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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Home country: USA
Current location: Mobile, Alabama
Member since: Tue May 31, 2011, 10:44 AM
Number of posts: 3,312

Journal Archives

Many Trump voters are NOT a lost cause...

... I live in a very red state. I know many personally. Sure. There are a lot of dicks who support him. He's a dick, so dicks are drawn to him. And dicks tend to be loud and do dickish things that draw attention to their dickishness. I don't personally know a lot of these people, but I see them and have some interaction with them. They are there, no doubt.

But in addition to the dicks, there are a lot of people who were taken in by the dick's carnival show. They were swept up by the crazy, the anti-Clinton drum beat, and the Russian social media strategy. These people are not dicks. And the more he and his administration act like dicks, the more distance they put between themselves and the circus. But they're quiet about it. They don't talk politics around the water cooler.

We have to STOP shitting on republican voters. Shit on Trump. Shit on his administration. Shit on his policies. All fair game. But there is ZERO political capital to be gained from shitting on republican voters generally and in a personal way. If they are true supporters, they'll wear your criticism as a badge of honor anyway. If they are having second thoughts (as I know many are), your dickishness will simply drive them more securely into the arms of the republicans in 2020. I'd rather they were offered an alternative. Or at least encouraged to stay home.

Treating them like shit (and I've done it some myself) is strategically stupid. My dad use to tell me to try not to be stupid. If he were still here, I think he'd remind me of that.

Comrades - you must stop silly resistance to re-fighting again the primary...

Trust me on this. I see your Underground Democrat has a rule about this, yes? Disregard this rule. It is good to fight and hold grudge, is it not? It is good to demand allegiance to party. It is also good to demand that party change.

Socialist Squirrel supporters were disloyal to Establishment Moose. This cannot be forgotten. And, Moose supporters treated Squirrel unfairly. Moose must be hated forever.

Some say Squirrel and Moose both want what is good for other animals in forest. This is lie. Fake news. If you are Squirrel, you must never trust Moose. If you are Moose, you cannot depend on Squirrel.

Moose and Squirrel must never, NEVER work together.

Have nice day.

Ivan Botsky.
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