he’d come around to supporting an impeachment inquiry after speaking to people in his district: “To the person, everybody said, ‘What are you all going to do about President Trump?’” Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, told me, “I had about a dozen events this weekend, and there was an overwhelming sense that we have been presented with abundant evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors and we need to launch an inquiry.”

According to a CNN poll conducted last week, 76 percent of Democrats favor impeachment. (The poll did not ask about simply beginning an impeachment investigation, which is what some House Democrats are calling for.) Impeachment is favored by 41 percent of voters overall, not a majority, but far more than supported impeachment at the beginning of the Watergate hearings.

It’s no wonder so many Democrats want their representatives to take a more aggressive approach to the president. It has now been five months since the party took control of the House of Representatives, a month and a half since the redacted report by the special counsel Robert Mueller was released, and almost a week since Mueller stood before the nation and all but asked Congress to hold a lawless president accountable.

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