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Current location: San Francisco, CA
Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2011, 03:29 PM
Number of posts: 3,920

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Paula White's head is going to spin around with green vomit undulating from her pie hole.

I could probably look around and find this, but any idea when Pennsylvania will be called?

It seems I heard they would get it done today? Maybe I'm mistaken. I have a seriously terrible headache.

Raw Story, yeah, but I'll take it.


Who else thinks Trump is high right now?

My guess is that it's a combo of uppers and a downer to calm him a little. . . . I think he's completely knocked on his ass high right now.


Susan isn't too concerned now that she's getting some money. She'll only be "concerned" if she thinks people will find out about it.

He won't be able to leave one topic for another, a he will be constantly

trying to rebut what soon to be President Elect Biden has said.

He is looking like a puffed up hog right now.

A BRILLIANT tactic on Obama's part.

I am 100% certain this was planned to the nth degree.

Obama chewed Pussy-Grabber up today in Pennsylvania. How convenient that Pussy-Grabber will be debating tomorrow night, as he will be absolutely squealing with rage.

I cannot wait.

Tim Miller Tweet re: Republicans reporting "unease" on background about

Pussy-Grabber's 'white supremacist two step.'


Nancy Pelosi takes down Wolf Blitzer. . .

I have NEVER had any use for Blitzer--not for one sec. I always thought he was a blow-hard with nothing to say other than trivial, soft ball questions he likes to pitch to repigs under the pretense of being "tough." He is completely full of shit, and I cannot understand WHY he's paid the amount of money I'm sure he makes doing the bullshit he does. He's not even good at bullshitting, and he's a total failure at hiding his repiggy tendencies.

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