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Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2011, 03:29 PM
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Anybody else feel like the media is giving too much oxygen to this dumpster fire?

I know Pussy-Grabber is in the White House and won't concede. But is this REALLY any different from ANYTHING else he's been up to for the past 5 years? Lies upon lies upon lies. I'm not sure what the remedy might be, as it IS news, but perhaps a bit less breathless reporting on what he might or might not do? Who gives a fat fuck if he doesn't concede and tries to stay? He'll get his fat ass dragged out. I am weary of the endless outrage. It is fucking time to laugh at his fat ass along with the clowns who are enabling him.

I've watched four channels since I got home from work, and it is giving me a big, fucking headache. He has steered the news the way he wants, and I feel like he's doing it again.

Yes, Giuliani is a drunk fool. But let's not give him the respect of airing his slack, stupid face all over the media. I seriously loathe these fucking idiots more than I can even say, and I am sick to death of seeing them and hearing them.

I wonder how this fool thinks Mississippi would survive on its own?

Cotton won't cut it anymore and neither will soybeans or any other crop, and those floating casinos sure haven't delivered. . .
On edit, I just noted that he said, 'succeed' from the union. . . .


And for the record, I know lots of smart, nice people in Mississippi who are embarrassed to death by these idiots.

Pompeo says there will be a "smooth transition to a 2nd Trump Administration."

I'm not even going to bother getting angry over this bullshit. His fat ass will be reined in soon enough.


Anybody else curious why CNN has repig politicians like Rick Santorum and

Pat Toomey on? I haen't seen a single Dem. . ,

IMHO, Toomey is trying to stir up conspiracy bullshit, and CNN is allowing him to do it.

Paula White's head is going to spin around with green vomit undulating from her pie hole.

I could probably look around and find this, but any idea when Pennsylvania will be called?

It seems I heard they would get it done today? Maybe I'm mistaken. I have a seriously terrible headache.

Raw Story, yeah, but I'll take it.

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