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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
Number of posts: 10,132

About Me

A bigoted mind cannot grasp reality.

Journal Archives

Will the Comer impeachment stupid show continue tomorrow, or will they just discontinue it after

today's embarrassing performance?

What a shit show of ineptitude - the Biden impeachment inquiry

Some repub members didn't even bother to attend. 3 of their witnesses testified UNDER OATH that they witnessed no direct criminality by Biden.

well as awful and stupid as a gov shut down will be, can Dems at least

run tons of ads and messaging about how Republicans caused it? It's soooo stupid and for what?

How a gov shut down might affect you

overvue of what will and won't be funded and continue


Crucial benefits for veterans won't be affected if government shuts down

The Department of Veterans Affairs says many of the most crucial benefits and services offered by the VA will still be available if there is a government shutdown.


If gov shuts down, Social Security benefits will continue to go out.

That's because Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are among the mandatory spending that isn't subject to annual appropriations from Congress.


A question about Trump's real estate fraud judgement

If he was cheating so much on his NY property evaluations, wouldn't he have been doing the same on his properties outside NY? How long before prosecutors in other states and countries take a hard careful look at what he claimed those properties to be worth?

Is there a Dem willing to run against McCarthy?

I know he comes from a very red district, but even so -- wouldn't it be great if we could defeat his sorry ass

Looks like AG Paxton will get acquitted

Acquitted so far on 14 of 16 charges --

live updates at https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/live-paxton-updates-two-thirds-of-the-senates-31-members-will-be-needed-to-convict-paxton/ar-AA1gOtHx

Let's be clear about malignant narcissism

Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist, which is a psychological syndrome comprising an extreme mix of narcissism, antisocial behavior, aggression, and sadism. Grandiose, and always ready to raise hostility levels, the malignant narcissist undermines families and organizations in which they are involved, and dehumanizes the people with whom they associate.

No doubt, we all knew what a dangerous, vile, and degenerate person he is. At his advanced age of 77, there is little hope that he will ever be cured of this personality disorder. The best thing for us, and all the people around him is to incarcerate his sorry ass.

Thanks for letting me vent.
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