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Current location: San Francisco, CA
Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2011, 03:29 PM
Number of posts: 3,920

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I'm just sitting at my desk at work and am contemplating some possibilities regarding

Pussy-Grabber's behavior. . .

I won't feel any kind of relief until Joe Biden is safely elected. BUT. . . I DO feel very cautiously optimistic.

IF we smash Pussy-Grabber in the general election with a complete landslide that he won't be able to dispute in any kind of effective manner, what is the possibility of him attending Biden's inauguration? We all know the drill where the outgoing President and First Lady host the incoming President and First Lady. The outgoing and incoming ride in car together. Does anybody really think Pussy-Grabber would do this? And not only that, IF he did, can you imagine the expression on his face? He would have his arms folded in front of him with that ridiculous scowl on his fat, ugly mug.

And then what will happen? Will Joe just show up at an empty White House and ride in car alone? These are such ridiculous questions, but I'm curious!

And the worse Pussy-Grabber behaves, the worse the humiliation for him. I'm already smiling just thinking of it.

I loathe all of them, but there is ONE I TRULY wouldn't mind seeing in a nasty battle

with Covid 19. . . His name is Bill Barr, and he is Pussy-Grabber's emotional support hog. He has done more damage and is probably one of the most dangerous of all the sycophants lurking around the West Wing. He is repulsive in every sense of the word.

I think I hate this pig of a Supreme Court Justice more than any of them, but it IS a close call

with that drunk, frat boy, Brett Kavenaugh. . . .


I really dislike Andrea Mitchell.

She is just as much of a repig as she's always been.

She is on MSNBC trying to bait Biden's senior adviser, Ron Klain, into the "both siderism" debate because Biden told Pussy-Grabber to "shut up." Obviously, Klain didn' take the bait and turned the tables on Mitchell.

The other interviewee is Michael Steele whom I don't particularly like, but at least he's a complete realist as well and won't buy Mitchell's attempt to smear Biden.

Senator Booker suggests an appeal to the repigs' "sense of decency."

Hmmm. I wonder how that will work out?


Ron Paul had a stroke on camera. . . .

I just wish it were Pussy-Grabber.


Yet millions o fAmericans love him and cheer wildly. . . .


Somebody, help me out here. If we win the White House and the Senate and keep

the House which we SHOULD, I understand that one big threat the Dems have made is to increase the number of justices on the SCOTUS. . . Sounds like a fabulous plan to me, but is it even feasible?

I wonder if Jill Stein or Susan Sarandon

think that Hillary would be "just as bad as Trump" now?

Fuck them both. . .

While I'm glad Pence's top Homeland Security Aide has come out for Biden,

I have got news for her. . . . There is and there will be NO restoring of integrity to the filthy, lying repig party. . . It's done, and all of its members have jumped on board the Pussy-Grabber Express, and that train is about to crash off a bridge. . . .

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