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Member since: Thu May 19, 2011, 12:44 AM
Number of posts: 873

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The next person that tries to upsale me is going to get slapped. lol

No, I do not want fries with that! I don't want to purchase the buyer's protection insurance! I'm not interested in your bank/store/gas credit card!
Whew!! Lol

Somewhere in a lab far away, the cryogenically frozen body of Dick Clark....

is being gradually thawed. All in anticipation of his yearly re-animation on New Years Eve.

Easy.... It's all in fun. I like Dick Clark.

Will Kim Jong-un really rule North Korea?

Will Kim Jong-un really rule North Korea? Who knows? But he is in the junta.

Insert rim shot here.

I hope this goes over better here than on Facebook. You guys are much smarter than they are.
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