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Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2011, 03:29 PM
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Whoa. . .

I remember Walter Kronkite on the evening news. . . I NEVER thought I would hear a news anchor using the word "bullshit" to describe a president's actions. . . I just did. Chris Cuomo just called bullshit on Pussy-Grabber marketing Goya Beans!

I'm not shedding any tears over this one. . . .

What an absolute, vile human being.


Can't say I would wish it on her, but I also can't say there are many other candidates who would

deserve it more. . . What a complete and utter racist, xenophobic piece of SHIT. Karma sucks for some people, huh?

I just watched the racist video of this woman, and I have changed my mind. Some people are incorrigible and deserve what they get. What a horrid human being.


Jenna Ellis, one of Pussy-Grabber's attorneys, shows her ASS on CNN.

This may have already been posted--it probably has. . . But it just exhausted me to watch it. She is almost as exhausting as Kellyanne Conway. I just wanted to scream at her, "Shut the FUCK up!" She NEVER stops talking. . . .


The Orange Pussy-Grabber doesn't like being denied his wishes. . .

Seriously. What president behaves like this? I already know the answer. . . I guess I'm asking myself what kind of people are willing to put up with this shit and vote for him? I DO know a few. . . And his enablers in Congress? Jesus Christ. Have they no fucking shame? Nope, they don't. This is worse than pathetic.

Pardon the source, as it comes from RawStory, but I'm sure it's legitimate.

And if he does fuck with the spending bill for the DOD, he won't keep too many of his dwindling supporters in the military other than those QAnon ass wipes.


It sounds like the Buffalo, NY Policle Department needs to clean up its act.

This source IS Raw Story for what it's worth. . . . I guess these fuckers think it's ok to beat up old people? Hell, I'm not saying it's ok to beat up YOUNG people either. . . .

But I watched the video, and two officers just walked off, leaving an elderly gentleman bleeding from his ear and the back of his head. As a nurse, I can say they could have killed him easily. And I can just imagine what they might have done had he been African American.

Why the fuck do these people think it's ok to do this? If there is something I don't know or am simply not aware of, please feel free to enlighten me. But from what I DID see, it seems it was a clear case of police brutality towards someone who was absolutely not a threat.


My apologies-- I think this is posted in LBN too.

Susie Q is "concerned."

Fuck her.


I had an interesting chat with my niece and nephews today.

They wanted to play the blame game on why we are in this situataion today. I have never one time voted for a fucking republican, not ONCE. Furthermore, none of my friends would vote for one either.

I was more than annoyed hearing them blame my entire generation for this shit show we are in. I reminded them that all three of them were of voting age in 2016 and in the years to come, they very well might find THEMELVES blamed for Pussy-Grabber and the worsening of the disaster we were ALREADY in visi a vis, healthcare, retirement, etc. That sure got them to shut their pie holes. . .

Did I hear this right on Brian Williams?

On Q-Anon website, there is a recipe for 'home brew" with hydroxychloroquine? I may be old, and I may be jaded, but SURELY I misheard this? Someone, please tell me our fellow Americans aren't this FUCKING stupid? Surely this cannot be true?

For the fucking record, Pussy-Grabber is NOT

taking hydroxychloroquine. He's lying through his fucking teeth. I cannot believe the "tut tutting" about it. He is such a goddamned liar. I simply cannot believe how everybody is falling for more of his shit.

He just cannot admit he was wrong, so now he's bloviaitng about how he's actually taking it. What horseshit. I dont beieve one fucking word he says.
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