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BigDemVoter's Journal
BigDemVoter's Journal
January 21, 2021

Thank goodness that nasty piece of shit is gone. . . But does anybody else doubt Joe Biden's

assurance that that thing left him a "very generous" note? I smell something funky here. . . Is Joe just trying to be generous?

January 14, 2021

If convicted, will Pussy-Grabber lose his pension?

I fucking hope so, as I bet he'll need it given his upcoming money problems!

January 13, 2021

This traitor SHOULD be stripped of all of his medals.

No debate at all. . . He shouldn't have the privilege of possessing ANY medal awarded to the team of the United States of America, as he has committed treason.


January 6, 2021

I wonder if the Collins Asshole still thinks Pussy-Grabber "learned his lesson"?

I wonder if she's "concerned" about the thugs in the capitol today? She can go fuck herself. Although there are other repigs I despise far more, her bullshit REALLY makes me angry.

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