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kimbutgar's Journal
kimbutgar's Journal
July 25, 2020

They are brain damaged at this point

So much brain washing has damaged their brains and destroyed neurons. And their pre frontal cortexes ( reasoning, empathy part ) are permanently paralyzed.

They are truly goners.

My husband works with quite a few of them and they are unreachable..

June 6, 2020

In 1994 I went to Atlanta to attend my Dad's military reunion for black veterans

Never had been to the south before and the day after the convention we had a free day so we asked the concierge what would be a good place to go. He suggested Stone Mountain. We rented a car and drove out there. I never knew the history of that mountain. Anyway we took the tram up and this guy on the tram kept saying this is a monument or the greatness of whites people And white power ! I am a light skinned black woman married to a white man and our son was almost 3 in his stroller. I turned away from that guy not wanting him to see the fear in my heart and eyes. He had no idea what I was. We got to the top and I was off that tram so quickly I told my husband to deal with our son in the stroller. Once up there it was a striking view but very hot and we didn’t stay up there long. But I noticed there were only white people up there. It hit me all of a sudden this was a monument to the confederacy. And we left and went back down. I grew up in San Francisco and honestly was not a history buff then. I brought a souvenir kitchen coaster with my name on it that had Stone Mountain engraved on it. To this day I have it in my kitchen and chuckle.

But that guy saying white power will always stay in my memory.

June 6, 2020

Philippine Dissenters May Face Terrorist Designation Sorry if it's already been posted

MANILA — President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines is expected to sign sweeping antiterrorism legislation that critics said on Thursday would allow the authorities to classify government opponents as terrorists and detain people for critical social media posts.

The measure, which has passed both houses of Congress, neared finalization as the United Nations released a scathing report that cites widespread human rights violations under Mr. Duterte, including the extrajudicial killing of more than 8,000 people.

Despite years of international and domestic criticism over rights abuses, Mr. Duterte appears eager to double down on his strategy of suppressing dissent and to give the police an even freer hand to crack down.

Critics said the legislation was so broadly written that it would allow the arrest and detention of people without a warrant or a charge for criticizing the government or acts such as causing property damage or carrying a weapon.


This is MF45 wet dream playbook. I wonder if Duarte is also a putin puppet.

This is what will happen to us if we don’t vote every last republican out of office. Smash them like cockroaches. They have shown us what they are by not speaking out against the police terrorism we are experiencing with the brutality of Americans in our country .

June 3, 2020

Sun Tzu, The art of War

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
May 17, 2020

We all have to take a pledge that no matter what the poll numbers say that Biden is ahead

We must vote like he is behind. Otherwise the USA is DOA as a country.

That Orange evil Phat pfuk needs to go!

December 28, 2019

In the early nineties i worked for an investment banking firm as Silicon Valley was taking off.

Apple was starting to gain momentum and the firm got a piece of the investment banking pie of these high tech companies. They used to give us bonuses twice a year. A few times I got bonuses of at least $50,000 part of it was an IRA contribution. I saved those bonus letters and can’t believe I got so much. I saved those bonuses and used them as a down payment on my house and had my kitchen remodeled and expanded and to this day still have much of that money in my IRA. In 2007 I moved the IRA from mutual funds into cash. I had left that business in 1996 and the broker told me I was crazy to cash out now. After the market crashed in 2008 he called and asked me if I had any more insight in the market and if I wanted to come work for him. I said “no I like the money but not the early morning hours”. A guy I worked with at the time kept his money in those mutual finds and he got pretty much wiped out sadly in 2008.

Saw Steve Jobs several times in our offices he was a jerk in real life) sadly.

August 12, 2018

My sister has the same problem

She has no control and has to wear diapers. She is only 68 and I feel so bad for her. She has cut down on her eating because of it. She takes so many meds for it, I wonder if they are part of the cause.

December 10, 2017

Because The Democrats have more intergrity and think elections should be won fair and square

Rethugs have no integrity and will fight to win by any means necessary. Even if they have to lie,
Steal and cheat.

But I remember reading that Democrats resorted to dirty tricks in the 50’s and 60’s stuffing ballot boxes. In the past they weren’t so squeaky clean. But today’s rethugs are masters of cheating way and beyond what the Dems did. To me the foreogn inference is the lowest of Love.

May 31, 2016

Those veteran charities that trump the goblin donated the money to should be investigated

I wouldn't put it past trump to have those" charities" donate the money back to him as campaign donations.

May 22, 2016

My Mother passed away this afternoon

She was almost 94 in failing health. 3 weeks ago she was in the hospital with a bladder infection that went septic and her kidneys shut down. Her wonderful caregivers massaged her kidneys and basically were her nurses at the hospital. She was in the hospital for 6 days and I had her brought home under hospice. She seemed happy coming home and was eating baby food. Last night she refused food. Today, Her caregiver called me and told me I should come to her house. When I saw her I knew she was going to leave me. I held her hand and told her I loved her and it was ok if she moved on. About 45 minutes later she passed while I was holding her hand. It was such a peaceful spiritual moment. Since 2008 I was taking care of her financial affairs and had excellent caregivers living with her who became my family also. They treated my Mom like she was their baby and mother. Her years with them were happy. Up until May 1st we all went out for lunch which was sadly her last outing. After she passed they cleaned her up. Put on a clean change of clothes, put on her blue eyeshadow, lipstick and traced her eyebrows. She looked so beautiful. It wasn't until the mortuary came and took her that we all lost it. Yesterday was my 27th wedding anniversary and I feel somehow my mom hung on so I wouldn't associate her death the same day.

But the really strange thing was when I got the call, I left my house immediately about 4 blocks from my house I saw a car parked on the street that was the same car my parents had when my Dad passed. I made my mother sell it because it was a big car and wanted her to drive a smaller one. At that moment. I knew then I was going to lose my Mother. My Dad's car was coming for her I thought at that moment. My Mother is at peace tonight. She lived a good life and traveled the world. She was a gadfly fasihionista woman with a sparkling personality. And I was proud she was my Mother.

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