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Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2011, 02:29 PM
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From All Signs, it looks like the USA is headed left.

HRC may not be considered a "leftist", but the mood in the country is certainly headed that way. The day the state of Texas votes Democratic will be wonderful. And oh yes, it's coming. The Repigs will become extiinct, but of course we'll have some other awful incarnation of those stupid idiots.

First Lady, Michelle, just knocked it out of ballpark!

Is anybody surprised?

Why all the alerts?

EVERY time I come to DU, I am asked to be part of a jury. . . . I used to be asked maybe once or twice per every 2 months?

I understand that emotions are running high, and it's difficult not to feel explosive under these circumstances. My irritability has definitely gotten worse.

I definitely supported Bernie. I am not happy about what's gone on. . . I definitely feel angry and betrayed. Nonetheless, I can't forget who the REAL enemy is, and his name is Donald Trump.

Whatever I feel about HRC right now is irrelevant. I'm voting for her. Do I love HRC? Nope. But I don't have to love Hillary to vote for her.

The facts are glaringly simple: Donald Trump is a huge danger to our country, whereas Hillary is NOT. Hillary, WHATEVER one may think of her, is brilliant. Hillary will have an extremely smart and capable cabinet. I don't even have a problem with Kaine, as I appreciate his anti-NRA stance, and I like the fact that he was a civil rights attorney. It's very, very difficult to find somebody who agrees 100%.

We need to stop fighting about this.
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