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A report from the Pride Festival; Minneapolis, MN

I got to the festival on Saturday at around 3 pm, there were 5 people at least with clip boards signing up volunteers for Bernie's Minnesota campaign. All the buttons and bumper stickers were gone, they had brought 2000 of each. They were out of small and medium T-Shirts and had about 20 large left those were gone by the end of the day. More volunteers arrived and the total of volunteers for the day was 8-10. The neutral guy that was there for the DFL is a Bernie supporter and he really really hated staying neutral.

O'Malley had two volunteers on Saturday. Hillary had none. On Sunday in the early part of the day while the parade was going on there were 2 O'Malley supporters, 1 Hillary supporter, and one Bernie supporter. I was watching the parade, when I got there we out numbered Hillary's supporter. By the end of the day we had 5 Bernie supporters, 2 O'Malley supporters (one of which ended up manning a different booth behind us), and I think 2 Hillary supporters.

We collected and by we I mean the other volunteers mostly, at least 2000 signatures. Our side was constantly surrounded by people who wanted to know more. We talked to hundreds of people about Bernie (this is what I did more than collect signatures) we gave out lots and lots of information.

I believe in Minnesota that Bernie has overwhelming support from the LGBT community and I am pretty sure the support runs across the board, but I can't confirm that yet on the ground level it's just my impression when I am out and about wearing my Bernie 2016 pins.

I went to my first canvasing meet up ever in my life tonight.

It was pretty exciting. We are still in the very early stages, but I learned tonight that there are 35 people in the Meet up group and we are going to be connecting with other groups as well, the connections are already starting. The group I am in will be meeting on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm, we haven't picked a venue yet. We are looking to accommodate 30 plus people and that isn't always easy to find. But, despite not having a lot of details yet, I would like to invite people to go to the Meet Up site http://www.meetup.com/Minnesota-for-Bernie-Meetup/ and if you are in the Twin Cities come to a meeting, we can win Minnesota for Bernie.
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