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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
Number of posts: 6,216

Journal Archives

The real problem with Trump's "King of Whales"

It's not so much that he can't spell. I sometimes misspell words, and I'm a college grad with a minor in English. But I can use a dictionary, a spell-checker, and google a word for the correct spelling. The real problem is that he just doesn't care and can't be bothered to make that little bit of effort to correct his misspellings. It's just too much trouble for him to care about the quality of what he puts out. He doen't care that his laziness and sloppiness reflects poorly on the office of the presidency.

So, ya still think Mueller is a swell guy?

Not me. I think he's just another Republican asshole, pretending to be virtuous. If he were truly a patriot, he would gladly testify to congress in a public session. And say with no equivocation, that but for DOJ rules, he would have indicted Trump for obstruction at the least.

My impeachment prediction

Everything will go forward as it is now with the House calling and subpoenaing documents and testimony, Trump resisting, and contempt charges here and there. But once the House finally gets Trump's tax and financial records, it will be all too obvious that he filed fraudulent taxes, loan applications, and insurance claims. He will not be able to truthfully tell the lawful source of his income. It will be obvious that he has laundered money for years, wire fraud, and tax cheats. Then the House will finally vote a bill of impeachment. He will be shown to be so dirty and corrupt, and his family with him, that he will resign claiming that it's all lies and the country doesn't deserve him.

I'm Trumped out this week

Trump has gotten so weird and beyond the pale that I simply couldn't watch any more news reports about him or whatever his latest antics were. It's everyday, he's doing or saying something completely stupid and vile. I have intense Trump fatigue and have thoughts about him that simply cannot be expressed publicly. I have difficulty believing that he is such an intensely moral degenerate. Pelosi is right. There needs to be an intervention.

I am way past fed up with all the playing Mr Nice Guy by House Dems

It is time to subpoena Barr, Kushner, Don Jr., McGann, yes Mueller even, etc. It is time to find Barr in contempt of Congress and go after those who have clearly lied in their sworn testimony. The longer we let them continue with their contemptuous behavior and disregard for our constitution and the rule of law, the more they keep to their criminal patterns. I'm tired of serious speeches. I want to see some serious consequences. We need to put some of them in jail NOW as an object lesson to them all.

I wonder what today's Barr testimony did, if anything

To me, it just showed what I already knew. That Barr, the republican senators don't give a rat's fat ass about defending the Constitution. They will lie, cheat, steal, whatever to stay in power to ensure that the system remains rigged to keep the money rolling their way. They are all a bunch of moral degenerates, criminals and traitors. And they don't care. They masquerade as patriotic fine Christian people, but it's all a con job. They are truly evil, evil, evil. They are absolutely no different than the fine, fine, very fine good Germans, who enabled Hitler's rise to power.

We are in such deep doo doo. I'm feeling pretty depressed about what I saw today.

It's just all so tawdry and filthy

Filthy beyond words. There are just some things that I will not do. Some things are beneath my dignity and honor. I'm sure that's true for many other folks too. But not for Trump and those, who gravitate to his orbit. One is expected to lie, to cheat, to steal, to harm, to commit crimes, to cover-up crimes. Hell to even go to prison for him. Frankly, he needs to be tried for treason and executed. I'm thinking of how Louis XVI got his head held up and shown to the crowd after it was cut off. Of course, we don't do that in this country. But golly wouldn't it be supremely satisfying if we did?

I don't know how this will play out. Not very satisfying is my guess. The best that I hope for now is that he will simply not run for re-election.

What was it?

Nicole Wallace on MSNBC this morning asks "What was it?" Why did the Trumpsters all lie to the FBI about their contacts with Russians?

I think I know. It was the money. Money from corrupt Russian mobsters oligarchs. Access to their money as investments in projects in America. Ease in laundering their money in American real estate, financial instruments, businesses. Money for political campaigns. Money to buy politicians, pay lobbyists, pay off the debts of judges, politicians and their cronies and relatives. It was, and still is, all about the money.

Can we impeach please?

Can we just fucking impeach that monster? I know that the KGOP in the senate will not vote to remove him. But I don't care. It is past time, way way far past time, to show that monster and his neo-Fascist enablers that we fucking mean business. Can we also dump Barr, and Mnuchin. And while we're at it, can we dump Kavanaugh for lying to Congress?

I'm fed up with the chaos, lies, deceit, vanity, ugliness, stupidity, and venal treason. I have Trump fatigue. I have breast cancer. My truck was stolen and trashed. And I have spent the last week in telephone menu Hell trying to arrange to move into a house. I am stressed to the max -- to say the least.

Can we just please please, pretty please, impeach that monster? DAMN!

I'll bet Trump has never asked any of his cabinet officers what he can do to help.

When a dept has a thorny problem, I'll bet it never occurs to him to do anything to help.
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