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Name: Bob T Cat
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: NY,NY
Home country: U S of A
Current location: The Universe
Member since: Thu Jul 21, 2011, 01:53 PM
Number of posts: 2,711

Journal Archives

When will enough be enough for the Republicans to impeach trump?

When will this experiment in lunacy end? The answer, is that it isn't going to. It's not going to because the republican House and Senate are greedy and cowardly. They have decided to let this man continue to do things a Democratic president would been impeached for even thinking about. THEY. ARE. LETTING. THIS. MAN. DO. THIS. It's not the fault of his voters anymore, or the electoral college, or Democratic voters, or anybody else. THEY, the Republicans in D.C., have become defacto co-conspirators. Every single thing he does while in office falls back on them. While they may not give a flying hell about any of it because they're getting theirs. History will not reflect kindly on them, any of them, because the only conclusions to be made as to why is that the sold the American public out for 30 pieces of Silver.

They are traitors to this country and should be judged accordingly. As they sit on their hands anything and everything that once made, yes once made as in the past tense, this country great is has been cast aside. Because right now, today, this country is mediocre as hell. Of course they don't care because they thrive on this mediocrity. They keep their voters misinformed and out of the loop in order to have them vote against themselves. These fuckers are happy as long as the guys at the top push a few pieces of their thoroughly chewed and digesting leavings to the floor for them to lick up.

The disposition and attitudes they display screams out, to me at least, that we all, the entire American populace, don't matter one damn bit. No matter how things shake out they will have a soft landing while the rest of us are left to sift through the wreckage of this country. That's all that matters in the long run to them. As long as you guys have a bolt hole in the storm right? As long as you have that fuck the rest of us, right? right? of course it's right, it's the Republican way.

So, guess I answered my own question about when will enough be enough for Republicans in Washington to make a move on ending this insanity. Sadly, I'm thinking the answer is now, and always has been, probably never.
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