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BigDemVoter's Journal
BigDemVoter's Journal
April 23, 2020

50,000 Deaths. . . .

LBJ and Tricky Dick Nixon were in charge during the Vietnam War in which we lost approximately 58,220 Americans in 10 years (March 1965-April 1975). . . Through Pussy-Grabber's narcissism, incompetence, ignorance, stupidity, and absolute lack of ANY empathy, whatsoever, we are at or above 50,000 deaths in roughly 5 weeks. I was no fan of LBJ and despised Nixon, but in comparison to what we have now, I would take either one of them in one second.

I think a good number of people on DU are about my age, as my entire youth was affected by the carnage in Vietnam: both American and Vietnamese.

WTF is this going to do to people? We have the worst POSSIBLE person in charge. I simply cannot THINK of anybody else who would be worse, honestly. Hell, my DOG would do a better job than Pussy-Grabber, as AT LEAST she could have smart peole make decisions for her. Pussy-Grabber won't allow that, and Pussy-Grabber has nothing but fools, charlatans and ass-kissers around him. . .

I am at work and have tons of shit to do, but I am sitting here, stunned, in front of my computer screen. 50,000 unnecessary American deaths. . . . Jesus Christ. And I have friends calling me from Europe asking what the FUCK is going on in this country? I cannot even answer that question.

April 22, 2020

Pussy-Grabber insults CNN Reporter (Surprise, surprise). . .

I HATE him so damned much. He is offensive in every respect and is a completely vile human being. I've seen lots of these, but his tone in this one is particularly nasty, and he is so stupid.

See if you can watch this short clip without your palm just tingling with desire to slap his face off. . .

April 21, 2020

As a secular Jew, this is so foreign to me. . . But I DO find it entertaining to

watch in a sense. . . I have a difficult time believing ANYONE there is taking this seriously?

I suppose they MUST be? I just CANNOT imagine they are serious?

April 21, 2020

Trump could shoot someone on 5th Avenue, and his supporters wouldn't abandon him. . .

But I wonder what will happen when these same Neanderthals start falling ill and dropping like flies? Will they stick with him at that point? Being sick really, really sucks, and when one is under the weather, there is plenty of time to contemplate the world, wondering if feeling well will every be a possibility again. . .

These are the people who keep claiming it isn't "serious", or "It's less serious than the flu." Or my very favorite, "It's a hoax!" Being placed on a ventilator is a singular, terrifying and defining moment. . . I seriously wonder if this will register with these morons?


April 19, 2020

There really is no "too low" for these people. . .

And "Gym" Jordan, even compared to the massive shithead hypocrites in the GOP, is one of the worst. I would LOVE to see his ass packed off to the penitentiary in "general population" so he could learn firsthand what sexual abuse is like. He is a horrid human being. He has no soul.


April 19, 2020

Pussy-Grabber gets challenged on his Tweets.

But what REALLY struck me was the fact that Pussy-Grabber bloviates about Virginia "wanting to take guns away" and NOT one reporter challenges him on that, and he says it 2-3 times. Not one person contradicts him or asks him to clarify his lie.

April 17, 2020

Baghdad Bob. . .

I have NEVER loathed anybody as much as I hate this pig. He is revolting in every single respect. His babyiish whining and self-centerdness are so goddamned tiresome, and the way he struts around like Benito Mussolini looks so fucking ridiculous. I just wnat to slap that look off his face to be 100% honest. And Mike Pence? That goddamned bible-thumping ass-licker is almost as bad. I hate him too. Hell, I hate ALL of Pussy-Grabber's "administration." They are ALL liars and incompetents-- each and every single fucking one. Betsy DeVos? Ben Fucking Carson? Goddamn-- stupid as fuck. . . Rick Perry? Jesus Christ. . . Steve Mnuchin? Oh my god. . . It just goes on and on and on. And those fucks in Congress? Tom Cotton? LIndsey Graham? Susan "I'm concerned" Collins? Another whining idiot. . . There is not one single fucking one that I would piss on if he/she were on fire. I have become so negative, and I really used to not be this way . They are truly destroying everything good about this country, and I fear we will never have again what we had before, and we have these shit heads to thank for it. Please excuse my ugly "mouth", but republicans just bring out the WORST in me! I have to go to bed. These people are making me crazy.

Pussy Grabber is the type of person who would go to a brothel and would then leave and say, "I think she REALLY liked me!" Yeah, right, Pussy-Grabber.


April 16, 2020

I was thinking about the approximately 2450 deaths we had yesterday from Covid19.

And the deaths will just go on & on for the time being. . .

Having 2400 or so deaths in one day is the rough equivalent of having 8 jumbo jets crash and kill everyone on board. . .
Just imagine the national outrage if that happened. . .

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