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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Home country: USA
Current location: Mobile, Alabama
Member since: Tue May 31, 2011, 10:44 AM
Number of posts: 3,312

Journal Archives

Bannon went too far...


“Steve Bannon mocks Joe Scarborough's University of Alabama education, gets Lynyrd Skynyrd response”

Stumping for embattled Republican Senate Roy Moore Monday night in Midland, Alabama, Breitbart News executive chairman Steve Bannon mocked MSNBC host Joe Scarborough by telling the crowd he went to much better schools - Georgetown and Harvard - than the former Florida Congressman.



SKINNER is a Russian BOT! The cumulative ...

... evidence is overwhelming. As much as it pains all of us, it looks like DU will have to be shut down. I don’t see any other solution.

For those of you who are not already familiar with the timeline, I’ll lay it out.

Several weeks ago, an administrator at Free Republic, "SeanStone", posted a cryptic message on that site saying “Soon - as soon as we get the story tidied up - it’ll be Skinner’s turn in the barrel”.

6 hours later, another freeper, "NotABot1917", posted a link to the following 2015 tweet by Skinner:

Skinner: (bird)

Oh yeah, Right. I'm a Russian bot. Good one.

11:21 AM - August 16, 2015
57 32 106

"NotABot1917" also said that he worked with Skinner on the site Discussionist around the time of the tweet, and that they were working late one evening when he asked Skinner if he wanted to order pizza from Comet Pong Pong. Skinner allegedly replied “Nyet..., uhh, I mean 'No'. No thanks”.

Message boards lit up and wasted little time running with the story. Skinner immediately issued a statement saying “Really? Are you all idiots over there? I would never turn down pizza. I like pizza”.

But 30 minutes later, a Cave poster tweeted that he had met Skinner at a junior high school football game in the late 70s. “RoidMoore14” said he was 32 and single, and attended the game to admire the cheerleaders after leaving the mall when a "misunderstanding" had resulted in some guy named Paul Blartt asking him to not return. He says he overheard Skinner at the concessions stand telling a hot little 7th grader “I have a Comrade 64 at home”, or something to that effect (he admits being distracted because the 7th grader was blonde and, well, a 7th grader). He says he was surprised that so many Russians could fit in Skinner's house, and he contemporaneously mentioned that to the 7th grader later that same night under the bleachers.

Almost immediately following that tweet, a JPR poster named “LeftierThanThou” came forward to announce that she once saw Skinner at a County Fair where he was irate that the food truck vendor didn’t have caviar OR vodka, and that he had to settle for stale funnel cake and a diet Fresca. The post received 43,000,000 recs in just under 11 minutes. Much credibility was given this account because it came from a site that's not considered conservative and is known for being highly resistant to Russian influence.

Skinner issued more statements, including “WTF?”, “Seriously?”, and “You've gotta be kidding me”, and said he welcomed an official internet Message Board Investigation.

Later that day, however, Jones Alexander's site - BullShitWars - published a story revealing that 3 new accusers had anonymously refused to come forward to report similar behavior. One claimed that Skinner, as a child, frequently rooted AGAINST Rocky and Bullwinkle. The second alleges that he sometimes rode his horse shirtless (Skinner was shirtless - not the horse... although, I guess the horse was technically shirtless too). The third source says Skinner once grabbed his waist and twice firmly said “I’m a Russian Bot. No really. I am”. The source indignantly shouted "I don't let Ms. O'Keefe grab me like that in public, and I never heard of Veritas. Stop saying that!"

Within days, more than 30 DUers were calling for Skinner to step down and close the site, saying that they believe the accusers because it was on the internet. "It would be extremely unlikely that all of these accusers who are from different sites and don't know each other would just make up stupid shit for nefarious purposes, no matter how made-up, stupid and nefarious it sounds" said DUer "MorganFairchild'sHusband". Long time DUer "IvanBotskyandYouCanToo" noted that Cucker Tarlson was being mean and making fun of DU, and "that has to stop because people in Alabama won't start visiting our site". Moderator "SebGorkaIsMyCodeName" also reported hearing a White House leak that Skinner may have attended the Trump Tower meeting as "Russian number 17". Many other DU members are simply concerned that these revelations could be interpreted as conceding the moral high ground to Breibart News, causing Bannon to ask "the what?"

Folks, this is simply too much. All of these accounts are suspicious and lack credibility on their own, but now there are a lot of them, all together, in one place. That has to mean something. And we haven't even heard from the more than 144 million other Russians who haven't yet accused Skinner.

Skinner is expected to make an announcement later today after consulting with friends and family. Brace yourselves.


Sexual assault and sexual harassment victims need our support, and the culture needs to change. But anyone who takes an objective and close look at this Franken "scandal" can damn well see that the probability that it's an orchestrated take down of a Dem who consistently goes after and embarrasses this administration is pretty freakin' high. But I guess that's unlikely in the age of Swiftboat, Veritas, Rovian politics, etc..., huh?

