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BigDemVoter's Journal
BigDemVoter's Journal
August 26, 2020

Does anyody have any insight into what the consequences of Kenosha might be?

Last night I was watching MSNBC with Brian Williams, I think? In any case, James Carville was on, and there was a discussion that the events in Kenosha could create a lot of negative issues for Dems. I haven't see anything in particular today that might indicate that more than any other day, but I have no idea. All I read in the NYT this morning was about the man who was shot and paralyzed, and that 45 is planning a "crack down." Of course they always blame the Dems for anything that can be construed as 'anarchy', and even James Carville seemed a bit concerned. He said that Biden "should" be addressing this in no uncertain terms. I, myself, haven't heard anything along those lines EXCEPT for last night. . . .

I am so worried about this goddamned election that I'm not only sleeping badly, but I'm grinding my teeth at night!

August 26, 2020

Just wait for it. . .

The media has enabled Pussy-Grabber the entire time his fat ass has been planted in the White House. We've dealt with all the gas lighting imaginable, including an impeachment that SHOULD have removed him from office and placed him and others in prison.

If we manage to win in November, the fucking media will be at it again just like they did with Hillary. It will be non-stop, 24-7, coverage of Hunter Biden and other non-issues like Benghazi. It doesn't matter that Pussy-Grabber is responsible for almost 180,00 deaths and climbing and ohter scandals that would dwarf anything we've seenin US history. . . Oh no. . . It will be outrage over Jill Biden wearing a sleeveless dress or some other bullshit. . .

August 19, 2020

Get ready for Pussy-Grabber to be foaming at the mouth and tweeting outrageous bullshit

tomorrow morning. Hillary will be scorching Pussy-Grabber's fat ass tonight at the convention, and he will not take it like an adult. . . We'll be hearing some crazy conspiracy theories such as those promulgated by QAnon to include Pizzagate and other nefarious activities. I, for one, wouldn't be sorry to see Pussy-Grabber have a stroke.

August 17, 2020

Pussy-Grabber leads by 10 points on the economy?

Repigs always manage to win this PR war, and too many voters buy into the horse shit that repigs are financial gurus. Reagan fucked up the economy; GHW Bush fucked it up; GW Bush fucked it up, and Pussy-Grabber has done HUGE damage. This trickle down bullshit just never seems to die and has been proven to be a fucking lie time after time. What gives?

August 10, 2020

I'm sure someone has already commented on this, but I'm still steaming.

I heard CNN talking about how Kamala Harris is seen as "too ambitious." Ok.... Think what one will about Kamala-- Love her or hate her or whatever. . . But when the FUCK is this ever said about a man? Furthermore, just WHO is saying Kamala is too ambitious? Talking heads on TV just blather on about it, and before we know it, everybody is repeating it. Furthermore, who the fuck cares if she's ambitious?

And lastly, what gets me even more is that I hear shit like this from the supposed "liberal" media outlets. . . Fuxx News lies and makes up false facts, but we can blame MSNBC (usually) for the self-inflicted damage, although it was CNN today. Makes me sick.

These kinds of statements make me think of Pussy-Grabber when he starts flailing and says, "I've heard people say. . ." Or "Somebody told me. . ." This is the SAME formula, "People are saying that Kamala is too ambitious." I call it bullshit.

August 10, 2020

I missed Fucky Todd this morning, and just saw him this evening. . .

WORTHLESS as usual. Completrely clueless with Peter Navarro. Navarro just ran RIGHT over him as usual and left Fucky blinking like a moron. I suspect that Fucky has a clue now that he's supposed to ask "follow-up" questions in the same way a bad student knows he's supposed to write an essay for a test. . . . He failed on all counts. I watched a few minutes and just changed the channel. I'm just shaking my head wondering how much Fucky is paid for these vapid, insipid "performances."

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