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Gender: Male
Current location: New Orleans
Member since: Wed Jul 20, 2011, 09:14 AM
Number of posts: 10,175

About Me

Well lets see, stuff about me... Veteran, Navy Admiral's Staff 2nd Fleet. I practice Kendo as my primary martial art. I am also a ranking Iaidoist (Japanese Sword). Working on a Master's in International Forensics' Accounting. Filmmaker, originally commercials, now working on my first feature comedy film, should be released Summer or Fall of 2016.

Journal Archives

Home of North Dakota white supremacist defaced by graffiti after revelations about his ‘African’ DNA

(I couldnt fit the whole title in)

Authorities revealed today that Neo-Nazi and Canadian hate-crime fugitive Craig Cobb’s arrest over the weekend stemmed from an incident involving a former follower of the racial purist.

According to local prosecutors, after other white supremacists in Leith learned that Cobb possessed “sub-Sarahan African” DNA, one of them — currently not identified by name by the police — spray-painted “BACK IN BLACK” on Cobb’s house.

Grant County Assistant State’s Attorney Todd Schwarz told the Los Angeles Times that the man “painted on the house, ‘BACK IN BLACK,’ and he’s not an AC/DC fan.”

It was this graffiti that led Cobb and a follower to “patrol” the streets of Leith over the weekend. The pair were arrested and charged with three counts of terrorizing.


Tea party activist says his rally will send Obama to Iran and usher in new right-wing government

Nine out of Ten Teabagger enjoy a heapin' helpin' of fried Unicorn meat for breakfast!

Unicorns, as we all know, frolic all over the world, pooping rainbows and marshmallows wherever they go. Perfect for magical thinking Teabaggers.

Right-wing activist Larry Klayman is so sure his long-planned “second American revolution” will succeed Tuesday that he’s calling for a “Constitutional congress” to plan for life after President Barack Obama.

The founder of Judicial Watch says he’s gathered a coalition of conservative and libertarian activists to demonstrate beginning at 10 a.m. at Lafayette Park, across the street from the White House.

This “Reclaim America Now” demonstration, which he’s predicted would draw millions of protesters, will “peacefully and ultimately remove the tyrant evil fool in the White House, as well as corrupt Republican leaders like Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.”

Klayman, whose lawsuit was dismissed against two newspapers that printed accusations made by his ex-wife, doesn’t specify exactly how his demonstration will compel the nation’s most powerful elected leaders to voluntarily leave office, but he mentions several times that the protest will be nonviolent and will include a reading of a second Declaration of Independence that he’s written.

Portal - GLaDOS Is To Blame


Inside the sarcophagus at Chernobyl

"The Battle of Chernobyl" Chernobyl Documentary

Kayak Expedition to Ft Proctor today!

Dragged myself out of bed, feeling better. Did a basic sword Kata for exercise. Trying to get ready for the Kayak Expedition to the water-bound Fort Proctor today. 3.9 mile trip by water/Kayak, one way. No other way to get to the fort. Will film the trip with a GH2.

Ft Proctor is the place I hope to use as the actual base for computer generated haunted Mansion for the movie we are in pre-production. So I have to see it

Fort Proctor is a ruined 19th century fort in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, USA. Also known as Fort Beauregard or Beauregard's Castle (after P.G.T. Beauregard, who supervised its construction with the architect J.G. Totten) it is located on the shore of Lake Borgne just north of the mouth of Bayou Yscloskey. At the time it was built in the 1850s, there was also a railroad port called "Proctorville" adjacent.
The fort was intended to be part of the fortification protecting water routes towards New Orleans. Due to delays caused by hurricane damage, and then the outbreak of the American Civil War, the fort was never garrisoned, and by the end of the war improvements in artillery had made the fort's design obsolete.
In the 1940s and 1950s, before it was engulfed by the lake, the ruins of the fort became a popular gathering spot for high school children seeking a spot where they could not be supervised.
The construction of the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet Canal in the 1960s cut off all land access to the fort site. It can be seen in the distance from Shell Beach, Louisiana. In 1978, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is now completely surrounded by water about one foot deep. There remained one small piece of dry land inside of the fort, though after Hurricane Katrina very little of that one dry spot is still dry.



Pat Buchanan upset by Pope Francis: He is losing the culture war

Source: The Raw Story

Pope Francis is bordering on moral relativism by refusing to berate atheists and condemn LGBT individuals, according to conservative columnist Pat Buchanan.

Writing at Townhall on Friday, Buchanan said Pope Francis was attempting to move “the Catholic Church to a stance of non-belligerence, if not neutrality, in the culture war for the soul of the West.”

Neutrality in the culture war, he wrote, citing Trotsky, meant losing the culture war.

Buchanan isn’t pleased that Pope Francis described attempting to convert people to Christianity as “solemn nonsense.” The pope has said that Christians need to listen to others and “discover new needs” rather than lecture them.

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/11/15/pat-buchanan-upset-by-pope-francis-he-is-losing-the-culture-war/

The List of Pope haters grows steadily...Palin, Buchanan, Conservatives, Vatican Establishment....Italian Mafia....

TED Talks: What if ET is out there?

TED Talks: Pamela Meyer: How to spot a liar

Serial Killers: The Real Silence of the Lambs | History Channel Documentary .

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