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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Home country: USA
Current location: Mobile, Alabama
Member since: Tue May 31, 2011, 10:44 AM
Number of posts: 3,318

Journal Archives

Voted. Mobile AL. I've voted at this precinct ...

... for 25 years. The longest line I have ever waited in was perhaps 15-20 people. There were more than 200 ahead of me today. I got there about 45 mins after they opened.

A lot of young people and POC - pretty unusual for this precinct. There was a holding line for people updating their information. Maybe 30 people or so. All young, and mostly black. And the clothing was overwhelmingly blue- enough to notice it. That probably means nothing, but who knows.

Itís all anecdotal, but still a good omen. Biden wonít win Alabama. But if turn out looks like this nationally, Iím optimistic. And it has to be good for Doug Jones.

I need a little advice. We have a new puppy. About 20 weeks. She ...

... easily learned to take her Тяцмрs outside, but still pees on the kitchen floor occasionally, and my wife is getting impatient.

I think she will eventually get it, but I admit that Iíve never had a dog resist housebreaking quite this long. I have housebroken quite a few dogs over the years, but my ďsecretĒ was taking them out regularly and on schedule, praising their work, and just waiting on them to figure it out.

We scold her (mildly) when she wets the floor, but we seldom catch her in the act as I suspect she knows sheís not supposed to do it and sneaks around. She is very smart, but sheís a democrat and seems to resist authority.

Any suggestions or reassurances would be appreciated.

Sorry. I never do this. But ...

... a couple of days ago someone posted a great video of a young woman covering Stevie Nicksí Dreams. It was beautiful and I wanted to show my daughter, but I canít find it. Help me out DU

So THIS is the stupidity we now have to tolerate ...

...Owner of the Broken IPhone store in Mobile Alabama wonít allow ďcommunistĒ masks in his store. What an asshole.


This article on Drew Brees' statement is ...

... one of the best Iíve seen. Well written. Wanted to share it.


Holeeee Crap. I ventured into The Primaries forum ...

... some over the last couple of days. I have done a fair job of avoiding that the last 6 months or so, but my curiosity got the better of my judgment, and itís time to vote. So ..... I was optimistic. I was hopeful. Well. I was deluded. The circular firing squads have formed, and they are impressive.

All I will say is that republican operatives and strategists could save a lot of time/effort and get high quality opposition research on EACH of our candidates right here on DU.

Lord help us.

And vote BLUE. Shit people. Please.

Admins: I surmised this was a general enough gripe to be acceptable here in GD. Frankly Iím a little scared to join in over there any more than I have. Mean streets.

Someone, somewhere, KNOWS what was ...

... planned for Ambassador Yavonovitch. Someone with the means and authority realized it and set up the expedited extraction. Someone took steps to protect her.

Itís time that someone came forward publicly with what they know.
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