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BigDemVoter's Journal
BigDemVoter's Journal
December 19, 2019

Even the NYT falls for the bullshit "moderate" moniker for Susan Collins. . .

. . ."but as one of the chamber’s few remaining moderates, she is seen as one of the more vulnerable senators in an increasingly polarized environment." (NYT today)

Collins has been up Pussy-Grabber's ass on pretty much everything and is undeserving of any kind of 'maverick' label. She's a hard-core repig.

December 13, 2019

Representative Chabot?

Not sure where he's from, but he is as stupid as SHIT.

He just said Clinton's "crime' was much worse than anything Pussy-Grabber may have done. . . . paraphrasing

December 12, 2019

So the Republican PIG from TX just outed the Whistleblower. . .

Louie Gohmert. . . What the fuck is going to happen to him? I can already tell you . . . Nothing, rien, nada. . . .

I am so FUCKING sick of these people.

December 11, 2019

When did Chucky Todd start on MSNBC?

Today's jewel of a quote from the Toad:

"Dems haven't made the impeachment case with voters."

Ugh, I hate him.

December 6, 2019

Somebody help me here. The Orange Ass Clown doesn't have to mount ANY kind of defense

before the House, I get it. . . And I get that he won't have to do a damned thing in the Senate either, as he'll have his ass-lickers doing every goddamned thing they can to divert, obfuscate, or really-- beshit the water entirely. . .

Does anybody want to speculate about how much of a spectacle these repig senators will make with the impeachment trial? Just how far will they go? I understand Moscow Mitch ruled out issuing subpoenas to Joe & Hunter Biden, but I don't trust one goddamned thing they say. I am certain they'll try to make some kind of circus with a bunch of smoke to blow up some Trump-supporting rectums, and my take is they'll go as low as they have to, and there is nothing that's too low for them. We can expect lots of "alternate facts."

December 5, 2019

I've heard before that the Orange Ass Clown is done, but I think we are finally seeing some

of the first big cracks coming.

Hopefully the pressure will stay on him; we all know he cannot handle any kind of stress or pressure, whatsoever. He sounds more and more desperate and whiny.

He is so embarrassing now that I can't even say it's worse, as from godawful to whatever is beyond that is hard to fathom.

Here he is. . . The Pussy-Grabbing 45h President of the United States of America. . . . Scroll down to video, "Mike Pompeo smirks. . ."


November 26, 2019

I am sure this has been asked before. . . .

I was old enough in 1974 to remember Richard Nixon's tricks at the Watergate Apartments, and I clearly recall him referring to "those clowns down at the Justice Department" on tape. . . .

In any case, I am getting away from my question. I ALSO remember that those who refused the "invitation" to testify before Congress were given a very real threat of jail unless they complied. WHY is this not being done now?

I would so love to see Bill Barr and LOTS of others squealing in handcuffs. It would be even better than porn!

October 22, 2019

Mean and Stupid might be the worst combination. . .

Coming from South Carolina as Lyndsey does, one would THINK he would understand how loaded the word, "lynching" might be, given the number of African Americans who were lynched in HIS state.


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