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BigDemVoter's Journal
BigDemVoter's Journal
May 28, 2021

Anti-Vaccine Sheriff's Deputy Dies of Covid 19. . .

Maybe this will teach some of the rest of those fools a lesson, but I'm not banking on it.


May 24, 2021

Just a reminder that she is STILL a piece of SHIT.

Calling Trump out doesn't make her a rock star or a saint. Let's not ever forget whose daughter she is and what she stands for.


April 9, 2021

I swore I wouldn't use this sobriquet again now that he's thankfully out of office. But does

anybody suppose Meghan McCain voted for Pussy-Grabber? Evidently she didn't vote for Biden. . . . I don't suppose it's important who she voted for, as I have such a dim opinion of her. She's nothing but a dimwit who is on television because of her father. . . . . Just idly wondering. . . .


April 8, 2021

So I understand that Caitlyn Jenner is considering a run for California Governor. . . .

Caitlyn Jenner may not be a blood relative of the Kardashian Family, but she IS a true Kardashian at heart. . . .

I don't know what kind of qualifications she thinks she has to be governor or what kinds of "serious" ideas she wants to propose. . .

THIS is more along the lines of what Caitlyn is interested in doing. . . . Vapid and insipid. . . And by the way, that has NOTHING to do with the fact that she is transgender.


April 6, 2021

Leave it up to Arkansas. . .

I lived there for a few short years. They were the worst years I've ever spent ANYWHERE. I knew some nice people, but most of them were some really clueless Trump Humpers. . . .

And the politicians? Sheesh. It's hard to believe that J.W. Fulbright, Dale Bumpers, David Pryor, and Bill Clinton were all in politics there, as the current crop is truly horrendous.

But I know the types who elected those assholes, and I am so damn glad I don't live there anymore. I cooled my heels for 3 years there for a job, and I had to get out or go crazy.

I got pretty fucking tired of people asking me where I went to church, and I was disgusted with them assuming I was a repig simply because I'm caucasian. . . Ugh.


April 5, 2021

Jesus Christ. . . . The faux outrage is hilarious.

They're 'outraged' by Jill Biden's tights she was wearing. I guess they'd prefer she be nude like Melania.


March 29, 2021

Anybody watching CNN special on Trump's Covid response?

We all know it was a complete cluster fuck. . . . It's interesting to hear insiders' take on it. . .

I have a difficult time taking Deborah Birx seriously in any form or fashion after she praised Trump as "attentive to scientific literature and details."

March 26, 2021

Southwest Airlines Pilot Busted on hot mic in profane rant against

"San Francisco liberals." This guy is certainly a fucking asshole, and it's clear from his speech pattern who he voted for. I'm not being very generous, but what a shit head. . . . I guess he isn't talking tough so much now that he was broadcast all over.


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