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Current location: San Francisco, CA
Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2011, 03:29 PM
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This might make me angrier than anything else in this country.

And that says a LOT. . . .

This idea that rich persons' lives are more valuable than others'. DISGUSTING. And it just REEKS of repigs.


As Rachel says, someone please talk me down. . .

I'm a nurse in SF and got home to read that Pussy-Grabber's approval is higher than Biden's because of Pussy-Grabbers
"performance" during this crisis.

PLEASE tell me this is not true. This depresses me to the point that I am going to have a hard time getting up to take care of patients. I'm literally on the verge of getting on my knees and vomiting in the toilet.

I hate that motherfucker with every single cell of my body. Goddamn him.

Does anybody know anything about this?

Are they going to fire that fucking idiot, Lou Dobbs, too? What about all the other Fox assholes who said it was fake news? Hell, Pussy-Grabber is just as guilty. I know, I know. The source is Rawstory, but I don't think it's untrue. . .


Hate Trump & Malaria? Need a good laugh? Feeling down & depressed?

This will make you grin from ear to ear just like a possum. . .


I'm an RN in San Francisco.

We are expecting hell this week, as the cases continue to climb, and our trajectory is looking very similar to that of Italy.

We are short on everything. We are short on regular masks for droplet precautions. We are short on N95 masks for high risk procedures. We are short on gloves, isolation gowns, isolation carts, hand sanitizer (not emergent as we can use soap & water). We have even received training on how to reuse our masks and get the biggest bang for our buck from ONE.

I will say this. . . I fucking HATE Donald J. Trump more than I have ever loathed anybody in my entire life. I have NO use for that ugly motherfucker or his goddamned grifter fucking family. I blame every goddamned moron in this country who voted for this stupid shit head.

I can no longer hold my mouth in order to be polite. THANKFULLY, I know maybe only one repig here, so I can say pretty much anything without offense, but for once I would LOVE to offend some asshole who voted for him.


Who cares when there are so many other tragedies?


Her dad was a senator, and she's treated like the Princess of Politics. . . . What a fucking idiot.

I work in a hospital in SF, and I'm working today.

I'm appalled at the Federal non-response to this epidemic. I have absolutely NO problem with the response in SF or what my hospital has done They do what they can with the resources they have.

I was just in the staff lounge and saw Fauci speaking with Pussy-Grabber puffed up like a toad, sulking, in the background. . . Pussy-Grabber started taking questions and the lies just started to fucking fly. . . . When, oh when, is this goddamned motherfucker going to go? I hate him so much. I was alone in the staff lounge and found myself talking to the tv! "Fuck you!"

And by they way-- as I'm sure all of you fucking know-- NOT every American can get a covid test-- not even a fucking FRACTION of our population can. . . Oh but rich people, celebrities and rich athletes somehow get access. . . Oh but we're in America, and we have the "best healthcare" in the world" (if you can get it). I'm seething with anger.

Damn! Rep. Stephen Lynch is a man after my own heart!


Pussy-Grabber just said we all need to "put politics and partisanship aside."

Fuck him and everybody who supports that orange, pompous pig.

Anybody watching 60 Minutes?

Fiona Hill was just interviewed. Frankly, I am disappointed beyond belief with Fiona. She sounded like she was actually defending the Pussy-Grabber-In-Chief despite some jabs. . . I'd be interested in hearing anybody else's take on this. I don't get it at all.
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