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kimbutgar's Journal
kimbutgar's Journal
July 27, 2023

Switched over to Fox

They are not talking about the indictment but the Hunter Biden story. And The opening story on Ingram was……….Hunter Biden !!!!! Surprise!

July 27, 2023

I was over at my childhood home that I inherited and came across 3 boxes of comic books and mad

Magazines, Archie comics and Harvey comics, Casper, little Audrey etc. for the 1960’s and early 70’s. I don’t’ want to throw them out but there’s got to be people who collect these old comic books. They are in pretty good shape!

Does anyone know which forum I should go on to sell them?

July 26, 2023

I read this letter to the editor in the SF Chronicle today and I can't stop thinking how correct and

Insightful the writer was. But also nervous that things like AI and the early indoctrination of young people. If the right wing gets it way to destroy public education and make education for profit.

Just got back from Arizona where I heard the state has cut funding per student for education and pushing for more charter schools. The feigned outrage over the non existence of CRT or making white children feel bad about the past history so they shouldn’t be taught is outrageous. But right now we are in a surreal kind of 1984 pushed by the right wing and magaloons.

Anyway here is the letter that was insightful but also bothered me!

Media Indoctrination

We have a big problem. It's not Donald Trump. It's not President Biden. It's not climate change, recession, inflation, racism or homophobia.

I have engaged in an experiment. An inveterate progressive for nearly half a century, I have, for the past 60 days, listened onlv to Joe Rogan's podcast, watched only YouTube videos with Matt Walsh and those holding similar views, and only read articles on Breitbart and the Gateway Pundit. And fascinatingly, troublingly, my mind is changing.

I now find myself angrily gravitating toward the indignation of the conservative right. I am witnessing my own brainwashing. I am experiencing firsthand what tens of millions of Americans are experiencing - the toxic and catastrophic confluence of human neuro-plasticity, social media and the never-ending quest for power and dollars.

1, at least, have undertaken this experiment consciously. Most do not, and in the end, I fear it is going to tear us apart.

I won’t print his name but will give his initials DW of San Francisco
July 25, 2023

Wow watching this movie tv on TCM Beneath the twelve mine reef

Where Greeks, Spaniards and Italians who emigrated in the early 1900’s are more American than African American who were brought here in the 1700’s against their will.

Ron Desatan doesn’t want that history known!

July 21, 2023

It's 119 degrees in Phoenix Az and there is a massive propane fire going on near the Sky

Harbor Airport. The news shows the fire and the planes on the runway now. It so near 45th st and Washington for any people who live in Arizona.

Too close for my comfort!

July 20, 2023

Best definition of Woke I ever heard

I’m visiting my Mother in Law in very hot Arizona now and she showed me this today that was written by one of her Lutheran church members.

This is a great one to push back against those repuke fake christians. I am not including the name of the author but I’m sure she would be ok with me passing it on…

The good word of the day is woke

I heard this term over and over and I didn’t know what it meant. It has been thrown around for the last six months, most often with an expression of distaste. It often is a call of “culture wars". What was so terrible? Woke - do you know what this means? Maybe you are as confused as I was.

I thought woke was a new term. I was wrong.

It goes back at least to the ancient Jewish prophets like Amos, Jeremiah who spoke against mistreatment of the common people by the government and temple. Their message was woke: “open your eyes and ears, repent and start treating others with compassion and justice!” Sound familiar? Yes, this was Jesus’ message too. It was beyond any politics.

The Cambridge Dictionary says woke is: be aware, especially of social problems such as racism and inequality. The Merriam-Webster definition is: aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues, especially issues of racial and social injustice. African American history was also familiar with woke in its music and lore during slavery, longing to be free from oppression. It was rich in the Bible’s stories and lament.

Why do some want to twist this meaning and hurl it against others?

So, if someone says we are woke, it’s something to celebrate! As Jesus’ disciples we are called to follow the hard path of compassion and personal sacrifice for the welfare of others and our planet. Woke applauds the courage to wake up and come to oneself, as the parable tells us the Prodigal Son did. It opposes any grab for money or power over others. It is part of our spiritual heritage. Being Jesus’ people is nothing to be ashamed of. I think this church could even be called Woke in its faithful compassion for people in need, people seeking a safe home, children hungry and much, much more. And we know how to celebrate!

This woman is a true Christian and I love how she defined Woke.

June 9, 2023

Burisma now is the new Beneghazi

Switched over to Fox and the trailer trash is saying Biden is guilty of money laundering and hidden accounts for the last 10 years.

May 30, 2023

I am highly suspicious of this no labels party

In my local paper the SF Chronicle they had a letter to the editor espousing how great it would
Be to have a no labels candidate. My bs detector went off immediately.

I will always vote Democratic.

Here is the letter:

Break the party system

We are living in a time when our political system is deeply fractured. Both Republicans and Democrats seem more interested in engaging in partisan warfare than in uniting to address the needs of constituents.

It’s no wonder we’re seeing widespread dissatisfaction and mistrust in our democratic institutions. And with over 40% of the electorate now considering themselves independent, there’s never been a greater urgency for a different choice.

No Labels, a nationwide movement composed of Republicans, Democrats and independents, represents such a refreshing alternative. It is building an infrastructure for an independent unity ticket to run in the 2024 presidential elections in response to historically unpopular nominees. No Labels is not positioning itself to be a spoiler; it’s offering a way to steer the political system of our nation back to stability and common sense.

Critics who call third-party presidential candidates spoilers are clinging to an outdated perspective that doesn’t reflect how broken our system has become. At the core of our democracy is the freedom to choose — limiting that only continues the partisan dysfunction.

We should embrace what No Labels is presenting. It’s a chance for a more robust democracy, offering solutions that neither Republicans or Democrats seem willing to tackle.

Xxxxxx chair, No Labels California Party

I would bet this same letter is posted in a lot of letters to the editor throughout the country now.
And I bet there is Republican money behind it big time.

Anyone seen this similar letter to the editor?

May 20, 2023

Last night we watched Victor/Victoria with Julie Andrews, James Garner and Robert Preston

After reading about all the anti LGBTQ laws going on in Florida and other red states I can’t help but think this movie would be banned. It was made in1982 and I remember seeing it then and enjoying it. My husband had never seen it and we talked about how this movie couldn’t have even been made now. Men dressing as a woman and a woman dressing like a man and a woman pretending to be a gay man who is a drag queen. I read Peter Sellers was supposed to have the Robert Preston role

Blake Edwards was a genius.

April 24, 2023

I can't tell you how happy I am today that Tucker wont be polluting our airwaves anymore

I was so bummed over the dominion lawsuit outcome so this is like icing on the cake.

No more of that immoral jerk lying and dividing us.

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