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BigDemVoter's Journal
BigDemVoter's Journal
July 25, 2016

Why all the alerts?

EVERY time I come to DU, I am asked to be part of a jury. . . . I used to be asked maybe once or twice per every 2 months?

I understand that emotions are running high, and it's difficult not to feel explosive under these circumstances. My irritability has definitely gotten worse.

I definitely supported Bernie. I am not happy about what's gone on. . . I definitely feel angry and betrayed. Nonetheless, I can't forget who the REAL enemy is, and his name is Donald Trump.

Whatever I feel about HRC right now is irrelevant. I'm voting for her. Do I love HRC? Nope. But I don't have to love Hillary to vote for her.

The facts are glaringly simple: Donald Trump is a huge danger to our country, whereas Hillary is NOT. Hillary, WHATEVER one may think of her, is brilliant. Hillary will have an extremely smart and capable cabinet. I don't even have a problem with Kaine, as I appreciate his anti-NRA stance, and I like the fact that he was a civil rights attorney. It's very, very difficult to find somebody who agrees 100%.

We need to stop fighting about this.

March 13, 2016

More B.S. about how Democrats & Repigs "both behave badly. . ."

I spotted two extremely obnoxious points in the NYT today (of course there are many more, but I'm only talking about these 2). .. .

The first one was in an article about "Trump's Heated Words Destined to Stir Violence" (I will try to get a link). . . This PISSED me off more than I can express.
Richard Daley, son of former Chicago Democratic Mayor, said: "Both sides are fueling this. . ."

The next article involved Trump supporters attacking protesters at a rally on the outskirts of New Orleans:
"Yet the protesters, too, have sometimes instigated the clashes. They fling themselves to the ground, forcing law enforcement officers — often outmanned and overwhelmed — to drag them away. They also shout and curse, making obscene gestures as they are led from events. And Friday night in Chicago, in perhaps the best-organized effort so far, they came not to simply stand quietly but to utterly halt Mr. Trump’s ability to deliver his speech."

Wow--the protesters flung themselves to the ground, shouted and cursed and made obscene gestures, and THIS, THIS THIS was enough for these assholes to condone VIOLENCE against them????

*I am trying to add link

November 6, 2015

Carson says, "Trans individuals make people uncomfortable. . ."

GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson suggested creating separate public bathrooms for transgender people in an interview with Fusion's Jorge Ramos Thursday.

When Ramos asked Carson if transgender men and women should be able to use any public bathroom they choose, Carson responded, "How about we have a transgender bathroom?"

"It is not fair for them to make everybody else uncomfortable," Carson added. "It's one of the things that I don't particularly like about the movement."

That crazy F*CK should speak for himself. . . .


November 5, 2015

Rude Pundit Re: Kentucky Elections

Check this out. It's a map of the state of Kentucky, with its counties featured.

The ones in blue voted for Democrat Jack Conway in yesterday's gubernatorial election. The ones in red voted for Republican Matt Bevin. Even though those blue counties have the cities, Bevin still won because, well, look at all that red. 106 out of 120 counties went for Bevin who campaigned, among other things, on rolling back the Affordable Care Act's state Medicaid expansion that has given 400,000 Kentuckians health care. Oh, and he doesn't want the queers to get married, among other ultra-conservative stands. - See more at:


September 22, 2015

Too much cocaine?

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