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Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2011, 03:29 PM
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Paid Speeches? Would anybody like to say just WHO all has been paid for speeches?

Wasn't Saint Ronald Reagan paid big bucks post-presidency? I know there are many, many more.

I am really done with Politico, HuffingtonPost, and Salon. . . .

Screaming headlines--"Hillary Can No Longer Coast to a Win. . . "

What a bunch of HORSESHIT. I have had enough. Just barely more than a week away. I can't read ANYTHING now other than novels or something non-political. If I have to listen to other bullshit from bulllshitters like Tweety and Moaning Ho I'm afraid I'll lose my mind.

Anybody with their head NOT stuffed past the inner sphincter of their rectum would realize that that orange YAM is about to go SPLAT. And these people are "JOURNALISTS." Every time I think they can't go lower with their "infotainment", they DO.

It's High Goddamned Time Nancy Pelosi Becomes Speaker of the House

By the way, there is a deliciously uflattering picture of Senator Mitch McConnell. . . .


Melania has been playing possum.

But now that she has deemed it safe to come out after her very public humiliation, she feels it very right indeed, to warn Bill Clinton that he is "fair game." I'm sure Bill is scared.

As for Melania, we can say that her marriage to tRump says a LOT about HER character.
If she REALLY loves him, that says a LOT. . . .

If she married him for his $$, is it even necessary to point out the obvious?

Salon Is Really Working the "Rigged Vote" Angle. . .

But not in the way one would think.

They keep writing articles implying that "Nobody in America" believes the presidential election will be fair.


But yet. . . . Upon reading the article, 6 out of 10 voters have complete or strong confidence in the system. Sixty percent is a HUGE difference from "Nobody."

OF COURSE Republicans think it will be a "rigged election."

I was coming home from work a little while ago, and I was dismayed as I listened to another radio "journalist" yap on and on and on and on with repetitive questions, "Can the USA have rigged elections? Will the election be stolen?" The SAME bullshit we listened to regarding Obama and his goddamned birth certificate.

If journalists did their FUCKING jobs and reported on just how impossible it would be to rig a national election BECAUSE we actually have 50 SEPARATE state elections, etc. But NO.

HuffingtonPost reports (breathlessly), "41% of Republicans Think Election May be Rigged" yet a 2nd headline blares, "Trump Goes After Republicans on Rigged Election"---which is it?

They'll turn this into a situation of "what people believe."

I HATE the MSM!!!

Thanks, tRump.

My grandmother is 102-years-old and is lucid but physically dependent. I had the honor of discussing "pussy" with her at breakfast. Thank you, Mr. Trump.

How Repulsive.

Seriously. What a fucking reptile of a human being. He is perfectly odious. There isn't anything he wouldn't say or do to get ahead. He just couldn't tolerate not having the last word.

Of course the fact that his statements had no relation to the questions asked made no difference to the fools who kept applauding him.

Joy Reid Takes Down Michelle Bachman on Hardball

Does anybody else notice how Tweety just twists himself into a pretzel to declare himself a "Christian"? Also, I thought he started to cover for Bachman's stupid ass by trying to say her past statements were "rhetorical."Luckily Joy Reid doesn't put up with his shit and forcefully (yet politely) asks Bachman exactly what should have been asked a VERY long time ago.

What's more fun than laughing at the Donald trying to squirm out of this one?

It's 100 times more fun to watch his shit clown "supporters" trying to pretend they're "shocked!"

And many of those attacking Trump unwittingly reveal their own sexist agendas in the in way in which they portray women as needing protection from men.

Paul Ryan comes to mind.
Pence certainly does. This needs to be stuck on his ass with a wooden double-sided sandwich board he should be forced to wear for a minimum of 50 hours a week.
Kelly Ayotte is going to lose her seat over this. . . . . I guess he'll be a great "role model" for her kids!
Darrell Issa is heading down the drain.
Good news for Tammy Duckworth in IL.

Seriously, WHO could be surprised by this latest revelation? I have NO doubt that Trump uses racial and religious slurs as well, as we have already heard on MULTIPLE occasions what he thinks of women. He's a pig, and that's an insult to swine everywhere. He's a goddamned ignorant clown. Is it such a state secret that he's also one of the biggest narcissistic assholes ever born?

No, they're not shocked either. They're just flailing at this point. They're watching a train wreck occur in very slow motion.
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