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BigDemVoter's Journal
BigDemVoter's Journal
December 17, 2016

They have their own "news station."

Why can't we have ours? If it's a question of $$, I would think RIGHT NOW would be the time to ask wealthy liberals along with everybody else to hop on board. As long as liberals are in the minority and have a common and vulgar enemy in common, then perhaps they can keep from fighting amongst themselves and stay in message about these traitors.

WHY don't we have one? I remember --what was it? Air America? But I' not talking about a show or anything like that. We need a NETWORK like Fox. . .

December 16, 2016

This is completely simplistic.

But I really think the best way we have of needling this thin skinned piece of shit is for the press and media (think "SNL&quot to just keep mocking him. I just read the Vanity Fair article that caused his Twitter tantrum after they made fun of the "Trump Grill". . .

Oh, wait. . . . It's not the "Trump Grill" but the "Trump Grille." It made fun of really. . . . everything.
"And like all exclusive bastions of haute cuisine, there is a sandwich board in front advertising two great prix fixe deals."
The food looks utterly revolting. . . . There's a picture of the Fuhrer's famous "Taco Bowl" with some slop in it. . . But I think what really blew the Small-Handed One out of the water was the blatantly true insinuation that his restaurant was not a "high class" establishment. In fact, "insinuation" is the wrong word to use. They WROTE that it was quite possibly the worst restaurant in the country.

These Twitter tantrums can be a big risk for all of us, but also for that melon-hued idiot. Hopefully he can be needled into outraging even some of those Neanderthals who voted for him. The things that get him are things that question his:
--the fact he lost the popular vote by 3 million votes
--ANYTHING that makes fun of him or makes him look more foolish than he already does ---If SNL plays their cards right, they will drive him around the bend
--Any suggestion publicly that he was spurned by ANYBODY and have somebody make public jokes about it (seriously)
--Any suggestion that he "won" by cheating

Oh yes-- and if it ever comes to the point that he DOES get impeached? He'll be worse than Nixon. He will go absolutely ballistic. I mean totally batshit crazy, and that's when he'll be at his most dangerous for all of us. Hopefully we'll have a Democratic Congress by then who can authorize a Swat Team to go in and net him and bring him out appropriately hog tied and (hopefully) screaming.

This is really, really pathetic that this making fun of him is the type thing he'll react to. As long as he has the opportunity to be imperial and ride around in his 747 and have "Hail to the Chief" played every time he sits on the pot and slithers around, he won't mind. But ANYTHING that pierces his armor-- and that would be ANYTHING broadcast publicly, will send him around the bend. This is why I am really willing to pay for new subscriptions to ANY media that will give this Orange Fuck a run for his blood money.

December 14, 2016

We ALL need a bit of fun around here.

I'm at work (can't you tell?). . . . I've been sitting in my office thinking about tRump's reaction should he be denied the presidency by the Electoral voters. . . . Just sitting here a few moments fantasizing about it brought a smile to my face.

Good god. . . . He would throw the biggest fucking public temper tantrum ever witnessed. . . It would be a spectacle to end all spectacles. I would personally PAY a LOT of money to see it. Furthermore, the tantrum would be so awful and delicious to watch that not a soul in this country would see him as somebody fit for the Oval Office. I wouldn't put it past him to throw himself kicking and screaming onto the floor. . . . Seriously.

December 13, 2016

So. . . Just imagining that President Obama releases a smoking gun with clear fingerprints--

i.e. documented collusion between the Donald and Russians. . . Evidence showing the tRump campaign was in on the whole thing, etc. . . .

WTF happens next? Is it the same scenario as an impeachment? I don't think he could ever take office, nor could his VP. . .

How the fuck would this be handled? His entire CAMPAIGN is suspect now, so I can't see how they could choose a successor under THESE circumstances? ("these" meaning IF President Obama, etc released a smoking gun.. . .)
On edit-- I am 110% certain that Obama would be delighted to release this information, as he would be protecting the country.

December 11, 2016

Put a 50-foot high fence around a large state

and put ALL of these people in it. The 'nice' couple coming out of the mobile home with their small child will have that same child screaming racist epithets within a few years.


Oh wait; a fence will be built around them to keep them away from us, and YES . . . . THEY will pay for it!

December 8, 2016

These fucking Republicans and "their" goddamned taxes. . . .

I ALREADY have very, very little patience with people who piss, bitch and moan about their income taxes. I live in California, a high cost state in the very, very high cost city of San Francisco. Yes, I pay a hefty chunk of my income in state and federal taxes every year. The safety net California provides, while far, far, far from perfect, exceeds the very best in ALL the red states.

Now, for my rant, and this has been marinating all day after seeing some tRump-supporting FOOL bitch about his taxes on television this morning.

I was curious, as I have always heard that red states are the "taker" states (I apologize to all my left wing friends in red states) while blue states are usually the "giver" states.
Well, lo and behold. . . . .


Those hypocritical pig fuckers!


It gets worse. . . . . These rural red states like Wyoming and Montana get an exponential "bang for their buck"

. . .. "As a result each of Wyoming's three electoral votes corresponds to 177,556 people. Understood in one way, these people have 3.18 times as much clout in the Electoral College as an average American, or 318%". . .

This is some fucked up shit. We pay more taxes for those goddamned, worthless Republican states, YET our votes don't carry the same wallop that those of the pig fuckers do.

I am really disgusted--not at the fact that we pay taxes--but that we are underrepresented (fuck the electoral college) and that we have to subsidize those neanderthals and indirectly pay for their care after they fall down drunk in the goddamned outhouse.

December 2, 2016

So, I saw GWB "abstained" from voting for president?

There is always the risk of fake news, but it was linked on Huffingtonpost (NOT that this makes it true!). If true, what a startling example of a spineless pathetic PIECE OF SHIT. But what else could be expected from the "other" candidate who squatted in the WH for 8 years after losing the popular vote. Not voting is utter bullshit. And for someone who, himself (illegally, of course, but still) took the oath to defend the constitution has a certain RESPONSIBILITY to defend the country from the likes of this stinking, putrid, piece of shit.

I am thoroughly disgusted with all of them. I would prefer to be called ANY insult before being called a Republican. I really can't think of anything worse to say about somebody else than that they're Republican.

It's like watching a slow motion video of the country being sold to the thieves, courtesy of the ignorant fucking hordes in this country who have NO goddamned clue about what is REALLY taking place.

I saw some shit this evening (maybe another OP?) about Republicans TRULY believing there were 3 million fraudulent votes in California, ". . .because California allows it!" All the true-believing morons sitting around this paragon of virtue and intelligence just nodded with their slack-jawed, ignorant, bovine way and then spit up some more bile about Dems and other bullshit that demonstrated their total lack of knowledge of well. . . . anything.

And it's this abyss. Really. These fucking people are going to be in the drivers seat. Good God.

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