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Dont call me Shirley

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Member since: Wed Apr 6, 2011, 02:49 PM
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Hate is for things or situations, not people or creatures.

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Does Right To Own Guns Trump Right To Live?

This is the core belief of avid gun owners, of which they may not be consciously aware. Guns were created to kill. That is their use, their intent, the reason for their creation, to take or maim a living being. Inanimate target shooting is a higher evolution of their existence, but make no mistake killing is their intended purpose of existence.

Gun right defenders are telling those who choose not to participate in the ownership of guns that their right to own a device created specifically to kill trumps our right to live our lives. That is crazy-making thinking. Intentionally killing or harming a living breathing being is not a Right. Rights are based on life-affirming actions, not life-denying actions. Attack, in any form, is a life-denying action.

This current Gun-Frenzy is a hoarding illness, but with deadly consequences. It is an addiction, an addiction that is tightly bound with violence and fear. It is a false belief, a false belief that one has the "Right" to kill for any reason, a false belief that a gun will inevitably keep you safe.

The Right to Live trumps the "Right" to kill. The Right To Live trumps the "Right" to own guns.

In Peace there is no need for guns. Peace is the only true safety. It is going to take a lot of individual work casting off false beliefs, but We Can Live Together In Peace.

Posted by Dont call me Shirley | Fri Jun 19, 2015, 01:04 PM (84 replies)
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