Victims are not served or respected by this kind of crap. We're losing one of our best today, and it sucks. It's also very - VERY - convenient for republicans and the White House. We've been outplayed again by people without a conscience, and this time they played our collective conscience against us beautifully. Gee. I wonder if we're going to see this tactic again?

Threads about the rampant divisiveness ARE divisive...

... and threads about the divisiveness of the divisiveness are equally divisive.

And threads about the divisiveness of the divisive divisiveness are still divisive.

Shit. I can’t stop!

I have the perfect strategy!!! Pelosi should ...

... draft a HUGE tax cut bill for the wealthy, attaching a Confederate Monument Preservation Act and a mandatory concealed carry "firearm in every school child's pocket" declaration, and .... and ...

... and then attach Trump's impeachment articles to it!

The ensuing comedy would be gold, I tell you. Pure GOLD.

Many Trump voters are NOT a lost cause...

... I live in a very red state. I know many personally. Sure. There are a lot of dicks who support him. He's a dick, so dicks are drawn to him. And dicks tend to be loud and do dickish things that draw attention to their dickishness. I don't personally know a lot of these people, but I see them and have some interaction with them. They are there, no doubt.

But in addition to the dicks, there are a lot of people who were taken in by the dick's carnival show. They were swept up by the crazy, the anti-Clinton drum beat, and the Russian social media strategy. These people are not dicks. And the more he and his administration act like dicks, the more distance they put between themselves and the circus. But they're quiet about it. They don't talk politics around the water cooler.

We have to STOP shitting on republican voters. Shit on Trump. Shit on his administration. Shit on his policies. All fair game. But there is ZERO political capital to be gained from shitting on republican voters generally and in a personal way. If they are true supporters, they'll wear your criticism as a badge of honor anyway. If they are having second thoughts (as I know many are), your dickishness will simply drive them more securely into the arms of the republicans in 2020. I'd rather they were offered an alternative. Or at least encouraged to stay home.

Treating them like shit (and I've done it some myself) is strategically stupid. My dad use to tell me to try not to be stupid. If he were still here, I think he'd remind me of that.

Comrades - you must stop silly resistance to re-fighting again the primary...

Trust me on this. I see your Underground Democrat has a rule about this, yes? Disregard this rule. It is good to fight and hold grudge, is it not? It is good to demand allegiance to party. It is also good to demand that party change.

Socialist Squirrel supporters were disloyal to Establishment Moose. This cannot be forgotten. And, Moose supporters treated Squirrel unfairly. Moose must be hated forever.

Some say Squirrel and Moose both want what is good for other animals in forest. This is lie. Fake news. If you are Squirrel, you must never trust Moose. If you are Moose, you cannot depend on Squirrel.

Moose and Squirrel must never, NEVER work together.

Have nice day.

Ivan Botsky.

I think the entire MSM is missing the point...

This might be a little tinfoiley - but All the questions about what and when Trump knew about Flynn's actions become irrelevant when you start to see this thing as Trump working for Flynn, not the other way around.

Someone on MSNBC said a little while ago that Flynn was one of the first people willing to meet with Trump in 2015 - when everyone else thought he was a joke.

Obviously, Flynn sought out Trump. He was selected for this political gambit because he already had his own deep ties to Russia and it's oligarchs, and he was stupid enough to do it. Flynn was his handler. Trump knew only what Flynn told him.

Anyone else want to try on this hat?

Little help re Maddow's show last night.

She did a short segment on a recent poll of Dems and pugs support of the Syrian bombing by Trump vs support for Obama's suggestion of bombing in 2013. Very revealing. Showed that Dem support was essentially unchanged (38% v 37%) while pugs went from 22% to 86% in favor. That's all you need to conclusively prove that 64% of republicans are idiots who only see donkeys and elephants. The parties are the same my ass!

I didn't catch the name of the poll, but want the graphic to torment my republican friends this weekend. Anyone know where I can find it? Thanks in advance.

Spicer wears flag pin upside down...

... and refuses to fix it when it's pointed out to him...

Clearly a distress signal...

From Cosmo


White House press secretary Sean Spicer arrived at the Friday press conference wearing an upside-down American flag pin on his lapel.

Fortunately for Spicer, the White House press corps brought it to his attention.

“Your pin’s upside-down,” Fox News’s John Roberts said.

“John Roberts, always helping with the fashion tips,” Spicer responded. However, that didn't get Spicer to fix the issue.

“It’s still upside-down,” another reporter had to remind him.

Of course, that didn't stop the internet from taking Spicer to task - and asking him if the upside down flag was secretly a cry for help.

And they did. The tweets are priceless and worth the click.

This was Friday. If it's already been posted, lock me up...

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