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BigDemVoter's Journal
BigDemVoter's Journal
July 20, 2022

I didn't even like religious fanatics (particularly the conservative Christian variety)

as a small child. . . . The other kids who came from fundamentalist families yacked about their Sunday school and argued about the temperature in hell. . . I was always mystified by all their reasons for one being consigned to hell.

Of course these small children turned into judgmental teenagers who whined that we needed to have "non-denominational" prayers at school. OF COURSE "non-denominational" ALWAYS means fundie prayers; I learned that lesson very early.

And lastly, these same folks cannot even fathom that there are other people who aren't Christian. . . As a non-practicing, secular Jew, I actually had TWO teachers who tried to tell me that Jews were "Christian." Yeah. . . They did.

I found this interesting--These idiots cannot understand the concept of separation of state. . . God, I fucking hate them.


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